If you follow me on Twitter you might have noticed that I recently changed my handle (the name I use on the social network). This will allow me to leave behind other site-specific accounts in favor of one collected account tied to my name. You might also have noticed that if you were following my old account, you're now following my new account, and you didn't have to do anything. It's a good idea to sign up for a new Twitter account, using the handle you just got rid of. Jenn has over 15 years experience writing for others, over 11 years experience in blogging, and 9 years experience in indie e-book publishing.
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Each Tuesday moving forward I'll publish a short post with a simple tutorial, generally covering a common question or something you can do in just a few minutes. Given that I'll have to manage accounts for several pen names more in the near future, consolidating site-based accounts was the smartest move to free up extra time.
Unfortunately there are a lot of unused accounts sitting around, registered by squatters or people who simply stopped using their names.
This way someone else can't use it to take advantage of all the past links you built to the old profile page.

Post a note in the bio area and send out a tweet from that account, both mentioning the name change. Send out a tweet to let them know you've changed your handle (mention the old one in the tweet so they recognize who you are. You've just changed your Twitter name and you didn't lose a single follower in the transition. I figure freelancing, marketing, and small business for example fit well enough together that I can share resources and thoughts on each without alienating one audience or another. I had to switch my fiction account around due to a brand change, and a lot of it I had to figure out on my own. Previously, I hadn’t thought to keep the old handle and realised any historic mentions would lead to a blank.
I made this change because I didn't want my primary Twitter account to be tied to a specific website's brand anymore. Change it to your new handle and click "save changes." Technically you've now changed your handle, and all followers of that account are still following you, only under your new name. This way if people follow old links and end up on this page, they'll know to follow your other account instead of this one. If you're changing it to something like your real name, like I did, a message or two is probably enough.

What I love most is that I can see all mentions and replies in one stream, for all accounts, and automatically reply from the correct one.
Having these helpful posts is a great idea for those who need assistance for things you wouldn’t think would be challenging.
Monitor it for a little while too, and let people know your account has moved if some still follow the old handle. You just never know, so this time I’ve done it properly and also shared with other Twitter users. If you've changed it to something brandable that isn't as clearly-identifiable, you might have to keep reminding people of the change for several days or even weeks. For now I’d rather focus on ones where I can have a bit more personality and share personal recommendations rather than operate under the business name.

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