Author: Warren KnightWarren Knight is a Social Media Strategist, author of Think #Digital First and one of the UK’s leading professional speakers in Technology, Sales and Social Media. In 2013, Dennis Montgomery, a software designer, had a brain aneurysm that doctors said could be treated safely by surgically inserting into the aneurysm a special device - the Penumbra Coil 400. On March 18, 2014, the KOMO News helecopter lifted off from the roof of the KOMO building in downtown Seattle but then crashed in the city street adjacent to the building, killing KOMO pilot Gary Pfitzner and KOMO photographer Bill Strothman. Media coverage of lawsuit includes an interview with Alisa Brodkowitz who leads Friedman Rubin's aviation injury section. Officials say several entities (including OSHA) called for the ban of these coal masks in the 1970’s, but Mine Safety Appliances continued to sell them. During trial, Rick used his Rules of the Road method to identify important rules and principles that the company should have followed.
Alisa has fifteen years of experience working on plane and helicopter crashes and she is adept at navigating the federal aviation regulations and international aviation treaties which are particular to aviation law. The firm welcomes contact from clients and prospective co-counsel regarding all types of aviation claims. Fume events can be very dangerous to the health of passengers and crew members, causing both short and long-term injuries.
Over the past several decades, Boeing was put on notice - at least 40 times - that contaminated bleed air was a serious health hazard and safety measures were sorely needed. The lawsuit revealed that Corizon allowed licensed vocational nurses (LVN) to do the intake medical assessments only registered nurses are allowed to do under California law.A  When Mr.
In addition to the record compensation, Corizon and the County agreed to sweeping reforms (injunctive relief), to be overseen by the Judge Jon S. The case was tried by Rick Friedman with co-counsel Michael Haddad and Julia Sherwin of Oakland, CA. Experienced gravel mine operators purchased land from Port of Tacoma with an existing 20-year permit to mine gravel in Thurston County.
Brad Gniffke was riding his motorcycle to the grocery store when he was cut off by a delivery truck which had pulled into the left turn lane before making a hard right turn. The case was a difficult one inasmuch as Brad did not collide with the truck and he was not wearing a helmet.
Intuitive Surgical, Inc.a€™s da Vinci robot is a four-armed, remote controlled surgery system used to perform laparoscopic surgery. The primary danger is that the surgeons using the robot have inadequate training and inadequate volume to maintain their skills even after learning to perform the surgery. Intuitive Surgical has been extraordinarily successful in keeping these claims from being heard by juries. A Kitsap County jury awarded $565,000 today to two Kitsap County women who brought claims of sexual harassment against their former employer, Star Westsound, LLC, operator of the now closed Bremerton Lanes & Casino.
Following five days of trial, the jury deliberated briefly on Tuesday and then through lunch on Wednesday, reaching their unanimous verdict just after two oa€™clock p.m.
The Washington State Association for Justice (WSAJ) presented Rick Friedman with the Tom Chambers Trial Lawyer of the Year award. The Trial Lawyer of the Year Award reads: In recognition of your remarkable talent as a trial lawyer, your commitment to advancing the art of trial advocacy, and your selfless dedication to helping your fellow trial lawyers. 11 year old Joshua Murphy was playing on a raft beside the houseboat his family rented for a vacation on Lake Mead.
The danger of houseboat generator exhaust has been well established over the past 15 years, and solutions have been designed to reduce the risk to passengers on and around houseboats. The owner of the rental houseboats that the Murphy family was on, however,  had installed neither of these safety features. In 2008, a jury returned a verdict in favor of the families of two women killed in the collapse of a building in the 2003 San Simeon Earthquake, saying the building owners were negligent in failing to reinforce it.
Jennifer Myrick, 20, and Marilyn Frost-Zafuto, 55, died while trying to flee a dress shop in the unreinforced building during a magnitude-6.5 quake.
Having awarded $14 Million in compensatory damages to a Nevada couple on Monday, a Clark County jury added $90 Million in punitive damages today.
In 2007, a large outbreak of Hepatitis C occurred in Las Vegas, which health authorities traced to the multi-dosing of Propofol at two endoscopy clinics. At trial, Teva and Baxter insisted that they had no responsibility beyond labeling the vials "single use only." They contended that the healthcare practitioners at the now defunct Las Vegas clinics were entirely to blame. The Fisher House at Joint Base Lewis-McChord provides military members and their families a comfortable, nurturing and secure environment while they receive medical care at Madigan Army Medical Center. The Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society provides financial, educational and other assistance to members of the U.S.
An Alaska Superior Court Judge ruled from the bench today that a settling defendant could not demand indemnification by Plaintiff's counsel of Medicare Set-Aside Allocations intended to cover a claimant's future Medicare qualified medical expenses. It is undisputed in this case that Defendants failed to promptly provide information to Plaintiff necessary for him to protect his right to bargained-for benefits under the Policy.
After he was severely injured in a motorcycle accident, David Benson received a demand from his health insurer, Providence Health & Services ("Providence"), for 100% of any settlement he obtained from the other driver to reimburse itself for health benefits it paid to cover David's hospitalization and medical treatment. David's attorney, David Dawson, resisted Providence's demand relying on US District Judge Ronald B. After an initial adverse ruling in King County Superior Court, Providence removed the case to Federal Court to press its ERISA argument. Judge Zilly's ruling permits the lawsuit to return to King County Superior Court, where FR will ask the court to certify Mr. This decision has important implications for employees with prior injury claims at all facilities run by Providence.
A Snohomish County Superior Court Judge today awarded $530,000 today to Terry Buholm, a fourth generation fisherman turned commercial painter.
A Denver federal court jury today concluded that Continental Western Insurance Company breached its obligations under the insurance policy and acted in bad faith when it failed to timely pay benefits following a fire which destroyed a grain elevator and feed mill in Johnstown, Colorado in 2005.
A federal court jury today concluded that Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Company breached its contractual obligation to pay disability benefits to a Tacoma dentist, Dr. Martin suffered what was characterized as a "mild" brain injury, but among other deficits, he was no longer able to handle work dispatching trucking cargoes as he had in the past. The multi-million dollar award is one of the biggest personal injury verdicts ever recorded in Jefferson County, Colorado.
The Martin family, some of whom are shown in this pre-injury photo with Scott Martin (Trial Exhibit 21), are very thankful. The Arizona Court of Appeals issued a landmark decision today, agreeing with FR on every issue presented for review.
A Jefferson County jury awarded $3.8 Million to a Paducah woman for an insurer's unreasonable delay in settling her medical malpractice claim against a doctor who had performed an unorthodox surgical procedure he described as a "modified abdominoplasty" at Lourdes Hospital in July of 2003.
After settling the claim against the doctor, Daniels brought suit directly against American Physicians alleging that its delay in settling the claim and its refusal to pay a fair sum for her injuries violated the Kentucky Unfair Claims Settlement Practices Act.
A King County jury awarded $5.86 Million to a Washington man injured in a head-on collision. Plaintiffa€™s attorney, Ed Harper of Kirkland, recognized that PEMCOa€™s assurance to its driver meant that there was no cap on potential recovery. Friedman recognized that the difficulty with the case was getting the jury to recognize the seriousness of the client's brain injury despite his retained intellectual capacity and communicative skills.
PH&S was founded and continues to be sponsored by the Sisters of Providence, a religious order of the Catholic Church. The Washington Court of Appeals, Division 1, today affirmed the verdict in favor of two teenage bus passengers who had been attacked and beaten aboard a Metro bus by a group of youths in May of 2005.
From a legal perspective, the Court of Appeals decision made important clarifications to the doctrine of joint and several liability in Washington. Chief Judge Randal Valenciano of Hawaiia€™s Fifth Circuit Court (Kauai) today announced a verdict in favor of the plaintiff, Esmeralda Ordonez, following a September, 2008 trial. In the June retrial, the second jury ordered Paul Revere to pay $24 Million and Unum to pay $36 Million for a total award of $60 Million. In his third book, Becoming a Trial Lawyer, Rick Friedman addresses the inner barriers that prevent many trial lawyers from reaching their full potential. A federal court jury in Las Vegas returned unanimous verdicts today against Paul Revere Life Insurance Company and UnumProvident Corporation (Unum Group) in the partial retrial of a lawsuit originally tried to verdict in 2004.
As vice president at General Foods in the 1970s, Merrick was instrumental in the development of the Kool-Aid Man and Country-Time Lemonade advertising campaigns and had thereafter become a successful venture capitalist. Merrick's lawyers alleged that improper claims handling practices begun at Provident were brought to Paul Revere and influenced its claim handling with respect to Merricka€™s claim both before the initial denial and afterward. In his acclaimed new book for trial lawyers, Polarizing the Case, Rick Friedman teaches you not to fear allegations or insinuations that your client is malingering or exaggerating injuries.
These petty tyrannies are in some sense more dangerous than the big, sweeping Washington power grabs we easily recognize. Perhaps the most obvious example is the TSA, which, as I’ve noted before here at Rare, has simply become part of the airport scenery.
Or take liquor laws: though it’s been nearly a century since the disastrous experiment in social engineering that was Prohibition, the effects and regulatory mindset of the 18th Amendment still linger like a bad hangover. One similarly unsexy issue that’s finally getting the notice it deserves is policing for profit. This is when cities explicitly build revenue from tickets and fines into their budgets and then encourage police officers to do everything they can to harass people over the smallest traffic violations and petty misconduct. Policing for profit first came to national attention earlier this year with the release of the Department of Justice’s report on policing practices in Ferguson, Missouri.

But the kind of enforcement we’re talking about doesn’t involve catching more murderers. Last week, another report came out which looked at the policing for profit practices in other towns around the St. But perhaps most heartbreaking was the report’s interview with an elderly woman who was caring for her granddaughter because her daughter was in prison.
WARNING: If your Security Question and Favorite Color do not match what you entered at registration in DO NOT CONTINUE and contact us immediately.
You must provide an answer to the password security question in order to recover your password if lost. Use Alerts to be notified when new information is added or changed in an individual answer or topic of information you care about. The chopper crash destroyed two vehicles on the ground including a pickup truck driven by Guillermo Sanchez. The plaintiff wore the masks for fifteen years, unaware that they were not effectively filtering the air he was breathing while in the mine. Since 1954, Boeing, the leading manufacturer of commercial airplanes, has used a "bleed air system" for cabin air on the vast majority of its planes. As Boeing documents confirm, the aircraft manufacturer knew fume events were occurring and causing toxic air to enter the cabin. Harrison was arrested and taken to jail, he told the Corizon LVN that he drank every day, his last drink was that day, and he had a history of alcohol withdrawal.A The LVN nevertheless decided not to provide Mr.
Enviromental opponents of the mine gained control of county commission and placed numerous hurdles in the way of the mining operation. Brad was forced to stop short and he suffered a severe head injury when his head hit the pavement. In Minnesota, a motorcycle rider with a permit (rather than a license) is required to wear a helmet, and failure to wear a helmet can be considered by the jury in reducing its verdict. The jury determined that Brad's wife Shirley suffered $230,000 damages for loss of consortium.
Since its inception in 1972, the Inner Circle’s mission has been to promote the highest standards of courtroom competence and the mutual fellowship and exchange of knowledge among outstanding trial lawyers. Retired Washington State Supreme Court Justice Tom Chambers says Friedman exemplifies the long tradition of this award, recognizing those whose skills and dedication use the courtroom to level the playing field and provide equal justice for all.
Seven Crown Resorts and Westerbeke Corporation, 10-A-612210-C, District Court for Clark County, Nevada (Las Vegas). In finding for the plaintiffs, the jury decided that the property owners were responsible for the building and were negligent in its maintenance and operation.
Air Force mechanic and his devoted wife, were each awarded $7 million for his contracting Hepatitis C at a Las Vegas endoscopy clinic and for her resulting loss of consortium. Endoscopy Center of Southern Nevada LLC, 07A572224, District Court for Clark County, Nevada (Las Vegas). Sieler's practice emphasizes catastrophic personal injury, wrongful death, insurance bad faith and insurance coverage.
Dykstraa€™s practice is focused on issues of insurance coverage and insurance claims handling. August submitted his claim to Provident, indicating on his claim forms that his disability was caused by the ski accident.
To allow Defendants now to defend against Plaintiffs breach of contract claim on the basis of their 2007 sickness determination would be "intolerably unfair" in light of their more than ten-year silence. Given the small liability policy carried by the other driver, David would have received nothing for his lost wages, pain and suffering or disability.
On two previous occasions, the applicability of ERISAa€™s church plan exemption to PN 501 has been decided against the defendants. Bensona€™s lawsuit as a class action for the benefit of all persons from whom Providence wrongfully received reimbursement.
Scott Martin, the married father of five, was stopped on Highway 285 waiting for traffic to clear to make a lawful left turn when a vehicle struck him from behind. Grimes' liability for Danielsa€™ injuries was reasonably clear, American Physicians Assurance Corporation made no meaningful attempt to settle Daniels' claim until July and August of 2006.
Rinehart to pursue his state law claims including breach of the implied covenant of good faith and fair dealing.
Ordonez's attorneys presented evidence at trial that she lost virtually all her income when her daughter died. Ordonez eventually hired attorney David Robinson of the Honolulu firm of Robinson & Chur to pursue her claim. Ordonez $75,000 in compensatory damages and $250,000 in punitive damages from HEMIC, finding that the insurer's conduct was motivated by a desire to avoid paying a legitimate claim. In the 2004 trial, the jury awarded $1.6 Million in compensatory damages and $10 Million in punitive damages to G.
Merrick was a founder and managing director of Consumer Venture Partners of Greenwich, CT, and also a founding investor and director of Samuel Adams Brewing Co. Taken on a case-by-case basis they might not seem like a big deal, but their cumulative effect is a significant impediment to liberty. Although there is an anti-TSA minority, as this poll shows, the bulk of Americans erroneously believe the TSA makes air travel safer, and that the security checkpoints are an effective, necessary way to prevent terrorism. The TSA has never caught a single terrorist, despite the extensive security theater rigmarole to which we’re subjected every time we fly. Though Wyoming just passed a law to let family farms sell fresh vegetables and baked goods directly to their neighbors without having to bother with government regulations for “licensure, permitting, certification, inspection, packaging, or labeling,” in many places it’s not so simple. No fewer than 18 states limit liquor sales exclusively to government-operated or -contracted stores (ABC stores), and 12 states have blue laws that don’t let you buy alcohol on Sundays. It’s an underhanded way for municipalities to milk their residents for more and more money without technically raising taxes, and it can be economically devastating for low-income families in particular. Somebody does need to do something about this—and all the other “boring” yet potentially life-ruining ways the government tightens its grip on our lives. The State wanted to settle the lawsuit, but the State’s insurance company (James River Insurance) was denying coverage. This means that the air breathed by passengers and the flight crew comes from the outside, then through the heated jet engines and into the cabin. Boeing also knew contaminated air could cause serious health problems for flight crew and passengers.
Harrison with life-saving alcohol withdrawal protocols, and she sent him to the general jail population with no medical follow-up.A Over the next three days, Mr. Zurich's initial investigation corroborated MKB's claim, but they did not tell that to MKB.
The commission arbitraily ordered additional environmental studies and hearings even though County's hearing examiner had already ruled that the gravel mining operation was complying with all rules applicable at the time the permit was issued.
The truck driver disputed Brad's version of events and the defense attacked Brad's credibility relentlessly. Membership is limited to 100 attorneys of exceptional qualifications who are respected among their peers and who are experienced and skillful in the handling of courtroom litigation.
Not only has Friedman time and time again represented the little guy in groundbreaking litigation, but he also shares, teaches and brings honor to all Trial Lawyers.
Following settlement, Joshua's mother and attorneys honored Joshua's memory by placing advertisements warning of the danger of houseboat exhaust. Their legal and legislative efforts have encouraged California building owners and their insurers to be proactive in retrofitting dangerous masonry structures in earthquake zones throughout California and beyond.
Lincoln is a past chair of the Insurance Law Section of the Washington State Association for Justice.
He has been involved in many of the noteworthy Washington cases that established the standards for coverage determinations and insurance company conduct. August found himself unable to perform as an eye surgeon due to a loss of proprioception in his hands. For ten years, Plaintiff reasonably believed that Defendants accepted his claim, which he submitted on the basis of an accident, and was not notified by Defendants of any reason to believe otherwise.
While Washington law requires an injured party to be "made whole" before an insurer can demand any reimbursement, Providence argued that Washington law did not apply because David's health coverage was provided as an employee benefit through his wife's job at Providence Hospital and Providence had elected to be governed by ERISA, a Federal law which supersedes many state laws protecting workers and insureds. Judge Leighton called the first strike in Rinehart, 2009 WL 995715 at *3, holding that PN 501 was a church plan. Providence Health & Services was founded and continues to be sponsored by the Sisters of Providence, a religious order of the Catholic Church. It was undisputed that the other vehicle was traveling an estimated 60 miles per hour and that the other driver's negligence caused the accident. Judge Valenciano also stated that HEMICa€™s conduct during the workers compensation claim was oppressive, willful, and in reckless disregard to the rights of the claimant. Mahan in Las Vegas has affirmed $50 Million in damages awarded by a jury in June against Paul Revere and Unum Group in the partial retrial of a lawsuit first tried to verdict in 2004. The punitive award of $60 Million is six times the previous award that had been appealed by the insurers following the 2004 trial. For example, I recently reported on an incident in California where a town council prohibited a man from chopping down a tree in his own yard—even though it was making him sick.
These are people who make the same mistakes you or I do — speeding, not wearing a seatbelt, forgetting to get your car inspected on time.” The only difference between what happens when they get caught rolling through a stop sign and when I do is that I can usually settle the matter immediately by sending in a check. Shockingly, it found that in many of these cities the situation is even worse than it is in Ferguson.

He managed to get out of his pickup but then witnessed the helicopter explode into flames and kill the crew. If the jet engine leaks oil (for one of a number of reasons), the toxic by-products of that oil get into the cabin air system. Yet, despite this knowledge, Boeing never designed, installed or retrofitted its aircrafts with either alarms or sensors so the flight crew could receive immediate warnings of a fume event and take counter-measures (such as stopping air coming into the cabin from the affected engine); or put into the cabin air system appropriate filters to remove oil by-products.
Harrison descended into severe alcohol withdrawal -- delirium tremens a€“ and was having hallucinations.
As a result of the delay, uncertainty and legal expenses, the mine failed and the property reverted to the seller, Port of Tacoma. Brad suffered from traumatic brain injury, but the defendant disputed its severity and claimed that it could have been avoided by wearing a helmet.
In April, 2009, Judge Leighton had held that Providencea€™s health plan was an ERISA exempt "church plan". Although not parties in that action, the defendants were a€?at-bat.a€? Prior to removal in this case, State Superior Court Judge Doyle called the second strike.
It includes 26 hospitals, more than 35 non-acute facilities, physician clinics, a health plan, a liberal arts university and a high school.
Peters Hospital, a division of Providence Health & Services (PH&S), is not subject to ERISA limitations which would have precluded his state law claims brought to seek redress for alleged mishandling of his disability claim by Life Insurance Company of North America. The insurers appealed and the punitive award was ultimately sent back for retrial before a new jury. In 1991, Merrick began to suffer the affects of Lyme disease with chronic fatigue syndrome, though it went undiagnosed for a period of time. One town, for instance, “has a population of 1,381 and more than 33,102 active warrants, amounting to a ratio of nearly 24 outstanding warrants per resident” (!!). As her city piled on fine after fine for late payment, it managed to rack up an $8,000 bill, a hefty sum for anyone to come up with—let alone someone who is already struggling to make ends meet in this economy. Boeing documents routinely discuss the need for such sensors, alarms or filters but upper management showed little interest in actually providing solutions to this safety problem. Corizon agreed to implement major changes in how it staffs jails throughout the entire state as a part of this settlement. In their verdict, the jury found that Zurich was unreasonable and awarded $2.4 Million to MKB.
After a four week trial, the jury awarded $4 Million for the gravel mining firm and $8 Million for the port authority against County. Fortunately, there were upstanding witnesses to the accident, including a state trooper and local business owners who helped set the record straight.
Providence countered that despite the Rinehart decision, which it claimed was wrongly decided, its health plan was governed by ERISA because it had since formally elected to be governed by ERISA and further argued that its election operated retroactively. These stories supported the expert testimony indicating that while the client substantially retained his native intelligence, he now has great difficulty with memory, concentration, and multi-tasking. In another town, the mayor actually sent a memo to all the local police officers saying that if they wanted a raise, they’d better fine more people.
This award included an $862,000 penalty against Zurich under Washington’s Insurance Fair Conduct Act (IFCA). Providence then challenged David's attorney to have his case be the one to test Judge Leighton's holding in Rinehart. Ordonez, as the sole surviving parent, was entitled to at least $48,000 in death benefits from HEMIC. See our June 22, 2015 news release below for more information on the initial suit filed against Boeing. This is believed to be the largest penalty ever levied against an insurance company under the IFCA statute. David's attorney contacted FR attorneys Ken Friedman and Lincoln Sieler, who happily accepted Providence's challenge. Benson has delivered the third pitch, arguing that ERISA does not apply because PN 501 is a church plan.
Ordonez alleged delays in payment of her survivora€™s benefits after her daughter, Mayra Rodriquez, was fatally injured while working at Gay and Robinson Tours in 2005.
HEMIC, however, delayed payment and forced the case to a hearing before an Administrative Law Judge, claiming that it wasna€™t clear that the death was a€?compensablea€? under the statute.
MKB is also entitled to an award for attorney fees, expert fees and costs as a further penalty for Zurich's misconduct. Please keep a positive attitude with your replies and it should all be worth our efforts.Since Ia€™ve become a member of E2S, Ia€™m starting to see a lot of the JUNK work which others have paid a lot of money, only to end up in disappointment. Ia€™d like to show and explain how things would be done from the a€?Old Doga€? perspective. August approached his 65th birthday, the company asserted, without explanation, that his benefits were ending at age 65. ERISA does not apply and the defendants have failed to meet their burden to show that this Court has subject matter jurisdiction on removal.
This alone, is an exhausting task without even including meetings with my account, solicitor, recruiters, hosting company and channel partners… Phew, I’m exhausted just writing about all of the day-to-day adventures I have to deal with.You can look at life in two ways. One you cup is always half empty where you never get anything finished, you have forgotten to call your accountant again, and the reminder comes through the door from HMRC and life starts getting you down. Or, you can look at your cup half full where you can embrace the amazing opportunity to build something where you are proud to say “WE did that” and each morning wake up with a smile and bring that positive energy into every part of your day.Most of us have to take that lovely train journey in the morning (don’t forget the headphones) to work. August protested that his disability was caused by an accident, the company promptly lined up its in-house doctor, Joel W.
Walk with a purpose and maybe pop into Lola’s and and pick up a box of 12 blue velvet cupcakes, for everyone to enjoy. You arrive a couple of minutes late, but that does not matter as you walk through the door with a smile and treats for everyone.Everything you do takes you closer and closer to that moment, the dream, the light bulb, the vision you had of building something great.
Let people see the value in what you have to offer and help them grow their business or make life that little bit easier and help them focus on the important things in life.Four years ago, I started a business called LifeStyleAgent, and at the time I truly believed we had come up with a business that would help people have better lives, by looking at the 12 most important areas of life. 12 months later and thousands of pounds spent on building and designing an online website, we decided to close the business.
Yes it was a hard decision to make but I knew it was the right decision.During this time I continued working with amazing business owners and shared my 20 years of knowledge to help them and their business.
Today we are the UK’s 1st “Social Sharing” SaaS ecommerce platform designed for start-ups and small businesses to have a big brand experience, offering a multi-channel environment.
I write to you today as the Founder of a Million Pound Business (you can read the full story here)The moral of this story is, love what you do and do it for the right reasons.I would love to hear your story, please feel free to email me or call me. Just clamp the bar to the (cylinder base gasket area), in your vice instead of attempting to clamp the cylinder.
It was suggested from a friend to use this hone while running the drill in A reverse direction. I think that others will agree with me that the final fitting is far more important than the boring machine operation. The power stroker didn't turn out to be very practicle for one at a time cylinder work. I spent a good part of the day hacking on a chunk of aluminum to turn it into a reed valve block.
With a little forethought any person can do this kind of workmanship on entry level equipment. Ia€™m attempting to encourage any of you people to add some machine shop capabilities to your work shop.
As your capabilities grow so will your business grow.It takes time but certainly is rewarding to me. Maybe a TIG welder first, Lathe, mill, & Cylinder service equipment, my family has always been lifelong machinery junkies. Wea€™ll do final fitting before welding it on.It took some thinking to figure out how to clamp the cylinder to the mill table. The last little problem is the need for enough clearance around the manifold for the TIG welding torch. Next week we will start putting things together.After the reed installation we need to finish up the liner install. IfA  you read my thread you will learn about machine shop procedures which you wona€™t learn many other places. There are some very foolish people on our E2S site who wish to wreck this for everyone else. There are also the Rottler & Van Norman machines which are also around if you look for them.
If youa€™re looking for a boring bar & the latter 2 are available, they are all top quality pieces of equipment. I was introduced to the Kwik Way brand back in the 70a€™s & have never had any reason to switch to other brands.

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