So, more Google searching turned up that this problem was reported to Microsoft in a community forum back on August 1, 2012. We first turned off the “rename” functionality to investigate any negative issues resulting from renames. Second, we have fixed many user accounts that were renamed and experienced issues accessing some of their email. We recognize that some customers are still experiencing issues and we are actively working to resolve these issues as quickly as possible. About Latest Posts Kyle BeckmanKyle is a Systems Administrator with 15+ years of experience. If the email address is considered as unique (that is the case, they use it on the login fom), some apps could use the email address as a key (in relational database or in encrypted links).
Many web apps have switched over to using email as a logon ID simply because it is easier for most people to remember their logon information when there isn’t a separate username to remember. The process to create a new Microsoft Account (using your email address) in Windows 8 asks for your email address and then on a second screen shows you what you typed.
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Eyebrows are a key facial feature, they help to shape and frame your face.  So why is it that they’re often overlooked in one’s beauty regime?
I recently had my hair restyled and now have a defined fringe.  This exposed my eyebrows and the need to do something with them!  Whilst I always kept them trimmed, they needed reshaping and more definition with colour. Threading or waxing - whilst you can do these yourself, there is a real technique to it and you’re probably best to leave it to a professional.
Once you’ve determined the shape you want, start at the beginning of each brow, by your nose (underneath) and work outwards.
Optional:  apply aloe vera gel under the brows to reduce swelling and redness, not that either lasts long.  The gel can also be applied to your brows after you’ve trimmed them to keep them in place, great if they’ve got a mind of their own!
You can get your eyebrows professionally tinted, the same with eyelashes.  This lasts for about 3-4 weeks. He currently works in Higher Education supporting everything from smartphones to desktop PC's to Hyper-V Failover Clusters. By finding the right shape for your face, you can accentuate your eyes and even take on a much younger appearance – who needs botox! Be careful as you near the tapered end and make sure you go lighter as to give it a more natural look.

By mistake I made a spelling error in my email ID when I created the account on installing Windows 8 and till date I am stuck with this. While annoying, I am really thankful we didn’t use an employee email address, then change jobs, and be stuck with it, even when we can’t access the email anymore! I cannot verify the email id since the spellings are wrong, and they will not allow me to change it.
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