Well, just this once we’ll cut you some slack and answer the question directly, without any pontification or analysis.
No, more seriously, to change your Xfinity.tv account you need to actually log in to your Comcast account at Comcast Customer Central. Here you can either change your secret question (useful if you forget your password!) or your password, but to change either you’ll need your current password handy. Never miss a single tutorial, review or article here on AskDaveTaylor, sign up for our weekly newsletter. Thanks to your Great instructions ,I change the secret question ,change my password in few minutes. We had a similar situation in my family when one of my children shared our Netflix account password with a friend who was bedridden for a week or so, without telling me. To start, go to Netflix on your computer and look on the top right once you’ve logged in.
Click on┬áSign out of all devices and everyone else will get the boot, whether they’re connected to Netflix via tablet, smart phone, media device or computer.

I did as you suggested…however, my Roku did not require me to re-signin after I did this. You pick your password while creating your AOL or AOL Mail account for the first time; unless you manually change it, as we show you in this tutorial, and recommend you do on a regular basis, AOL will not force or even suggest that you update your credentials. Tip: if you are already in AOL Mail, click on "Options" (top right), select "My Account", and click on "Manage my account" in the page that opens.
Enter your New Password in the first text field, and Confirm Password in the second (to avoid any typos!) AOL requires that your new password be at least 6 characters long, but no longer than 16 - for a more secure password, make sure to mix uppercase letters, lowercase letters, symbols, and numbers - these passwords are extremely difficult to crack.
Tip: remember that the change affects all services use your AOL username for credentials - this includes AOL Mail, the AIM instant messaging chat client. I mean, hey, we’re just as geeky here at World HQ as you are, we just have fancier desks. I strongly encourage you to include upper and lower case letters, at least a digit or two and even some punctuation if you can fit it all into something reasonably mnemonic (because writing down your password is a disaster if you already have problems with people borrowing your account). Now there’s reason to believe that the sick child has further shared my Netflix credentials with additional friends.

And you might really want to consider suggesting that your sister get her own Netflix account. Since AOL and AOL Mail are connected (use the same authentication system in other words), changing it in one will affect the other - when you are done, don't forget to update your password in email programs you might use to check your AOL messages. That setting takes effect immediately: if anyone else is sharing your AOL email account, keep them in the loop! An easy trick is to take a common phrase and do some basic substitutions, like “nine inch nails” and turn it into 9nailsROCK! If your web browser is set to automatically sign in to AOL, you may receive an error message: just re-enter your username and new password and the problem will be fixed. No warranty expressed or implied;use our website resources at your own risk, and use common sense when dealing with online security - never share your user name and password or publish them online.

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