You may first hear of the barrow from Ralof or Hadvar, if you choose to accompany him to Riverwood after escaping from Helgen. When you first enter the dungeon, you will find several dead skeevers, two dead bandits, and two more bandits idling by a campfire at the far end of the hall. On the table in front of you as you enter the next room is a copy of the Pickpocket skill book Thief.
Press on, and you will soon hear Arvel calling out to you for help, assuming you are one of his bandit partners (Harknir, Bjorn and Soling). Chasing after him, you will pass through an embalming room with some minor loot, into a burial chamber with corpses lining the walls. Only draugr in armor (male) or tattered clothes (female) will reanimate: the ones still in wraps or naked are "permanently dead". Straight ahead is another sleeping draugr, and after him a room where three more will reanimate and come for you. The locking mechanism is controlled by three concentric circles: each is marked with animal symbols and can be rotated. The default angle of the claw, when examined in your inventory, makes the symbols almost impossible to read. As you approach, you will hear chanting, the screen will rapidly darken, and part of the wall will start to glow, with threads of energy rushing from it to you—don't worry, they're harmless.
Once he's dead, loot his corpse for the Dragonstone, another chest to the left of the stairs and the chest behind the word wall and finally head up the stairs to the left of the word wall.
The rope and the body of Thomas will not be present in Bleak Falls Temple if you are level 17 or below, as his presence is related to the frost troll in that cavern. There are two corundum ore veins near the exit; one is about 200 feet due southwest, and the other is just south-southeast of the exit. A Strongbox with an Adept lock and an Apothecary's Satchel can be found in a corner outside the Temple. An unmarked location called Bleak Falls Tower can be found on the other side of the mountain to the east, along the path to Riverwood. On certain saves the three pillars that need to be turned to display the right sequence sometimes do not turn, therefore stopping you proceeding on through the Barrow and halting progress on the Main Quest-line, Bleak Falls Barrow quest and The Golden Claw quest.
If you cast a Fury spell on the Wounded Frostbite Spider, she may attack Arvel, releasing him from the web.
You may be unable to loot the Guardian of the Dragonstone once defeated, thus making it impossible to complete the Dragonstone quest.
If you return to the barrow later on and approach the word wall, you may hear the chanting sound even though you've already learned the word here. The second method implies skipping speaking to Lucan Valerius and obtaining the artifact as part of the Bleak Falls Barrow quest. The first step is of course reaching Bleak Falls Barrow which is described in the walkthrough of Bleak Falls Barrow. Further actions are available after reaching the room in which you have to defeat the Giant Frostbite Spider. In order to discover the secret of Bleak Falls, you will need to reach the large cave at Bleak Falls Sanctum, the last room of the underground structure. Science Fiction & Fantasy Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for science fiction and fantasy enthusiasts. In Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Rey and Finn hide under one of the floor panels of the Falcon while they prepare to release poisonous gas.
In the film, one can hear a sound of metal on metal just before Han and Chewie turn their attention to the floor panel. Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged star-wars the-force-awakens or ask your own question.

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Arvel the Swift goes into hiding here after stealing the golden claw from the Riverwood Trader. Taking the stairs down will lead you to another lit room where three skeevers will come out and attack you.
Before rushing to help him, note the thick webs near a skeleton at the end of the hallway, which conceal a chest.
If you're careful and observant, you'll be able to tell if a draugr is going to attack you or not before they wake up.
If he avoided being killed by a draugr, then he will die after activating a pressure plate, triggering the spike wall on your right.
Although they're fairly weak, they can be dangerous if you're lightly armored and get surrounded. As you enter, a draugr will burst out of a sarcophagus in the opposite corner, but you can easily take it out with ranged attacks before it reaches you. You'll arrive in a chamber with three draugr: one will climb out of a coffin close to the entrance, while the other two are on the upper level and much further in.
As hinted at in Arvel's journal, the correct combination is marked on the palm of the Golden Claw. Putting the cursor over it and pressing your "Auto Move" button zooms in and allows you to rotate it easily so you can see them clearly. Once you are close enough, you will "read" the glowing rune: the first word of the "Unrelenting Force" dragon shout. Your best option is to pour out as much damage as you can as quickly as you can (use Fire spells if you're a mage), drink healing potions sooner rather than later, and if things get desperate (or you prefer to use ranged attacks) sprint past him to buy some breathing room. After the battle approach the man imprisoned by the spider, namely Arvel the Swift (screen above). Look for the corpse of Arvel the Swift, who apparently wasn't able to run away safely (screen above). Head towards the main altar and approach the Word Wall (screen above), thanks to which you will most probably learn the first Word of Power - Force, Unrelenting Force.
Or you can see order in top image as well but is better to look at video to know in future how to solve quests. Rey and Finn weren't hiding in the aftermarket secret compartments, there were merely hiding in a mantenance bay. Remember Rey was trying to fix the Falcon and I don't recall Finn or Rey discovering the secret compartments. You should have no trouble with them even at very low levels, but you may contract Ataxia if you are unlucky. More webs block your path to Arvel: cut your way through them and enter the chamber, and a giant frostbite spider will drop down and engage you in combat.
As you reach the bottom of the ramp though, you'll see one of the corpses (known as draugr) rise from the dead and prepare to attack you, and may see or hear others doing the same.
Archery will let you damage them while they're still asleep, and may even kill them in one shot if you are sneaking. Recover the Golden Claw and read his journal, which will provide a crucial clue for an obstacle you will encounter later on. The way ahead is blocked, so after looting the chest head to the gate the stream drains through and pull the chain beside it to raise the gate and continue downstream, stopping where the stream drops off into a large cavern open to the sky.
Before walking across the dais, head behind the runed wall on the right-hand side to find a treasure chest. There are a few locations in the cavern where you can maneuver yourself into a safe place to snipe at him from if need be: across the river in the southern corner works well.

If that doesn't work, deliver the Golden Claw to Lucan Valerius in Riverwood, then return to Bleak Falls Barrow and the Guardian should be searchable. After reaching the destination (screen above), you will need to deal with a group of Bandits, though it shouldn't be too hard. Speak to him and Arvel will promise to share what he knows about the artifact in return for rescuing him. Alternately, the sound effect might be intended to represent the sounds of actually tampering with the gas line. His body will be in the next room, which has three pillars on the left and a locked gate in front of you. If you have problems beating it, you can retreat back through the archway to recover, since the spider is too large to leave the room. You can then pull the chain on your left to deactivate the trap, allowing you to hear better and escape into the previous areas if needed.
If you stand at the edge of the waterfall and look down, you will see either a leveled draugr or, at level 18 or higher, a frost troll and above you and to your right a rope hanging from a log that spans the open top of the cavern. There is a pedestal nearby with a handle on it: activate it to lower the rock wall in front of you, opening a passage to yet another chest and an exit out to the opposite side of the mountain from where you entered the barrow. In order to free Arvel, you have to destroy the spider-webs by using melee weapons or magic.
The maintenance bay has a slotted panel that covers it, while the secret compartments have smooth, polished floor panels on top. In either case, it seems like Han and Chewie both overheard this sound, and they know the layout of the Falcon well enough to tell that it came from the compartments beneath the flooring. A lever in the middle of the room opens the gate, but only if the pillars on the left are set in the proper sequence. Once you kill it, loot it for its venom and proceed to cut down Arvel, who will ungratefully rush off further into the dungeon. A ledge below the end of the rope holds the body of Thomas, a Breton that evidently died trying to climb down the rope into the cavern. Afterwards approach Lucan and speak to him offering help in solving the problem (screen above). If they are not, the gate remains closed and a series of arrows will shoot in the direction of the lever.
From here, you can either shoot the enemy below, or turn right and take the passageway down to meet it head on.
The man will tell you of the Golden Claw being stolen and of his suspicions that the thieves can be probably found at Bleak Falls Barrow.
The correct sequence can be inferred by looking at the three statues in the room, two of which are found above the gate, and the third (the middle one, actually), fallen on the floor next to the lever. A quick detour to the bottom of the waterfall will net you some more loot, then it's time to head north and follow the path to the end of this zone.
The pillars should be set to display the same symbols as the 3 statues: starting with the pillar farthest from the gate, this would be Snake—Snake—Whale. Only one more draugr stands between you and the exit: he's a little stronger than most of the others so far, but shouldn't pose any serious problems.

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