1.  Key in your new mobile number under New Mobile Phone Number form and click Request a Security Token. 5.  Once Received, key in the security token that is sent to your registered email and Save Changes. Once you’ve done that successfully, you will be presented with your security questions. Once you’ve done that, you will be presented with yet another dialog, this one allows you to choose and enter a new password. Everything there is to be said about this is included in the post and previous comments and their responses, so as of April 1, 2008, I’ve disabled comments on this post.
You can, and should, regularly change your password to keep hackers at bay (see how to change your Yahoo password).
On the "How do you want to reset your password?" page, Yahoo will show you a list of email addresses associated with your Yahoo account.
Check your other email account's inbox (check your spam folder if you haven't received anything within a minute or two), and click on the "Reset My Password" link in the message.

Enter a new password in the web page that opened; Yahoo will tell you how safe your password is as you type it inside the first text box. You will now see a blank login form: enter your Yahoo ID and new password, and click Sign in. Yahoo will show you a "You have successfully reset your password" confirmation screen, also warning you that your credentials have been reset for Yahoo Mail for Android (and Kindle Fire), Flickr (this photo sharing site belongs to Yahoo), and Zimbra Desktop. If your web browser automatically "remembers" your passwords, you will need to enter once, manually, your new Yahoo information to update its records and avoid error messages.
It does have several unique advantages over other systems in that acts as a passport for MSN, Office Live, and Microsoft Passport sites, including the likes of Hotmail (now 5 Gb of storage space), Spaces, and OneCare. Choose something memorable (try my passwords for scientists tip for inspiration) and make sure it’s strong.
One thing to watch out for is a scam email you might receive periodically that purports to be the 72-day alert but is not, read this post on the Windows Live Password scam for more information and never click a link in an email, always go to the original site by typing in the browser address bar when you want to change or confirm any account details for any site.
For a safer password, use a combination of uppercase and lowercase letters (note: your password is case-sensitive, so remember which letters are capitalized or not).

The password strength meter should allow you to gauge how well you’ve done in coming up with something close to uncrackable. Also includes numbers and punctuation marks or symbols (underscore "_", hyphen "-", question mark, etc.) The more "weird" your password is, the harder it is for anyone else to guess! No warranty expressed or implied;use our website resources at your own risk, and use common sense when dealing with online security - never share your user name and password or publish them online.
You simply enter your ID (often your Hotmail email address) and complete the captcha (that is, type the letters seen in the box or use the audio option.

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