Reply00(Maximum 900 words)SubmitFor power, control, and money I am so sick of "Religious" people and groups killing each other for their phoney baloney made up religions.
Worldwide, there are an estimated 58 million members of other religions, accounting for nearly 1% of the global population. Members of other world religions are heavily concentrated in the Asia-Pacific region (89%).
Although the majority of members of other religions live in Asia and the Pacific, only about 1% of the people in the region adhere to these faiths. India has the largest share (47%) of all members of other religions, including millions of Sikhs and Jains.
Globally, members of other religions are older (median age of 32) than the overall global population (median age of 28).
The “other religions” category is diverse and comprises all groups not classified elsewhere.
Shintoism is a Japanese faith that has been part of religious life in Japan for many centuries.
Sikhism was founded at the turn of the 16th century by Guru Nanak in the Punjab, a region now split between India and Pakistan. Other faiths in the “other religions” category include Cao Dai, I-Kuan Tao, Mandaeism, the Rastafari movement, the Ratana movement, Scientology and Yazidism, to list just a few.
About Pew Research Center Pew Research Center is a nonpartisan fact tank that informs the public about the issues, attitudes and trends shaping America and the world. As a result of Islamic terrorism many people—including some in high places—have quickly come to the conclusion that Islam is a religion of violence and, as such, is the sworn enemy of Christianity and the Western way of life.
This book provides the necessary historical background to the problem, and it does so by supplying a wealth of documentation which powerfully records the amicable and fruitful relations which, over the centuries, have repeatedly manifested themselves between Christianity and Islam. PraiseIn an age of facile ecumenism, Stoddart"s bracing premise of rigorous religious orthodoxy reminds us that religions are noble allies against secularism and not interchangeable credos. About the AuthorWilliam Stoddart was born in Carstairs, Scotland, lived most of his life in London, England, and now lives in Windsor, Ontario.
If you search Amazon using this link any purchases you make will contribute a small amount to Sophia Perennis at no additional cost to you. Sometimes it takes the form of Religion, sometimes nationalism, sometimes just plain class warfare.

The remainder is divided among North America (4%), sub-Saharan Africa (3%), Latin America and the Caribbean (2%), Europe (2%) and the Middle East and North Africa (less than 1%). In the remaining regions, members of other religions make up less than 1% of the population.
Outside India, the largest shares of people who belong to faiths in the “other religion” category are in China (16%), Japan (10%), Taiwan (7%), North Korea (5%) and the United States (3%). Reliable regional data on the median age of followers of other world religions is available only for Asia and the Pacific, where it is 33, four years older than the overall regional median (29).
It includes followers of religions that are not specifically measured in most censuses and surveys, including but not limited to the faiths listed below.
Baha’is are widely dispersed across many countries, with significant populations in India, the United States, Kenya and elsewhere. Today, the vast majority of Jains live in India, though significant numbers also are found among Indian immigrant communities in Kenya, the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. Although Shinto rituals are widely practiced in Japan, only a minority of the Japanese population identifies with Shintoism in surveys. More than nine-in-ten Sikhs are in India, but there are also sizable Sikh communities in the United Kingdom, the United States and Canada. The faith is one of many new Japanese religions; others include Shinreikyo, Mahakari, Omoto and PL Kyodan. It conducts public opinion polling, demographic research, media content analysis and other empirical social science research. Is it possible that this spirit, once so frequent, can again be recovered–in whole or even in part?
His collection of quotations and quaintly inspiring anecdotes reveal the depth and warmth of the spiritual fraternity that can exist between believers of contending faiths and, not least, between Christians and Muslims. He studied modern languages and medicine at the universities of Glasgow, Edinburgh, and Dublin.
One doesn't need religion to start a war or instigate violence, just the unintelligent mummified minds to get violence going. This category includes followers of religions that are not specifically measured in surveys and censuses in most countries: the Baha’i faith, Taoism, Jainism, Shintoism, Sikhism, Tenrikyo, Wicca, Zoroastrianism and many others. Estimates of population sizes for these groups generally come from sources other than censuses and nationally representative surveys.

The 2001 Indian census enumerated more than 4 million Jains in India, but some Jains have contended that number is a substantial undercount. The World Religion Database estimates there are almost 3 million Shintoists worldwide, with the vast majority concentrated in Japan. The World Religion Database estimates there are a total of about 25 million Sikhs worldwide. Reliable estimates of the number of followers of Tenrikyo and other new Japanese religions are not available. Pursuing his religious studies, he has traveled widely in Europe (including Mount Athos), Morocco, Turkey, India, Sri Lanka, and Japan. This creates 'control ' of a person ,or millions of people, which is what the orchestrator's of any given belief desire.
All of these stupid religions are made up to control stupid people that will do anything to advance their stupid religions including killing people of other stupid religions.
I believe religions don't always cause people to kill others, or start wars, but I do believe it happens and happens because someone dissed on someone else's religion and caught them in a deep dark alley. In short, it's ignorance and intolerance, not religion which is to blame for violence in the world.
Because of the paucity of census and survey data, the Pew Forum has not estimated the size of individual religions within this category, though some estimates from other sources are provided in the Spotlight on Other Religions sidebar below.
According to estimates by the World Religion Database, there are fewer than 250,000 Jains outside India. Now is not like the crusades, and I'm thankful for that, but just like ethnicity, government, and gender cause violence, religion causes violence. There isn't any "kingdom in the sky with 76 virgins", there is no "hereafter" you people are stupid and afraid of death.

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