Is social media like one of those cool new trends that you secretly hope will fade out before it becomes mainstream and you have to worry about it? While we’re on the topic of being cool, let’s imagine your small business engaging with customers via social media the same way you’d imagine hosting a constant open house party for your customer base, both current and potential. From time to time, treating social media as a virtual shop front by showcasing new products or special offers can drive more sales. People join social media to connect with people, so they’re more likely to enjoy your posts if you give your business some personality. If you’re trying to impress, playing the latest tunes and having the hottest conversation topics is always a winner. Just as you should gauge the tone of any room you’re working, you should also bear this in mind when talking to customers via social media. If imagery or video are big parts of your business, sites like Pinterest and YouTube are hugely popular and a great way to attract customers.
If you throw a great party and invite people back, they’re going to expect the same again or better.
Sorry to break it to you, but unlike cereal restaurants and comically large hats, it’s here to stay and you should start paying attention.
However, a big buzz-kill at any party is the sleazy guy with the shiny suit telling anyone who’ll listen what a great deal he can get them on their MOT, or whatever it might be.

In social media terms, you’ve got to keep your profiles up-to-date with news, content or offers relevant to your customers – otherwise things will get stale and – that’s right – they’ll leave.
If the site is chatty and informal, like Twitter or Facebook, then your business should be engaging with people as such. Once you’ve decided what sites to present your business across, and you’ve made them look special and attractive in line with who you are, 10 minutes a day should do it. This could be just the answer you’re looking for to drive traffic to your website and increase your customer base, and it’s not as scary or alien as it might seem. People are trying to socialise, so be sure to mix up your promotions with helpful advice and more conversational posts. For example if you are a sports shop publish pictures of the latest sparkly football boots you have just got in stock or, if you’re a local music bar, share some of the latest articles from the Brits. A ladies shoe shop might tweet “ladies we have a whole new range of fashion shoes in stock, just ready to hide in the wardrobe (with a link to a picture)”, rather than “please see our summer shoe range”. It takes time and effort to produce great content, think of new polls or offers and post pictures that will speak to your audience. Check who you are following and share any interesting things you see that are relevant to your industry. On a site such as LinkedIn, joining groups is a good way of listening in on conversations between members of your target audience and finding out what they’re looking for from a business like yours.

But remember why you’re doing it, measure your achievements by the number of followers, likes and shares you get. Then create some interesting and engaging snippets to publish yourself and wait for people to engage and follow you. In short, do your research on your target audience, and more importantly, have a clear idea of why you’re engaging with people via social media in the first place.
When participating, let people know what a trusted source of information you are on your area of business and expertise.
Likewise, taking the time to really put your stamp on your social media profiles will differentiate you from the competition and make your business one that customers become engaged with long-term. When people ring you or buy from you, ask where they heard about you and you’ll see why it’s worthwhile.
Profiles on sites such as Facebook, Google+ and Twitter are all highly customisable, so take the time to brand them up and make them an integral part of your online presence.
To help make the best of your time, there are many tools that can help you manage your social media channels.

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