Myris, the self-contained biometric password manager from EyeLock, is an exciting idea, but it’s nowhere near ready to be a product. Myris arrives after a year of security bad news (Target, Heartbleed), which was often exacerbated by consumer’s insistence on using the same password across multiple sites and services. Biometric security is by no means a new concept, and we’ve seen a steady migration from proprietary and expensive hardware that’s only of interest to business to consumer-friendly solutions that are starting to appear in popular consumer electronics. Apple and Samsung have, in recent years, introduced smartphone fingerprint scanners that are easy to set up and use.
First of all, it’s a hockey-puck-sized standalone device that EyeLock expects you to tote around with you. Once I started that, the app asked if it could install as a plug-in for all my available Web browsers. If I were installing a printer — something I truly need — I might jump through a hoop or two, but for a nice-to-have iris scanner, I ran out of patience as soon as it forced me to go looking for my installation software. Once you install the software you’re guided to register your hardware and, naturally, your eyes. To register irises, you remove your glasses (but can wear them again after a successful eye registration), stare intently into that mirror and slowly move the Myris closer and further away from your face. The most comical part is that there is onscreen guidance that tries to tell you what to do with the puck — while you’re staring at it, which means you can’t see the screen guidance anyway.
Wouldn’t it have made more sense if EyeLock had made the Myris small enough to sit on the top edge of your laptop screen? I did eventually get Myris working, but only by using one eye to register (guidance which came from the app, but I had to look at the laptop screen, and not the Myris, to see).
Once I did that, Myris opened a web browser and loaded up Twitter, then asked me to log in. Eyelock is right: We should not be accessing our precious computers and online information with horrible user-generated passwords. Biometric security is the future, but you'll want to wait for products that make it subtle, smart and easy to use — in other words, not EyeLock's Myris. Besides the obvious uses for hot water and stretching in your personal and physical life, there are business and career benefits from both too. The best way to prepare for situations like this is to get involved at various stages of challenging tasks. Just like with your physical and personal well being there are preparatory steps along the way. The business and career benefits associated with these two points are applicable to anyone at any stage of their life. Innovation – In order to put yourself to the Hot Water test and the Rubber Band test you will need to innovate. Take the extra time to write a thank you card or reach out to someone who may need someone to talk to. This is a shame, because the concept of logging into your computer and unlocking your favorite sites, apps and services with your sight (get it?) or irises is damn near brilliant. What EyeLock’s Myris wants to do is smart: Do away with password memorization and management and use something that is truly unique to every individual — their eyes. It also noted that it would suck in all the passwords stored in said browsers: to be honest, this sounded a bit scary.

The graphics and icons looked cheap and it insisted I shut down all apps before continuing to install.
When you get it right, the light turns blue and, if you’re successful, it finally turns green. That way you could stare at the tiny mirror, but also use a little peripheral vision to see the onscreen guidance. With that I was into the main interface, which like the rest of the Myris platform, offers little in the way of guidance. Clicking on one opens a windows of options below, but there’s no guidance on what to do next.
I then logged out of Twitter and the next time I arrived, it asked me to use Myris to log-in.
Powered by its own proprietary technology, Mashable is the go-to source for tech, digital culture and entertainment content for its dedicated and influential audience around the globe. I then ask for His white light of protection to surround me and I imagine white crystal on top of the pink quartz. They involve Hot Water and Stretching and when applied to your career will help you stand out, get ahead and to develop a reputation for getting things done.
The way I interpret this metaphor is in the sense that when the situation demands it, people will rise to the occasion.
He (and as mentioned a lot of very talented people) had the eyes of the world on them and they had a very short window of time… which only upped the water temperature… to design, develop and deploy a solution… in space.
Until someone is put to the test they themselves often don’t know what they are capable of doing.
Not just in hiring you (people don’t often just hire warm bodies anymore), but they saw something in you and took a chance that you had the potential to deliver something really big. Take the time to learn new skills (often on your own time — 20 hours or 10,000 Hours – you decide). The best leaders know they need to involve others and make it as simple as possible to accomplish the task and mission.
There is an old saying “If you want to get something done, assign it to a busy person” This saying holds true because in order to get something done they will often invoke point 1 (communications) and point 3 (innovation) in order to Get It Done! He brings over 20 years of Channel Sales, Partner Marketing and Alliance expertise to audiences around the world in speaking engagements and via his writing. The impact you can make on those less fortunate will not only help build your community, but also give you the feeling of self-satisfaction. Being there for the people you care about and appreciate will show them how much they mean to you. I did, but even on a system I just booted, the app found that Google was running somewhere, so it couldn’t properly install as a browser plug-in. That means your irises are registered and you can start using the device to unlock your PC and websites. It turns out, EyeLock agrees and has already secured an ODM (Original Design Manufacturer) agreement with Wistron to put the Myris technology in set top boxes, cars and, most importantly laptops. I finally realized that I had to click one of the grayed out apps, Twitter, for instance, to start the process.
I held the puck up in front of my eye, moved it back and forth a bit and got the precious green circle.

He, along with some of the brightest and best scientists, engineers and fellow astronauts had to think fast, work fast and under tremendous pressure develop a solution to get the astronauts home safely. Potential Energy… just like that which is available in a rubber band applies to people too. Whether it’s joining a Toastmasters group or learning how to write computer code or to become better at some piece of technology. However, doing each of these consistently and repeatedly takes focus, fortitude and often the ability to take on tasks that others can’t or wont. Stand on the shoulders of giants and seek new ways to deliver something and solve a problem that has been. To be fair, Myris is doing something no other consumer hardware is equipped to do right now.
The only way to fix that is to launch Windows Task Manager and forcibly shut down Google Chrome processes. There’s an LED light ring that ranges in color from White (waiting), to Blue (reading), to Red (error) and finally Green (for registered). When we are tearing down someone with our words, aren’t we really trying to make ourselves look better? He is currently consulting with Microsoft and partners to drive Community Engagement and Alliances.
My computers were sort of right: Myris carries its own installation software, but does not install it on its own. The irony is that we are perceived to be better if we only speak positive words about others. Sit with your feet flat on the floor, hands resting on your legs and your back and neck straight.
The best of the best can do this over and over again with predictable and repeatable results… even when the situation (aka the rules) change every time. That challenging client that no one likes to deal with because they are demanding and keep changing the rules. Because you never know when your boss or your best customer might be looking for just that skill set. I had to select the platform (Win or Mac) and then drill to the application file and double-click.
By insinuating yourself into challenging situations you’ll be ready when one presents itself. When speaking to people or about people, it is best to use uplifting words rather than words that would hurt. Even though the situations are different the behavior, the demeanor and the outcomes may be able to be inferred from past performances. If we think of only one thing, our breathing, it becomes easier to let go of that and think of nothing.

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