This post probably should have quoted "We are beginning to roll out this new feature to users in the U.S.
YouTube Red is a premium ad-free subscription service with original platform-funded content and offline access. Problems on iiNet's network that started this morning at around 4am still haven't been resolved, and a subsequent crash of the company's contact centre has only added to customers' frustrations.
Diigo has a free plugin for both Internet Explorer and Firefox, but unfortunately not Safari or Opera.

I always edit this information to something that will help me remember my link.Next is the Description field. Glad that you found Diigo useful, and love to have your active participation in the Diigo community.
I’ll play with it and see if I like it enough to use it instead of my regular bookmarks. Like I tried to say in my post, I figured that this sort of thing might be too much of a workflow shift for some people.

Also, Diigo offers super user-friendly and easy batch editing, should you ever change your mind on certain bookmark privacy.

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