With this name change checklist, you can cross that final hurdle on celebrating your marriage, by changing your name. The surname that a married woman used from birth, prior to its being legally changed at marriage.
Before your marriage, something to consider will be what affect the marriage will be having on your name. If you put your first and prospective surname together, and it doesn't work; or you dislike the potential grief your children could have.
For one of them, I know that the rationale was due to the breakdown of his relationship with his father.
For some, having an heir to the family name, is the key driver for altering their name when getting married.
Double-barrelled names in days of yester-year usually signified a baby born out of wedlock.
Having decided that you are needing a name change checklist, how do you go about the process? Choose your new name carefully - remember that Friends episode, the one with Princess Consuela Bananahammock? For a lady entering marriage, the wedding ceremony is sufficient to change your name, meaning that you will not require the name change checklist.
This is true if your intention is to either continue to use your maiden name or if you are taking your husband's surname.
You will need to liaise with the minister residing over the proceedings as to the details, as they will usually like to prepare the marriage certificate as much as possible.

For the ladies involved, your wedding certificate is the last time that you ever sign in your maiden name (if you are changing it), and from the moment the ceremony is over you can sign as your new name. Having researched this through I am able to advise you that it is possible to go through the Deed Poll process by applying online, by telephone, by post or in person. Should you wish to proceed, utilising the official website to the UK DeedPoll Service, will stand you with the best advice and guidance. In the USA, the process of changing your name, seems not as simple as I first thought it would be. There are a few things that need to be done, and effectively anyone who is wishing to change their name should follow pretty much the same protocols. Firstly contact your local government office as there could well be state variations that you will need to comply with; obtain the appropriate paperwork to change your name.
An affidavit of service of notification to authorities (you will need one of these if you are deemed alien, ex-convict, or attorney).
It's at this point, that I would strongly urge you to make copies of this paperwork for your own safe keeping. Submit your paperwork, to those stated within the completed forms and wait the designated time for approval.
Lastly if you needed to do so, get the affidavit completed and returned to the appropriate offices also.
No matter where you reside, you will want to formally inform everyone of your change of name.
I know however when I did this back in 2005 there were different establishments that determined whether you had to inform them over the phone, via letter and some would (but not all!) accept an email, as long as this came from an email address they could identify as your name.

My Name Change Checklist I compiled by taking note, 3 months before the wedding of all the post that I received, and who it was from. Noting the names, contact details for the company and any reference numbers meant that I was pulling together one spreadsheet of information. There were however a few people that I forgot to inform(!) so to ensure that you don't make the same mistake, my name change checklist is here for your use. Inspiring Easter Egg Hunts Feb 29, 16 02:37 AMGet inspired for your Easter Egg Hunts this year - lets make them the coolest ones that everyone will talk about! Creative Valentine Ideas Feb 15, 16 08:38 AMWith creative valentine ideas you can make this day the most special of all times.
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