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Here is exactly what I did, and what I learned from the process of saving an iPhone from extensive water exposure with the good old rice bag trick.
Dry out the iPhone as best as you can using cloth (t-shirt, socks, whatever is readably available) or an absorbent material. Use a Q-Tip if possible to try and soak up extra water from the audio output jack and in small crevices. Now with all visible water removed, you’re ready to stuff the iPhone into a rice bag (or a bag of silica gel packets, if you happen to have a bunch of those). Fill a zipper locked bag fairly full of rice so that the entire iPhone will be covered like in the picture below, then place the iPhone into the bag and seal it shut with some air in the bag.
Any type of rice works, but try to avoid enriched rice, the reason being that whatever enriches it leaves a lot of white residual powder in the bag and it will also get into the ports and buttons on the iPhone. This should work for almost every instance of severe water contact with an iPhone, though obviously for situations where an iPhone is soaking in water while turned on for 15 minutes or longer your likelihood of recovery is going to diminish dramatically. If water damage has occurred, you can always try taking the iPhone into Apple to see if they’ll swap it out or repair it for you for free, but without AppleCare+ the odds are fairly slim since the standard warranty does not cover water damage and accidental damage in general. Thanks for this useless piece of information, yes it may dry out liquid, but it aint gonna fix the corrosion that will eventually kill the phone. I can tell you first hand that putting your phone in a bag of rice is going to lower your chances of having a working phone in the long run.
OK well I can tell you first hand I have revived 3-4 different iPhones from submersion by putting them into a bag of rice and letting them dry out for 3 days+.
If you happen to own an iPhone repair shop and have all that is required to immediately disassemble and dry out a wet iPhone, along with the tiny tools, glue, suction cup, glass, replacements when you bend or break something, then be my guest and do that, but the average person does not have that ability. The fact is, drying out an iPhone when it’s turned off for several days in a bag of silica gel or rice WORKS.
I too, dropped my iphone 6 in the toilet, it is currently sitting in a bowl of rice and has been for 74 hours.
Could anyone give me some advice on if they think it will work, what I should do if it doesn’t etc? Note to everyone, don’t put your phone in your back pocket, or at least, remove it before going to the bathroom.
I dropped my iPhone 6S into my dogs bowl of water but I immediately removed it, dried it off and removed the case. Rachel, the best way to preserve your iPhone 6S is to dry it out completely before using it again. You can also try placing it on a fan (not blowing heat, just blowing air) for 48 hours or so too to help circulate air around it. Corrosion is not too likely if it is removed quickly, aside from salt water or unusually hard water at least. Even though I’d heard about this before it was great to hear from someone that had actually had to try it (sorry for your stress when your iPhone got dunked though).
You need to wait longer than a few hours, all electrical components within the iphone have to completely dry out, and depending on the level of submersion it can take days. But would her iPhone have dried out just as quickly or quicker in the open air inside the house just as well? I dropped my phonne in some water, did the rice trick and it now seems to be working ok….
My iPhone 5s, yep, the one with the glass face that breaks if you look at it wrong, or drop it to the floor from a distance of 6 inches or more, was SAVED!!! The iPhone 5s, with its broken glass face, and i am not just talking about a crack the upper left corner is missing, and this is nearly the size of a US dime hole in the glass. I took the phone into the house, opened a bag of rice in the kitchen, and poured approximaetly 2 cups of rice into a cake baking pan. I turned on the kitchen oven, to WARM setting (lowest setting), and then put the baking pan now holding the iPhone, buried in the 2 cups of dry rice, into the oven.
SAVING YOUR SELF FROM HAVING TO BUY A NEW iPhone because you are too forgetful to remember your new slim iPhone in your pocket in your hiking shorts….

The killer(if that wasn’t enough for you)is that my phone is an iphone 5c and i just want to know if its the possibility of my phone being saved…?
Your best bet for 100% restoration and data recovery is a proper cleaning by someone that knows what they’re doing.
You can also try this: turn off your iPhone (or Android) and then soak it in 99% pure Isopropyl Alcohol for about an hour or two, then dry it out for 36 hours before trying to use it.
Perhaps the rice takes out moisture from the concealed air, and then the air can absorb the moisture more easily. One thing to note is that if you drop your iPhone into chlorine-filled water (for example; a swimming pool), then it is very unlikely that the liquid contact indicators will trigger. My advice: you know those silica gel packets that come with new shoes and so many other things? For what it’s worth, what is most likely to have problems longterm is the power port and battery due to electrochemical corrosion from iron and copper residue. Shortly after purchase a friend’s iPhone 4 was dropped into fresh water and quickly removed.
I to dropped my iPhone 4 in water like 14 months ago put in rice for 3 days then turned on no go so plugged it in and it came on in a couple minutes so if yours doesnt come back on try plugging it in. As long as you have the right tools (do NOT strip the screws), take off the backplate after the phone has been in the rice for a few hours (only iPhone 4 and 4S). If it falls in anything sugary (including alcohol, black coffee, diet soda, juices) you’re pretty much done. One last piece of advice, and please take this seriously, if you do take the liquid damaged device to Apple, don’t be a dick to your technician. By all means, do put your phones into rice, silica bags, I see phones that have had all types of liquid I’m them, in extreme circumstances yes it may work for a period of time, then get problems. He has a girlfriend and I have tried getting him to like me, but I can't do that so should I give up or keep trying? The standard advice is to dry it off and stuff it into some rice, then cross your fingers and wait. Likewise, you’ll have much better recovery odds with fresh water than you would with salt water, simply because salt water is more corrosive. Each iPhone is equipped with several water damage sensors that turn red if contact with any fluid is made, and if they are triggered than the likelihood of free repair service is fairly slim and your warranty may be toast. That said, there are always exceptions, and sometimes the repair cost is reasonable anyway, so it’s always worth a shot. Subscribe to the OSXDaily newsletter to get more of our great Apple tips, tricks, and important news delivered to your inbox! With water damage it’s best to open the device and inspect the components to determine if action is required.
I dried it off, then I tried turning it off but there were lines that were changing colors.
While I was drying it I kept on accidentally pressing the home button and it was working fine (or by the looks of it).
Put it in a bag of rice or silica gel (those little packets you get in boxes sometimes) for 48 hours to 72 hours, and let it completely dry out. The key is to make sure the internal components are completely dried out, including the headphone port and hardware buttons.
I have saved many iPhones from water submersions by following these tips, I recommend you do the same!
If you’re worried about corrosion for something like this, dry it out, then open it up. Something we can actually use instead of the run of the mill rumors and thinly veiled advertisments called articles but some jerk needs to call it useless. Think about how long water takes to evaporate if splashed on a counter, and then think about how long water takes to evaporate in a small space without adequate air flow. 24 hours later it’s still in the bag of rice and I tried turning it on tonight and nothing… Do you think I just need to wait longer? I realized the phone was in my pocket, and then took it from my pocket, and handed it to a friend who was not in the pool. Will I be able to save all of my photos and such onto another phone if I can’t turn on the original source?

It has been in a tub of rice since last night but im worried because i tried to switch it on a couple of times as soon as i dried it down..
I had a rum and coke too close to my Mac keyboard and turned my head with earphones on and the cable poured the liquid into the keyboard (waste of rum).
Take it to the store ASAP before any indicators are obviously tripped or corrosion settles in.
The patience part is the hardest, and generally the longer you wait the better the likely outcome because you want all water inside the device to be completely absorbed by the rice before trying to power it on again. Soft drinks and sticky beverages will be more challenging as well since they leave more residue around, but as long as it dries out it will probably survive even if you dump a coke or coffee onto an iPhone. The cost of repair is almost always cheaper than a new iPhone anyway, so unless you’re ripe for a new subsidized contract it may be the best thing to do. I quickly grabbed it out of the toilet and dried it of with my jacket that was lying on the floor.
A few minutes later the screen was black so i hit the power button quick to see if it was off but I accidentally turned it back on (I shouldn’t have done that) turned back on to the lock screen but few seconds later went to the lines again and shut off.
The iPhone should be OK once it completely dries out, but don’t use it until it is entirely dried out. That’s probably why yours thinks its in headphone mode rather than speaker mode, it is still wet in there would be my guess. If you see any tiny metallic deposits, rub it down with isopropyl alcohol, then dry it out again. Both take a while, just have patience if you want your iPhone to work again after getting wet. I did however leave it for about 3 weeks; it may have not needed that long, but I was too afraid to try turning it on. Robert’s protest of the comment, the water WILL leave behind dissolved minerals and dirt washed into the phone. Fortunately, Apple built in a fail safe that prevents you from turning the phone on until you plug it in.
Instead I opened up a couple of those little gel silica packets that come in electronics packaging and poured the contents into a plastic bag and sealed it with the phone inside NOT touching the silica.
Corrosion doesn’t kill components when they are dry, which is what this article prevents.
I immediately rinsed it in tap water and then following the instructions, followed that with a distilled water rinse (I had it for the steam iron) and all was fine when it dried out. Indeed myself have had the unfortunate accident of spilling water onto my phone, it worked for a few weeks afterwards then died. Simply click here to return to Relationship Advice - Ask Laura Love (aka LauraLuvv) a question. After accidentally dropping my iPhone for a swim into a pool of water where it was fully submerged, I had the unfortunate opportunity to test out the iPhone-in-a-rice-bag hypothesis, and I have good news; it actually works!
I left my iPhone in the air-tight rice bag for around 36 hours, but there’s no harm in leaving it in for 48 hours. If all goes well, it’ll power on as usual, and your iPhone will have survived the water encounter!
Its been in there for about 36 hours but I’m going to let it sit in the rice for about another 36 hours.
Works with game controllers, phones, just about anything so long as it’s not an extreme case.
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This has been proven in several experiments when dry rice, and even instant rice were compared to real desiccants like silica gel. We took it to the Genius Bar and they said they would be right back and took it in the back room.

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