I'm looking at the world map on the bottom screen on my 3DS and I have worlds 1-6 that are all on the top row, but there's two worlds below on the world map that cant be unlocked through the normal way of just finishing levels.. The cannon in world 3, I cant get there and I don't know which level possibly will get me to there.
It looks to me like the world you're standing on has a secret exit that leads to the cannon.
If you're worried about spoilers, I'd stay away from New Super Mario Bros and New Super Mario Bros Wii.
If you enjoyed either of the first two NSMB games then it will be plenty fun since it doesn't deviate much from those; however if you didn't like those games, you probably won't like this one either.

Looks like I'm going to have to wait a couple of weeks after NSMB2's release until i get mine bundled with the an XL Blue. 3DS friend code - 5241 - 2428 - 0543 - Need friends to play MK7, Kid Icarus and Heroes of Ruin. Any idea's what level I need to search to find the secret passage to get to the small island? I'm thinking there's a hidden passage somewhere on the haunted house level, then after you find it and do the level.
I personally don't have the game yet (since I'm American) but there are already walkthroughs posted online.

A secret image and code has been embedded on our site and it's your job to find it to unlock this secret content.
Follow the instructions in that message and you'll be on your way to sweet new Mockingjay video.

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