My use of the 2012 Honda CR-V for last month's trip to Monterey and Oregon came with one caveat: I would have to change the oil (or have someone else change it) before I set out. The end drive oil filter wrench comes from the same auto parts store, but I bought the oil filter and new drain plug washer at my local Honda dealer.
The CR-V has a forward center jack point that protrudes from a convenient notch in the plastic undercover. That forward jack point is especially fortunate because it makes it easy to put jackstands under the reinforced jack points. The plastic undercover contains a hatch that must be removed to gain access to the filter and drain plug. Trouble is, the drain plug you see here is not tight at all, as I don't have to exert myself in the least to break it free. Honda is one of those companies that suggest you install a new drain plug washer every time. In all the oil-stained excitement I forgot to take a picture of myself removing the filter. Looks like I've got a bit more oil to wipe up, and I musn't forget to tighten that drain plug.
Once these are checked (and double-checked) it's time to reinstall the hatch and remove the jack stands to get the car back on level ground. The 2012 CR-V's oil life monitor is ridiculously easy to reset using steering wheel controls. Just before it left the fleet it developed a couple of cracked spot welds on the tailgate that creaked and popped on rough roads. Last week I was startled by a loud and annoying pop and squeak coming from the cargo area of our 2012 Jeep Wrangler on my way to work.
I'm pretty sure I've heard a much quieter version of this sound once or twice before, but it didn't scream "problem" like it did this time.
It's running strong, but so far the combination of 75 mph freeway speed limits, rising elevation and a fierce headwind are not adding up to a new "best tank" in the Jeep's mpg logbook. Our 2012 Jeep Wrangler is the base Sport model, which means it doesn't have the motorized front stabilizer bar disconnect system found on the more expensive Rubicon.
Up until now I'd have to crawl underneath with a pair of 18mm wrenches and some tie wraps, spending about 5 minutes disconnecting the bar myself before I headed off into nasty territory. But several companies sell an alternative system that replaces the bolts and tie-wraps with an easily removed pin. It was 9:00 am when I rolled into the parking lot to meet my friends to start our recent Arizona off-road camping trip. So in our case, it seems there's no dealer monkey business related to the alert after all, and the 8000-mile oil change interval in the lead chart might could benefit from an asterisk pointing to the pages shown immediately above. But waitasec, the service interval prescribed by the owner's manual is 8,000 miles, and the Jeep currently only has some 20,500 miles on the clock.
Turns out the Jeep's last oil change was performed by a dealer when the odometer read 14,408 miles. Our 2012 Jeep Wrangler is back from the dealer after having its horrible underhood screeching noise dealt with.
The fix was quick once the part was in hand, and I got the call before lunch hour was over. Thing is, our 2012 Jeep Wrangler hasn't had a permanently mounted front plate since we installed our Expedition One front bumper and our Superwich. There, that should keep us on good terms with the parking zealots that ride around in their Cushmann 3-wheelers. Sure, it's a caveman stopgap solution, but it should suffice until I find or fabricate a bracket that's a bit more secure than Velcro.
Also, Dan Edmunds wrote a cool post with his thoughts comparing our Wrangler build versus a stock Wrangler Rubicon. Our 2012 Jeep Wrangler received its new Superwinch Talon 9.5 SR winch mere hours after the Expedition One front bumper was installed. Installation was easy thanks to a commodious and well-designed winch platform by Expedition One.
Full blow-by blow phots next week, but for now I want to mark it as done so others can post photos of the Wrangler if they take it out somewhere. Complete with a black powder coat finish like you see here, their JK Trail Series front bumper goes for $1,109.95 -- with the hoop. What follows is a description of the installation process, with photographs by our own Scott Jacobs.
The installation preocess was very simple, and thanks to good engineering on Expedition One's part it fits pretty much perfectly with no horsing around to get the ten mounting bolts lined up.

The only difficulty I ran into had little to do with the bumper itself and everything to do with changes made to the JK Wrangler for 2012.
I spent the bulk of my time cutting off a bracket and installing a relocation kit that Expedition One supplied along with their bumper. Our shipping and receiving room was overwhelmed by a bulky package that arrived for our 2012 Jeep Wrangler, so Mike and I headed upstairs to claim it. The one in the box is the same as the one pictured on the blue Rubicon, except it doesn't have the hoop above the lights. The rest of the winch is still in the box down at our super-secret test lab, awaiting a bumper on which to mount it. It was inevitable that the engine compartment of our 2012 Jeep Wrangler would end up in a world of filth. Installing new headlights in a new 2012 Jeep Wrangler (or just installing new bulbs in the existing ones) isn't terribly difficult or time consuming, even though the best approach involves taking the front grille clean off. But the following photos are worth looking at even if you don't have a Jeep or are not considering a lift kit.
Over a recent holiday weekend, I took our long-term 2013 Cadillac ATS up and down the state of California, to visit family in Temecula and Nevada City. The oil life indicator on the ATS said oil life was still at 5 percent so I wasn't worried, but I checked the oil anyway. The oil level was fine and while it was a bit dirty, it definitely didn't need an emergency roadside change. For full details of your warranty and service requirements associated with your subaru please refer to the warranty and service handbook that came with your vehicle..
Subaru suggested maintenance schedules and recommended service schedules 2011 outback, forester, impreza, legacy, tribeca, wrx, sti, gt maintain your 2011 subaru. Subaru suggested maintenance schedules recommended service schedules 2011 outback, forester, impreza, legacy, tribeca, wrx, sti, gt maintain 2011 subaru. Copyright © 2012 Share The Knownledge, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners.
But the unusual nature of our track testing regimen has led us to halve the interval of the very first oil change. But, let's face it, our test days at Auto Club Speedway are not unlike an autocross weekend. It's part of a perimeter subframe that encircles and supports the engine, transmission and front suspension. I'm not sure what that factory pen mark is supposed to represent, but it is not near tight enough in my book. You can barely see the scoring on the left one, but that's the telltale that marks it as used. My trusty Rubbermaid drain pan is excellent for this because its gasketed screw top lid doesn't leak and slosh oil all over the car. What used to be the official Edmunds 2012 Jeep Wrangler Sport long-term test vehicle has been my personal vehicle since I seized the opportunity to buy it after the test ended. It's designed to carry the load of massive oversized spare tires up to 37" in diameter with the optional Spare Tire Mounting Kit. The hinge area of the tailgate has starburst cracks radiating out from a pair of exposed spot welds on the interior side. My wet licorice BFGs did look more than a little ridiculous in the face of 300 miles of dirt and rocks. At 70 mph in sixth the Pentastar V6 is turning over only about 1,850 revolutions per minute. Somehow it got pulled off the door frame and then sandwiched askew when I closed the door at some point. As one commenter pointed out, the Jeep's alert is one of those deals that is based on an algorithm that -- after monitoring numerous engine sensors over time -- makes an educated guess at how beat-up the oil is and sets the alert accordingly.
There was a chime and the display above (disembodied fingers and all), followed by the display after the jump. Had they simply re-set the last alert, it would have chimed in again when the odo read 22,408 miles. Mike and I arrived to find a very quiet Jeep indeed, along with the expected warranty repair bill for zero, zilch, nada. It worked perfectly for a few months, but the error returned just after I installed our Superwinch. When I need the winch it'll pop off easily to give me a good view of the rope windings on the drum. Obviously there are those who go over the top and create monsters, but I think what we are doing looks pretty tough.

A little more of the grille shows, a little less airflow gets blocked (theoretically, anyway,) and I generally like the way it looks. The sheer size of the thing and the Expedition One logo on the box tells me it contains our Jeep's new front bumper. And I know for a fact that our new Superwinch Talon will fit because the winch in the picture is the same one I have waiting on a shelf. DIY installations of U-Connect, this Expedition One bumper and the Superwinch have all landed on my plate at nearly the same time.
Many of my off-roading friends swear by it, and I know one person who has been using the same rope -- and he uses his winch a lot -- for over a dozen years. After doing this it seems like I've got twice the coverage and much whiter light, but the new pattern's sharp cutoff doesn't blind oncoming traffic.
It's time to install the rear half of the Mopar Stage 3 Lift Kit with Fox Racing Shox on our 2012 Jeep Wrangler. At one point -- check that, at pretty much every point -- this was the scene as I stripped the factory suspension from our 2012 Jeep Wrangler and systematically replaced it with a Mopar Stage 3 Lift Kit with Fox Racing Shox.
About halfway through the 1,200-mile road trip, the "Change Engine Oil Soon" message lit up, so I investigated.
We'd recommend you change your oil more often just the same if you counted autocrossing or track days among your weekend pursuits. But this sort of perimeter subframe is not something that every car has, so it's quite common to find cars that lack such a front-and-center jack point.
As for the new one, it cost 30 cents at the dealer, the same place I bought the new filter. The largest factory wheel and tire weighs about 20 pounds less than this combination, and the JK's factory tailgate-mounted spare tire carrier has an upper limit that we had crossed. The nice part about the TeraFlex approach is you don't have to buy a new rear bumper, which is a big cost savings.
A visit to our local dealer, Buerge Jeep, was easier than swapping out the oil ourselves this time, so we went there. Double everything you're about to see because the entire process is repeated on the other side of the car. But the thing that had my buddies pointing and snickering was the liquid black tire shine goo the car wash had lathered onto my BFG rubber. We recently had the windshield of our long-term SLS repaired at a local Safelite AutoGlass store. With family in town and plenty of stuff going on it's easy to leave the Jeep parked until then. I discovered this only after driving the Jeep on the freeway and hearing a rather loud wind leak. I was able to easily pull the seal back onto the frame to its original position, but a more permament solution is likely needed. This type of non-adjustable, algorithm-based alert is becoming common, though not yet universal.
Bad as it had been in the video clip, it had become notably louder in the days that followed. Arizona, for example, seems to very proficient at issuing camera-based tickets without issuing residents a front plate. I'm still trying to quantify the improvement, but there's no question in my mind this was a good move. Whether you intend to do it yourself or pay someone else depends on how you feel about the following images. I pour in 3.5 quarts to start, then run the engine for a minute or so to distribute it to the nether regions.
We don't expect to see a full redesign for a couple of more years, so most of what we learned (and I continue to learn) still applies. Late in the afternoon the check engine light comes on, but there are no symptoms other than the light itself.
We requested the tires be rotated left to right, figuring they ought to turn the other direction after miles of highway time. Historically, we have not seen replacements for other long-term cars for any less than $1,000.
Fifth gear is only turning about 2,350 rpm at the same speed and that's a usable engine speed.

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