Whatever Happened To 2009 Mega Millions $75.6 Million Winner Joe Denette?Do You Really Have To Reveal Your Identity?
Lottery winning brings more than just money - it brings freedom on a scale you could never imagine today.
When you turn that mound of money into a life free of worry and work, then living well becomes the joy it should always be.
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Despite being entertaining, I think that this show can also provide a reality check and remind everyone that money doesn’t last forever, and our choices of what to do with it are more crucial than we think. The other saving tips on the list discuss how even if you do have the extra money to spend, by not spending it on elaborate and unnecessary things (do you really need that $8 juice drink?), you will still get what you need, but also have money left over to splurge on something really special. Another tip, this time from the Money Management section, states you should always have a financial plan. Thank you Christa for The Smart Tips, I will keep all of that in mind when and if I every win The PCHLOTTO. My smart money is to keep playing free PCH lotteries every day, every month, and every years until lottery would change my life in one day.
Family Times: I have a regular weekly lunch date with one of my daughters who works in the city.
Beautiful Sunrises: Sometimes the sun rising or setting over our harbor presents a picture that is breathtaking.
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Each day, everything seemed new again and it was a rush of excitement figuring out what to do first. New money means new opportunities, and a new feeling of freedom that few of us have ever felt. The show provides a first-hand look inside the lives of lottery winners living out their wildest dreams. Here at PCH, we NEVER want any of our winners to run into bad luck, and if you do win big, we want you to enjoy that money forever!

I order a lottery voodoo from him and he gave my the lottery numbers, It was easy and fast and i was doubting every bit of it that am not going to win the lottery.
I guess my most important tip is to seek advice from someone that is knowledgeable about finances.
I was able to pop across to her house about 20 minutes drive away, get her out into the big wide world, and have her glasses fixed on the spot. If her hours or appointment date change, I’m flexible enough to pick her up whenever the time suits her.
I always shop off-peak or have my groceries delivered, and rarely have to wait in any line for more than a minute or two. One day it can be a rich red sky above a glassy sea, and the effect would make an artist weep. That’s right, LIKE the RealBucks Fan Page on Facebook to get daily reminders within your newsfeed to use both apps to claim your RealBucks every day.
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Despite the envy you may feel for people who literally win fortunes overnight, believe it or not, there are issues that even lottery winners can run into if they don’t handle their winnings responsibly.
They say money can’t buy happiness, but these lottery winners will tell you that they’ve come pretty close!
Since we DO award so much money to people through our Sweepstakes and at PCHlotto, (our lotto-style sweepstakes that’s absolutely free to enter), I want to share with you some simple, but important tips about how to be smart with your money that I found by searching on PCHSearch&Win! This article talks about the importance of saving, and I personally think that this is the MOST important skill to master, especially if you have a sudden increase in income like winning the lotto. It’s smart to keep in mind what you will need to spend your money on in the future, such as your child’s college tuition, your wedding, or that long awaited retirement. You’ll find lots of fun activities to keep you engaged as you start earning fantastic rewards. In reality, lottery winners are just like everyone else, and with that said, they still need to be careful about where their money is actually going. It encourages you to put as much money into your 401K as you can while you’re still young, and increase that amount annually by just $1,000. Being aware that your money will be needed just as much down the line as it is now will hopefully make you think twice about what you really need to buy.
It's a far cry from the early days when I got shortchanged at a store by $20, and it affected my whole week - my budget was that tight.
If you win the state lottery or a big prize from PCHlotto, we encourage you to do the same thing to make sure you always have something to fall back on.

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