Both the original I owned, and my current homebrew copy perform equally well on AM, and SSB.i am sure FM is just as good.
IVE BEEN THINKING ABOUT GETTING ONE OF THESE FOR A WHILEWHATS THE BUILD LIKEIM RUNNING IMAX AT MO, BUT I THINK THE ASTROPLANE TYPE TWIG WOULD PICK UP LESS NOISE. Crowman or anyone else, besides the gamma set up on the sirio version what are the differences that make one a quarter wave and one a five eigths wave? Yagi 326 Apr 2012 - 17:19Crowman or anyone else, besides the gamma set up on the sirio version what are the differences that make one a quarter wave and one a five eigths wave?
Hi Pat, I remember seeing the originals in the 80's cant give any info on them other than I bet they catch the wind well.
Base Station : Radio-Kenwood ts2000dsp, Kenwood SP-31 external speaker, Heathkit sb 220 amplifier, mfj-4035mv power supply. A 40lb+ Carp that I caught with Reise in 2009, caught on a dough ball and ultra light rig, a #18 shiner hook and 6lb test line !!
DonnyMichael showing off his tomato and sunflowers back in 2010, I don't grow those mamoths no more !! DonnyMichael on a ladder picking a beetle out of that monster mamouth sunflower back in 2010 !!
Summer rain on the garden back in 2010, one of my favorite pictures, you could hear my garden singing in harmony with the rain drops !!! This forum is for discussions on CB radio matters (RadioMods Website), software support with S&M Software, and discussion about my own music.
I put this together in about 4 hours because I wanted to see what results could be had from such a thing. One of my purposes in making this AP was to show that an antenna can be done on a very tight budget that performs admirably well. Readjusted some things, tightened up some joints, recalibrated measurements, changed out the center spreader for plexiglass plate, and beefed up the clamp on the longest leg to the top plate. I have the Homebrew Astroplane back up temporarily as I do repairs and upgrades to the tip-over tower.

Welcome to the site, kulaguy, and thanks for your interest in the antenna.Building and using homebrew antennas is the best part of the radio hobby for me. We hope you enjoy your visit.Charlie Tango DX is a group dedicated to Hobby Radio Users in all forms, whether CB, Amateur, PMR446, Scanning and Short Wave Listening. It is a great antenna in my experience, small and lightweight, but a heavy weight performer.Looks great, Simon. I have the monster dipole and one of the homebrew antennas on the tower married together with a splitter, and a 100' jumper. I had the top bracket too wide, so I replaced it with sturdier aluminum stock (second u-clamp wasn't on it yet in the photo), and adjusted the width a little more at the mid bracket. Naturally, the whole roll of aluminum tape was not used, and some u-bolts I used to hold components together are not shown.
I had the top bracket too wide, so I replaced it with sturdier aluminum stock (second u-clamp wasn't on it yet in the photo), and adjusted the width a little more at the mid bracket. We are a very active and friendly group that welcomes anyone from anywhere in the world who has an interest in Radio, regardless of their level of experience, their equipment, their location, or their radio preference. Look at the highlited text on column 4 lines 26 thru 29.Of course these two are different, but I consider both the old and the new models similar in function regardless of the type of matching used. Some things, like the roll of tape, and the aluminum flat stock, cost more than the figures to purchase, but the cost is prorated to reflect the amount of each that went into the project. There are several antennas I have built and are now flying over someone's shack in my area simply because I was done with them and they needed to get on the air. The antennas mentioned are available direct from the manufactures or from dealers, links to sources appear below. Plus, I am going to use a strip of aluminum for the top bracket that alone cost me $10, but not all of it will be applied to the antenna. We have members varying from fully qualified operators on the Amateur Bands, to newcomers who have just bought a PMR446 set, and many CBers both old and new. As you can see, a strip of galvanized metal works quite well for that, or even a piece of plywood, or sturdy plastic can be wrapped in aluminum tape and used.

All are equal on the Site.The CT Site contains many reviews, tips and modifications within the forums, and we take pride that no sensible question is ever left unanswered, and nobody is ever belittled or mocked for asking an honest question, no matter how simple it may seem. I already had it and the fellow who gets this antenna will get his own or pay me to replace the pipe i have. 2nd (1884), Nick (1988), Tyler (1992) , Ally (1993) and Alex Reise (2004), and now a new little baby boy on the way, to be born in January of 2016. This means you are limited to certain areas of the board and there are some features you can't use. If you join Charlie Tango you'll be able to access member-only sections, and use member-only features such as customizing your profile, sending personal messages, voting in polls, viewing modifications and more. I am married to my Tammy Jean who is the best thing that ever happened to me, and 14 years younger, so I am on my toes !! Love my Lord, Family, Radios, Dancing, Singing, Fishing, Soccer, Pingpong and Racquet Ball. I am a Karaoke DJ, singing all the classics, from Sinatra to Neil Diamond, Waylon , Seger and more.
Don't care to talk of the past too much, just about the present and possibly the future. Dad bought me a CB radio and ground plane when I was 11 ( 1973 ) after moving back state side to Florida, (Green Gator - kaaf2636). I am very glad that the code was removed from ticket requirements, as I never could quite grasp the morse code.
I do enjoy making contacts, chasing DX, busting through a big pile up, and a good rag chew, so the recent General Class ticket is a wonderfull thing that I am taking full advantage of at every oppertunity. I am truly enjoying all the great contacts, and the wee bit of order that the ham radio ticket offers me.

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