If this is going to be done on group pms, doesn't that mean that only 5 roleplayers could participate?
Also, folks, I won't be able to post until friday night at earliest, or monday morning at latest, due to a camping trip and subsequent visiting of a hermit friend of mine. Species NameOmega-Humana, frequently shortened to Omegas.Species DescriptionOmega-Humanoids are digital life forms housed inside of a ball shaped head that can be connected to a variety of bodies. When I'm done I hope to have GIFs, FC ideas (for a young Bellatrix Lestrange for example), complete character lists (so you don't miss out on anyone) with their house and more things when I think of them. She was raised in a family where this was norm, learning to dance, sing and play the piano at a fairly early age. Though over the many years, the race has become heavily augmented with both biological and nanotechnology enhancements, thus strengths depend on what role the individual plays in the society. The original members of Omega-Humana had been Homo Sapiens liberated from aging bodies who had their consciousness digitized and transferred to metal bodies more or less compatible with their nervous systems. I know you see a bunch of Tumblrs of this type but most of them are closed for requests, and I hope I can be as succesful as many of them. She entered her first professional show at 17, and founded her own troupe just earlier this year.
The race all seem to have light blond to white hair, pale white skin, and red or blue eyes, though there are some who have dark orange eyes.
These host bodies come in all shapes and sizes within what they deem a standard template which forces any host to be within a typical human parameter. This was deemed necessary as approaching an human using an ten foot beast with four arms was rather difficult to relate to. Their major separating trait from humans other than their more uniform skin color and eye color, is there natural resistance to otherwise highly toxic environments. These bodies however usually reflect the users ideology and mindset, more aggressive having more sharp angles to their faces or females set to resemble what an average male would deem highly exotic and attractive, for what ever purpose the particular AI desires.Looking at the inside of a Host body, one would find a myriad of biological tissue and synthetic components. Unless the digital brain itself is damaged, their bodies can be repaired, or altered within certain limitations.
Centuries of living on heavily industrialized planets allows them to easily breath and operate in highly polluted areas, whether artificial or natural.
They contain on board batteries for powering the electronic components while an synthetic augmented 'heart' pumps various fluids to the various organs and coolant like substance to the muscles.
As with humans, they can develop mental illnesses, with no accessible coders skilled to successfully fine-tune the mind. These bodies are as complicated as a human but are able to be produced much quicker as they are manufactured rather than grown.
Unlike humans, if a digital backup of the mind exists, they can be restored to a prior state. All of these Host bodies are capable of using both wireless and physical connections and communication with other hosts and a central server although most still use hand motions and verbal commands as wireless transmissions can be detected by special software.
They are capable of reproduction, but instead of genetic material, they conpositely produce a digital zygote program that can be downloaded into a body, with no biological-type development. He listens to and plays music on his days off, or maybe goes to some club, where he can be very popular. Nation DescriptionThe Mechanische people began on their home planet of Karvenstife, a planet originally vibrant and full of life. One thing to note as that AI's are very complex and are mounted directly inside a Host bodies server platform. After a few centuries, large nations began to form on the planet, many having different views and values alike, but these nations were very few. Although they can share and store memories and ideas, they cannot be replicated or copied just like a human which effectively means a death on the battlefield would mean the death of an AI. They can be given new bodies, so long as they are compatible, developing software compatible with life is not easy, cheap, or fast, but over the centuries many forms have been made. Wars were waged, blood was spilled, and time went on until period of time known as "The Great Industrial Umwalzung" were the few nations of the world built immense machines, factories, and industrial complexes to fuel their advancement. She grew up in the system, having been abandoned as a baby at the doorstep of the orphanage. From then on, the nations continued to be industrious, creating more and more advance machines and weaponry to fight each other with, yet war did not break out. As a result, dying or recently deceased individuals became liberated intelligences, placed in mechanical bodies, typically in return for a large sum of cash. Soon the resources that once fueled their heavily industrialized nations became scarcer and scarcer. Naturally, they differed from humanity and had various skirmishes before their production was legally halted on planet Earth, their differences too large to overcome.Conveniently, they had no need for air, so they went to the moon, seized an International Space Station, and called it home before creating a factory to produce bodies for their young. The various nations started to become desperate and began forming heavy trade alliances and eventually merging in order to keep up with the demand.
Before long, they'd created a workforce that harvested the moon's natural resources to create their own fleet of starships. Finally after centuries of industrialization, merging, and alliances, two great nations stood against each other in the war to end all wars. Exploring the cosmic sea, they made it to a distant star system, finding a planet of biologically based and primitive sentients. A massive century long war broke out between the two major nations, destroying much of what they had built and finally ending in the last nation standing to rule the ruins of their world. Hardened metal blocks house servers and other various technologies and orbiting the world is a massive artificial ring that functions as a massive space dock and shipyard. On this venture, they developed a more universal way of liberating intelligences that worked on non-humans. Now that the single nation stood, it seemed it was on the brink of collapse as resources began to run thin and much of the world in ruin. Most Eym star systems are not colonized proper but rather orbital mining facilities or massive solar panel farms that collect and store exotic energy from various rays emitted by a systems star and other particles from extra solar radiations. The group of Omega-Humanoids, as they were then called, had previously been a true democracy.
Her biological parents had made the mistake when they abandoned all that.When Kiley was nine, she was adopted by Dr.
Nation DescriptionThe Eym were created as a servant race for a then mighty star empire known as the Kolit. But following the introduction of the new species, it became a simple caste society, with liberated humans reigning.
The Mechanische, desperate to save their race from massive civil war, began to look to the stars for a solution.
Naturally, the balance of power called for a leader of the ruling class, so the authority gradually shifted to the point where power was held by a central ruler. And they found it.For the first time, a manned mining vessel landed on one of the two orbiting moons to begin operations.
These creatures had three arms and five very muscular legs that helped cope with the high gravity of the world known now as Location 1-A. For Centuries, the servant AI's were content with their role but as time went on, the Kolit began to rely on them more and more. To meet these goals, The Emperor has long been choosing to wage warfare with no end in sight.Nation InvolvementThey fight as a result of Imperial Command.

Past experiences taught her that foster families only used her for the money the government gave them. The newly formed interplanetary nation of Hollefeuer Empire began to spread out into other systems, but as they expanded, old scares began to open and soon a great civil war broke out between the main government and other planets. An order existing partially because of a desire to consume the planet's resources, partially to analyze the wide range of technologies on the battlefield, and partially to show the Emperor's strength. But this hesitation disappeared when she met Reagan, her adoptive older sister, who was absolutely delighted to see her.Under the Lazarros' household, Kiley was given the opportunity to pursue her dream.
It became evident that the Kolit were so reliant on the Eym that they began to decline in number as the Kolit need only revel in the exploits of their servant race. It was then the government went from a collective rule into a heavily controlling Totalitarian rule with limiter augmentations in place. As time went on, many Kolit began to deem the Eym as the reason they were declining in number, claiming subtle changes in the atmosphere to sterilize them among other things.
On the other hand, some dreamy-eyed trainees want to come out as heroes that helped win the Century Slaughter.
Greatness was so close, Kiley could almost feel it.She was given the chance to go to college but passed it up after she saw the cabaret. The government still had problems though with fully controlling its people and needed a unifying solution. It wasn't true at all but it didn't stop the 'Great Fall' where the Kolit eventually took up arms. But others are afraid of being charged with desertion and suffering from the ESF's severe punishment. The nation of Hollefeuer Empire encountered its first alien species when it went to colonize their fifth system.
This war was violent beyond all measure but lasted a mere month at best but as wide spread as the Eym was within the Kolit society, there was nowhere to run, nowhere to hide. But as electronic life forms who existed to surpass human health, many see ending the conflict through conquest as the only realistic road to peace.-TechnologyThe ESF, or even Omega-Humana as a whole, is a highly advanced race, given they are electronic life-forms.
This seemed like the unifying solution that was needed to gain complete control of the people of Hollefeuer Empire.
Their ability to program new types of bodies, convert other life-forms, and even resurrect themselves testifies to this. The government fabricated an elaborate lie that the species was all savages that murdered and raped peaceful colonists.
It was a massacre that the Eym to this day regret but they justify it as a self defense mechanism, unaware of the repercussions of their actions, Genocide.After the war ended, The Kolit population had been obliterated and most lived in camps except the ones that argued against the war to begin with. Their focus on alternate bodies and lack of typical biological needs has motivated them to create bodies of mass destruction instead of things like vehicles. The nation soon went to war with the alien species and quickly overwhelmed the much smaller alien nation.
Time went on and the Kolit were eventually turned in to the servant race and after a few centuries, had died off due to exhaustion and lack of breeding. Anti Armour Rocket Rifle 'Suicide Man'An adaptation of the AIW frame but firing a single shot advanced propellant 60mm two stage rocket assisted round these weapons are powerful enough to destroy most light vehicles but are so bright and loud the person firing it is nearly always the first to die. In their alternate bodies, they manipulate various branches of technology and science to give themselves a militaristic edge.Navy DescriptionThe ESF consciously avoids use of star ships for battle, given that there is already a great amount of people who make such effective use of them that it would be foolish to compete.
Very few nations have been able to established an alliance with the Empire's generally xenophobic government. It is not well known but there are a few Kolit existing on Location 1A in a cryogenic slumber.
To this end, they've instead worked to produce simple, but effective ships made to protect their troops rather than take the enemy down.Goliath Freighter [+]The Goliath Freighters exist in few numbers, but their value to the fleet is incomparable. Nation InvolvementThe Hollefeuer Empire is always craving for new territories to add to its ever expanding empire. Eym constantly study Kolit culture and are awaiting the day they can once more allow the Kolit to rejoin the galaxy. The Goliath Freighters exist to transport massive amounts of ships at once, while also providing the greatest amount of safety that can be achieved outside the core of a planet.The hull is literally a mile thick, covered with retroreflectors and solar panels to power the entire construct.
So it was no surprised that with the assassination of the diplomatic leader to on of the human factions, the Hollefeuer Empire "gladly" joined into the fray to push against the seemingly even more territory hungry humans. The nation has a near unlimited resources, no need for massive cities to house their populations, no need for agricultural worlds and the power of a networked society. A canopy of molten tungsten guards the next layer, which has liquid cooling fluids streaming all throughout for another mile towards the core. Then, radioactive hazard walls are scattered at various distances to penetrate the defenses of any invading forces crafty enough to reach that depth. While allied factions of course are not fooled, this war of attrition was already tiring out their reserves, so the massive boost in industrial muscle was more than welcomed. Thick bedrock divides that hazard zone from the center which, if penetrated, is up to any onboard imperials.Inside the walls, a mobile cityscape can be found, magnetically separated from the spinning hull to keep it stable. The vast landscape includes data centers, manufacturing plants, spaceports, and, surprisingly, parks. As a result, they mainly used kinetic based weapons, as they tend to be much more durable than their energy based counter parts. Each Goliath Freighter has a government agency of its own, still under imperial rule of course, that directs the maintenance and additional construction of them all.Their breakneck speed rotation makes them ricochet most energy attacks, the retroreflectors redirect whatever they can back, and the hull's sheer volume and mass make it possible for it's exterior to be used as a giant grinder. Navy DescriptionKapital Class [+]There are only a small handful of these massive ships equipped with huge amounts of firepower. It contained outer system space stations and solar collectors that have long since been either heavily fortified or destroyed. Because of their massive size, they cannot be built on a planet, or they would never be able to leave the atmosphere. They also posses heavy defenses with thick, high tech armored plating and a single shield that must be turned off before firing weapons or launching ships. They were drawn in to the war long ago with the murder of their primary ambassador to humanity and the destruction of the orbital station 'Reach'.
At the moment, the requirements for their construction has led to only four being built, with a fifth in the works.Daedalus Shuttle [+]The typical means of transport for mass quantities of Omegas is capable of holding up to ten thousand disassembled soldiers, while only the crew is fully assembled.
Though these ships are few and far between as they are incredibly hard to make and expensive. Also, they can only stay in space.Sturm Class [+]This ship is mainly used for the invasion of planets. What makes them rather unique is that the disassembled troops can quickly be put to use as operators of the shuttles wings, which break off to become fighter ships, which can divide into eight ships total.Shadow Assassin [+]They are mostly used to patrol the empire, traveling in groups around the edge. They can carry large amounts of soldiers and supplies as well as equipped with drop pod bays. The cannons fire off heavy plasmatic blasts rapidly through use of multiple guns sharing a barrel for precision, and to ensure each shot is as devestating as the last.
These ships are also lightly armed, thus are usually escorted by more heavily armed ships and fighters. An mounted assisted targeting turret locks onto enemies near or far while the pilot is trusted to guide its bombing system.Chiroptadroid [+]Rather than being heavily armed, these ships main function is to inflict damage through crashing into the enemy.
Commonly will land on planets after an initial invasion to deploy more heavier units and act as command bases.Agriff Class [+]These large ships are mainly used for naval warfare and planetary bombardment.

This is another ship that must remain in spaceRaubzug Class [+]A missile destroyer type vessel, these mediums sized ships only posses one railgun. Because the very concept of them is their own destruction, they are usually remote controlled.Air Force DescriptionThe ESF fights its air battles with small, highly maneuverable combatants designed to exploit the weaknesses of aircraft. The troops are often too small to be recognized as a ship by machines, and may be confused for wildlife by a radar.Gremlin [+]A body form that includes a winged jet pack, meant to fly onto the exterior of an aircraft before sabotaging it. This ship can enter the atmosphere of planets.Frigette Class [+]A multi role ship that provides the backbone of the fleet. Every edge of their bodies is razor sharp, making them dangerous to be anywhere close to if you're not protected.Magpie [+]The Magpie form caters to the other units. It has a propeller mounted on its back and enables it to quickly take flight, with greater mobility than either the Typhon or Gremlin units. They generally lift supplies or other units and are effective at rescue missions, but they are lightly armed and often rely on protection from others, though their blade can act as a shield to their back when spinning.
They are not meant to be removed, but with some minimal repairs, they can be placed back on.
As a major function, the bottoms of their feet can drop hammocks so their arms are free.Typhon [+]A gigantic form that stands around fifteen feet tall, they are designed to withstand massive amounts of energy and blunt attacks, the most effective way to destroy them is by crushing them. They are armed with missiles, flame throwers, napalm, and massive fists that can rip aircraft into pieces if given the chance.Ground Force DescriptionBlack Mamba [+](Picture it in black)This body form is slender and highly maneuverable, with a top speed of 25 mph. Each appendage ends in claws, while they also carry swords like katanas that can be electrified or superheated for extra effect. The head of the Omega inside is surrounded by a helmet with an opening resembling a mouth that can snap shut, dropping a row of 'fangs' onto anything reaching inside. Due to both their equipment and the state of most the planets, they can fight in hazardous environments very effectively.
Their mid-range attack is a blast of acid that can be shot out from a vent atop of the helmet.Crocodile [+]A body form adapted for underwater combat and surveillance, the Crocodile forms can selectively alter their buoyancy. Heavy metal plating is stacked all over them, providing an advantage against most kinds of conventional firearms or laser pistols. A squad usually consists of three rifle men, a medic, an anti infantry soldier, an anti vehicle soldier, and a squad leader.
They are strong enough to literally lift a ton and are typically armed with torpedoes.Medic [+]Unlike most other forms, the medic is designed to repair. They are almost as durable as crocodile units while maintaining a smaller form, in case they have to enter a danger zone. The Anti Vehicle soldier is typically armed with a multi purpose missile launcher and rail-gun. It is a role given to veterans, never to rookies or as a first form because they are among the most important. All soldiers are equipped with armored suits that protect them from medium to light weaponry, both kinetic and energy based.
Accordingly, they are usually most abundant in data centers, as well as being the sole unit type with the authority to 'birth' new Omega-Humanoids. For this reason, anyone who harms a medic is subject to the worst of punishments.Slug [+]An odd body form shaped by an electromagnetic field that maintains the generally humanoid shape of a gelatinous glob of molten heavy metals, while the head of an Omega is kept inside.
Marksman may have enhanced zoom optics while medics may have special modules for evaluating trauma to friendly soldiers.The Vernichtung Truppe [+]These soldiers are the special forces of the military, often being deployed via orbital drop pods.
The result is an extreme resistance to blunt force and close range attacks, but the electromagnetic field is a delicate and fragile system that can easily be interfered with by plasma.Snipers [+]The short statured sniper form has two shoulder and four wrist mounted turrets that can lock onto separate targets.
They have been augmented with combat enhancers such as strength and speed and are used for going behind enemy lines and wreaking havoc, or as a quick reactionary fighting force.
As seen in the image, they are equipped with special power armor and weapons, sometimes even experimental such as personal shields or energy lances.
While the shoulder mounted turrets defaultedly fire conventional bullets, the wrist turrets can unleash plasma, incendiary bullets, or toxic darts, among other options that are usually selected on an individual basis. But, instead of projecting something, they drill into whatever they land on, whether it's armor, a vehicle, or a door.Seeds [+]Seeds are the bread and butter of the ESF infantry.
They are small canisters with a side that grabs hold of whatever surface it touches, usually by manipulating ionic bonds, while the other side emits a precision pillar blast.
Blade Seeds launch out a long thin metal spike that can impale most biological flesh, even piercing the hull of grounded aircraft, it will retract and push the spike forward until it runs out of power. It can easily carry a squad's worth of soldiers.WK-67 Main Battle Tank [+]This heavy, versatile tank carries twin 120mm rail guns that can punch through shields. Blaze Seeds, on the other hand, shoot out columns of white hot flame that last for ten seconds. It is also equipped with a single missile pod that can launch two to four missiles of varying types. Though its only sort of shield is a "Electron Shield" that can only protect it from explosive projectiles.AG-66 Belagerung [+]This large, heavy walker is used in for siege type battles and heavy support with many weapons. Lastly, a Spark Seed will eject another disc while a high voltage current passes between them.HeadquartersThe base of operations is a large complex, like an inverted tower, it is mostly underground. It doubles as a mobile AA platform and command center.AG-24 Mobile Artillery Platform [+]This large, automated 190mm regular howitzer as a variety of ammunition it can fire, ranging from massive HE rounds to large gas canisters for chemical warfare.AK-90 Mobile Mechanized Armor [+]"That's the Butcher of Ak'Aria! In order to enter the base, the visitor must be disassembled and reassembled inside the building, this is to minimize the possibility of intruders seizing the facility.
We are all screwed!"-unnamed enemy soldierThis is an example of the most common form of the unit.
Highly configurable and rugged, these machines are probably some of the most notorious war machines that the Empire's forces are known for aside from their heavy use of chemical warfare. It's walls are heavily durable, and a foundation literally made of titanium surrounds the entirety of the base, not counting the entrance. From melee weapons to 50mm autocannons, these are very versatile weapon platforms that can take a serious number of punches thanks to its advanced shielding.
Each unit is also equipped with boosters, allowing them to be highly agile for its size and be deployed at high altitudes with shock troopers. Much skill, training, and combat experience is required before a pilot can merge with this machine.HeadquartersThe Karvanta Foothold.
These three ships will occasionaly take off once they have finally finished unloading their massive cargo holds, but it takes a very long time to empty a Sturm class, thus its not very common. On the surface is a large space port of sorts that contains a runway that has many cracks and burn marks and various destroyed hangars and a large crumbled spire that used to be the traffic control tower. Various constructs are visible though, a large invisible laser fence and various shielded towers with anti-aircraft weapons. There are other artificial hangars that house military aircraft and weapons of war as well as 'Active host platforms'.The initial part of the bunker has areas to store Host bodies and has walkways to allow other beings inside if the need were to arise but below that is a twenty foot thick metal and ceramic sphere of sorts that contains the server hubs where the many AI's reside.
A blunt and honest AI that is the current commander of the nation.Navy "Admiral" 'Vandal VI' which has been since coined by some humans as "The Beloved Space-prick" due to its overly aggressive manner as to which it uses its forces during combat.

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