So throughout this post, u guys just bashed most of the celebs for not wearing makeup and being normal… I guess. A lot of them were wearing makeup in the before pictures too and you guys still said they were ugly.
While we have already introduced you to the Shocking Pictures of Bollywood Actresses without Makeup.
From superstars like Kate and Salma to hot newcomers (Gossip Girl!), get a peek at who made our annual issue!

Drew Barrymore"I feel beautiful right after I've worked out," says the 32-year-old star of Lucky You.
Wouldn’t we all want to be airbrushed and Photoshop’d to look flawless everyday?
In fact she hates applying makeup and dislikes doing her hair and prefers to wear comfortable clothes when not shooting. But do you ever wonder what some of your favorite celebrities look like under all that foundation and concealer.

She was spotted many times without makeup and in fact her beauty remains same with and without makeup.

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