Whatever the case may be, situations like these could use some good old fashioned assertiveness. In order to express the right level of assertiveness where you work, you wona€™t gain confidence if you continuously doubt yourself.
He goes on to describe a ten-step process that can help boost the confidence levels of an unsure employee, among them are: understanding where your self-doubt comes from, admitting that you have a problem, and conducting confidence trial runs with friends or family for feedback.
If youa€™re employed full-time, like several of us, you spend either half or more than half of your day in the workplace. Just as it is important to have the right mindset when looking for a job, having the right mindset to gain confidence is also important if you want to accomplish any of your professional goals. According to Ute Wieczorek-King and Gerry Hyde, working on to-do lists on a regular basis keeps people on track, but also, a€?feeling in control,a€? which is exactly how you want to feel when youa€™re trying to build confidence. If confidence is something you lack in the workplace, remember that for some it just takes some practice.
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There are certain things that people who know me, whether it’s as a personal friend or people who have just come to know me through social media, have started to associate me with.
I get text messages, for example, from time to time saying “just heard a Prince song and thought of you.” Those make me smile since, yes, I am admittedly a huge fan. But the thing I love more than either of these is when someone sends me a motivational or inspirational quote. So when someone emails me with a “just heard this quote and thought you’d like it…” I get pretty stoked.  First of all, the quote is probably going to be something that personally motivates me.
And just as importantly, I’m thrilled that when the person heard it or read it they thought of me.

As you can imagine after reading the preamble to this article, this happened to me recently. Lack of confidence, in our cases, will simply become a self-fulfilling prophesy: if you don’t believe a crowd will respond to you you’ll sound unsure which will only make it more likely that they don’t respond. So I return to that simple and concise saying over Tom Couglin’s desk and I urge you, dear reader, to live by these words. Memorise.org is the World's Leading Memory Trainer committed to improving your ability to remember and recall information. Well, whatever you think or feel, that is EXACTLY how a WOMAN feels when she see's a guy with CONFIDENCE. You either got it or not, confidence that is - but the great news is that you are in 100% control of being able to develop your confidence, no matter how you feel right now. Hey I'm Omir, the guy behind VC, the author of The Natural's Way book, and here to help you liberate yourself from your fears, limitations and insecurities, so you can become amazingly confident with women. Someone mighta€™ve taken full credit for your work, a co-worker has not been using appropriate language in the workplace, or your boss ignores all of your efforts to make the company more successful. An article by the Houston Chronicle states, that a€?assertiveness is [a] behavior that communicates leadership,a€? and leadership is a great quality that can get any professional the level of recognition and professional success theya€™ve always wanted. All of these steps as well as the others Berglas discusses are great starters for becoming more confident.
If you lack a confidence boost, practicing how to be more confident outside of work could be great practice for you. If you dona€™t feel like youa€™re in control of a situation, youa€™ll be less apt to make any changes, and that only leads to a road of unhappiness. Try to recognize you need to build more of it and work towards getting rid of your self doubt.

I also get phone calls and texts when my beloved Cowboys are losing which doesn’t exactly make me as happy as the Prince messages do. I really enjoy these and I tend to weave them into my everyday conversations and as well as my seminars and articles on a regular basis. Whether it’s DJing someone’s special event or presenting a seminar to my industry peers, these eight simple words are something I live by. I’ve never really believed the saying that it’s the number one fear for most people (over drowning?
It can lead to forgetting all the things we used to do that made us great (and gave us confidence in the first place) and if there’s anything worse than a timid performer it’s a cocky performer who ain’t all that. Take the essential steps in rehearsing what you are going to say as well as previewing the music you are going to play. You will find great videos to improve your memory and tools to help you practice putting it to use! If you cana€™t start building confidence where you work, try doing it outside of work to get you started, and have a plan to keep you on track and in control. We need to be confident that the next song we are about to play will work.  We need to confident that when we ask a crowd to do something they’ll respond. We start believing that it’s all about our talent and we can flip the switch on the mic and words of wisdom will suddenly flow.

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