In 2011, studies showed that 44 per cent of every 100,000 Thais were infected with sexually transmitted diseases, compared to 29 per cent in 2007.
CHIANGRAI TIMES – In Thailand, at least one person becomes HIV-positive every hour, joining a million others who have been infected with the Aids virus in the country over the past two decades. Despite the national campaign launched more than 20 years ago, HIV infections have been growing steadily. Wearing their scouting uniforms, children in the village of Toong-sa-tok in northern Thailand learn about HIV and AIDS during a session at the temple-supported Banhuarin School. In addition to these alarming facts, Thais have been starting to have sex at a very young age. The Aids Access Foundation reported that between July and September this year, 3,000 of the 4,000 people who called its hotline asked if they were at risk of contracting HIV after having unprotected sex. A former bar girl, who wanted to be referred to as Rung, said she had been taught to use condoms every time and had learned to say no to sex outside her workplace.
As for tackling infections among teenagers, Pornthep said he would launch a campaign urging young girls to carry at least two condoms in their bag so they are always prepared.

However, he admitted that taking the campaign to secondary schools would be tough because many parents and teachers think it is inappropriate or embarrassing for young girls to carry condoms. Despite major government efforts, like distributing more than 60 million condoms, the number of new infections has dropped very negligibly. In order to be more effective in cutting down the number of new HIV infections, he is calling on the government to start providing rapid HIV blood tests for people in the high-risk group. Accede a material preventivo de forma gratuita ya sea a para ti o como entidad que trabaja con jA?venes. Solicita una cita presencial y te ayudaremos a planificar intervenciones sobre promociA?n de la salud sexual para jA?venes o realizar trabajos relacionados. The Public Health Ministry estimates that more than a million people have been infected over the past two decades, and only about 464,414 of them are still alive. According to Public Health Ministry data, about 62 per cent of those infected with the HIV virus are men who have sex with men, sex workers and drug users. A recent survey on teenage sexual behavior found that about 20 per cent of girls lose their virginity at the age of 12, while 40 per cent become sexually active at 16.

Janta-vibha Abhisuk of Empower Foundation, which is working to promote HIV-prevention among sex workers, said the number of infections has reduced. Nimitr blames this on the government’s lack of interest in the subject and inadequate allocation of cash for HIV-prevention. The key reasons for this increase are that many people still indulge in unsafe sex and not many undergo tests. It is estimated that about 80 per cent of new cases are caused by unprotected sex and about 300,000 people have the tendency to be carriers of the virus.
Even simple public messages on safe sex lose their power because the government only allows them to be broadcast after 10pm.

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