Recently, increasing number of women begin creating fresh, fabulous and fashionable short hairstyles.
If you bear a bit longer hair, you can choose bob hairstyles which are quite popular and trendy recently.
Short shag hairdos can be ideal for mature women since the body of the hair can help refine your face structures. Even if you have short hair, you can still choose the wavy and curly hairstyles which are quite charming and stylish. This entry was posted in Landscape and tagged beautiful falls, fall, fall scenery, fall scenery wallpaper, fall wallpaper, falls, falls wallpaper, most beautiful, natural falls wallpaper, natural waterfalls, scenery of waterfall. Pics of Beautiful Beach Scene – A Rain is Gone, Rainbow Thus Shows Up Over the Beach, Amazing, Ah? Find the latest most popular short haircuts for women, including short wavy hairstyles, short curly hair styles, and short straight haircuts, check it out here. Adrianne has good cheekbones and a small chin which make this fabulous new short haircut perfect to complement her heart-shaped face. The off-center parting frames and displays her forehead and adds a touch of asymmetrical modern style. In this photo, the hair is given sophisticated texture and volume with a ‘bend’ rather than an actual wave for super-trendy chic. This highly contemporary haircut is a great choice for keeping the focus on pretty facial features!
The basic haircut is an asymmetrical bob with the hair blunt-cut to a face-flattering length just below the jawline. The hair was blow-dried with a large, round brush with the ends curled under at the nape and sides, leaving a pretty pin-curl which accentuates the mouth beautifully. Sometimes, super sleek Cleopatra-style ‘dos are in vogue, and other times the curly bob is in.
Chic layered short ombre bob hairstyle for summer from Chelsea Kane: This new take on the asymmetric bob is more edgy and interesting than the straight version! The hair is all one length, with heavily textured ends to give it a nice touch of contemporary urban chic. The defined, broken waves provide attractive extra volume and shape – contrasting with the straight, spiky ends – in a totally modern twist. This cute layered messy short bob hairstyle is great for women with oval, round, square, heart face shape, and perfect for women under 40. This style is lightly layered, with an off-centre parting which has a just a hint of ‘dark roots’ showing.
The other side is casually tucked behind the ear, making a focal point for a fashionable earring and showing off Julia’s lovely profile. Always at the forefront of hair fashion, Kim looks great with this strawberry-blonde shade adding warmth to her pale skin tones! The medium-blonde base is highlighted with light copper balayage adding dimension and texture. The off-centre parting is deliberately messy and the side-swept fringe is expertly graduated down to the temple. The hair is smooth over the top down to the flattering waves which flick-up lightly, keeping the focus on the upper face, and the softly curved-under tips which accentuate Kim’s beautifully clear skin!
Keira has got the balance of hair, makeup and gown just right in this red carpet picture, showing a very happy face! To add to the drama, the sides have been left to hang a few inches longer and it is here that the wavy texture of her hair can really be seen. Classic office hairstyle for Women: The beautiful, classic long bob is a popular hairstyle, which is never out of fashion and works especially well with thick, straight hair.
This young, casual cut also keeps the focus on Frankie’s beautiful brown eyes and trendy red lipstick. The short-side profile is expertly layered down into cute, sharp points that frame the eye and draw attention to the cheekbone.
With the hair styled closely to the head and the cute over-the-shoulder pose, this style is reminiscent of the 1930’s retro-look. Short and sassy, this avant-garde haircut shows how a rainbow colour can be very successfully used to create a very chic look. You can’t beat a beautifully executed precision cut to create a futuristic ‘cool, calm and collected’ image. As a former top model and now a Hollywood actress, Agyness is known for her constantly changing style. With the other side tucked casually behind the ear, this same-length bob in rose-gold with touches of balayage in a darker tone creates the perfect frame for those lovely blue eyes and porcelain complexion! Kristin Dawn Chenoweth is an American singer and actress, with credits in musical theatre, film and television, she loves to wear long blonde wavy hairstyles very much, but she cut your long hair short and sported a new fresh bob cut recently, here is her latest short hairstyle.
The lovely curved shape of the cut makes the sides naturally fall into place along the jawline, accentuating Kristin’s perfectly-shaped chin.
Here’s a super-trendy cut that suits a lot of different hair textures, including fine hair because of the precision cutting that creates the distinctive shape. There is a strong focal point at the back with shorter hair that is tinted a dark-blonde shade for added emphasis.
The silhouette is full and rounded to soften the straight lines of the cut and the ends are also textured to create a feathery look. With bright blue eyes like Brittany’s it’s a good policy to choose a simple style that keeps the focus on the face. What is it about obscuring one eye that makes people seem especially mysterious and perhaps even a little dangerous? Thankfully, Jenna Elfman looks a nicer at heart than the average eye-patched pirate but that might be chalked up to the fact that she is just plain gorgeous anyway. It is the longest layers that are combed down over her right eye creating that deep, dark exterior. This casual short straight hairstyle is best suit for Round, Oval, Heart, and Triangular face shapes. Brooklyn looks in a playful mood in this red-carpet photo taken at the Country Music Awards.
This bob is cut in same-length layers, with a little extra shaping around the face to accentuate the eyes and lips.
This spiky, edgy bob cut is also very flattering to Catherine’s face accentuating her features with super-trendy style!
The bob is cut in medium layers to chin length, with sharply textured ends creating the attractive prickly finish! The highlights match the lightest shade in Catherine’s brown eyes creating a unified colour scheme. Lying across her brow, Dannii’s bangs are a shining sea of subtle tawny highlights and brunette strands. This simple easy short pixie cut is great for these with Round, Oval, Heart, and Triangular face shapes. This fashionable fringed bob contrasts straight lines with soft waves to create a very flattering, casual look!
The contrast between the straight fringe and the waves adds interest to this attractive style, which is stylish in a relaxed and natural way. To create the waves, individual tresses from the lower layers were blow-dried around a medium, round hairbrush producing flowing movement and volume, leaving the top smooth.
This easy-care look is perfect for anyone who wants to add a touch of soft femininity to their straight hair, but without a lot of fuss and bother!
The layered wavy bob hair style is very popular in recent years, as you can see a lot celebrities sport this hairdo!
Dianna Agron is no doubt catching the eyes of loads of men with her short messy bob haircut. The ombre hair is popular in recent years, as you can see that Dianna Agron wore her short hair in dark and blonde color, you can try any color as you like.
This casual short bob hair style from Cameron Diaz is jagged cut all over to achieve a low-fuss style, and this cut is best suited for those women who with fine to medium hair wanting a style that takes no time to style and needs a little product for hold and shine. Short hair is the style that usually brings in the future-fashion looks first and Violante’s edgy chin-length bob produces a feminine, but assertive, image for the 21st century woman. The inverted bob never really goes out of fashion and this beautiful example of the style is brought totally up-to-the-minute with the trendy highlighting blend.
The hair is cut in long sliced layers with shaping at the ends to produce very finely tapered tips and a fabulous exaggerated curve silhouette. This classic bob cut is one of the easiest to style and with the interesting sweep down from the short back, always looks modern and trendy!
In this case, the simple long layers are given extra depth and dimension from the lovely blend of caramel and honey blonde shades. This is a fabulous high fashion look with lots of volume and edgy angled shaping that creates a totally contemporary look. The back is stack-cut to boost the volume and then expertly graduated down to the front in a steep concave angle. One of this year’s most avant-garde cut and colour bobs, this A-Line bob is a really eye-catching look! The totally original dark and light colour play makes this a unique and fascinating look that has something exciting to see from every angle!
For a totally up-to-the-second look, this shaggy inverted bob with loose waves is hard to beat!
Here is Katharine McPhee’s latest new short bob haircut, she sported a short and wavy chop to show off her blonde and brown ombre locks, she added a swipe of light coral lipstick to complement her fair, rosy complexion. Renee is a fan of simple styles and this red carpet look is the perfect length for timeless elegance. The parting is slightly off-center and the hair is styled around the forehead line, just cutting off the corner on one side. The beautiful pale gold shade is given added depth and texture from some subtle highlighting and the roots are a warm brown, rather than a harsher ‘dark roots’ look. Cut to form a natural curve with textured ends tapering in below the chin makes this a flattering style, which complements Renee’s natural beauty perfectly! Face-flattering and versatile this classic, asymmetric bob will take you from a weekend in the country to a glittering formal occasion and always look chic and contemporary!
The cut creates a sliced texture that reveals roots that aren’t as dark and edgy as last season, but moving towards a softer look with medium-blonde accents at the roots.
The shape of this style is beautifully curved and echoes the oval of Kellie’s face with a couple of shorter strands at the front to draw attention to her mouth and delicate chin. The off-centre parting creates an attractive asymmetry around the face, with a long sweep of soft blonde curving over the eye and the lower side smoothly styled to show Kellie’s lovely profile! The hair was cut into short layers with lightly textured ends radiating out from the crown and forming a full fringe above the eyebrows.

The sides were expertly trimmed into neatly graduated points which cover the ears, but leave the lobes uncovered. The hair was styled with forward movement to create a flattering focus on the eyes and the fringe was combed to one side adding a trendy asymmetrical touch! Channel your inner Aubrey Hepburn with these short hairstyles that look pulled together and chic with minimal styling. The hair is razor-cut in short layers with lightly textured ends, and carefully graduated sides styled onto the face creating a soft frame for the eyes. And the fabulous movement in the messy top is beautifully highlighted by contrasting, but harmonised tones of wheat and dark ash-blonde!
Summer short hair ideas – This classic asymmetric cut from Jenna Elfman always looks contemporary and this version is brought right up-to-the-minute with mixed highlights and warm caramel roots!
From an asymmetrical side parting, the hair is smoothly styled down to the lightly textured tips. The back is expertly shaped and shows a fabulous creative contrast between the longer blonde layers and the short darker layers at the nape.
This trendy look is simplicity itself to style and just needs regular trimming to maintain the face- flattering shape! Here’s an update on the popular pixie-cut that’s always popping up on the red-carpet, because it’s a flattering look for many different face shapes! The hair is razor cut into layers with lightly tapered ends, which creates fabulous texture and movement.
The longer side is combed across the head, creating extra volume and showing the dark blonde roots for that essential edgy finish! This short blonde pixie cut is not only great for young ladies, but also great for mature ladies! Here’s another attractive version of the short haircut with a side parting and side-swept, asymmetrical fringe.
This is a stunning look that’s perfect for any extrovert who likes to be the trend-setting, center of attention! This short pixie style is all about impact and texture and Kimberly’s pixie looks hot with the cool, blonde shades that vary subtly from silvery-blue to cool pale gold. The cut is layered through and has a blurred side parting with a softly graduated blonde fringe just brushing the tops of the eyebrows, emphasising Kimberly’s beautiful eyes. The silhouette is rounded and the layers create lots of natural volume in a super-trendy, urban chic look that’s also a great cut for anyone with fine hair! Anne’s great cut, with its asymmetrical, side-swept fringe and short side-points, really puts the focus on her deep brown eyes. Softly cascading loose curls make this short and feminine asymmetric bob, designed by Ramona, an extremely attractive choice for women who want a casual, face-flattering style. The back was carefully graduated in layers to display the lightly tousled spirals which end, unexpectedly, with a very seductive longer curl or two highlighting the nape of the neck.
The shorter side has been lightly divided to show the ear and leave a pretty, face-flattering curl at the front. From just past the crown, there is a contrast in the texture of the hair above the forehead, which has been blunt cut in a very short fringe, with a slightly off-centre parting. Here is a curly bob, but not just contemporary – this gives a fabulously avant-garde look, we haven’t seen before, to a simple bob cut! The hair is cut with a few layers in the lower lengths to create the upward movement at the sides.
The side parting is very straight and defined, contrasting with the chaotic curls which have spikey tips creating a totally new and edgy silhouette!
With an ultra-trendy center parting and those face-framing waves, Charlize looks incredibly beautiful! The layers are long and mostly the same length, with some pretty shorter tresses adding volume around the forehead. And highlighting the lively movement of this adorable bob, the beautiful mix of rose-gold shades makes this a really eye-catching modern look! Latest most popular short haircut for mom: sexy curly bob hairstyle with highlighting from Jennifer Nettles. The asymmetric side-parting creates an attractive side-swept fringe just covering the eye on one side and leaving a lovely, face-framing wavy tress on the other side. And this style is one of the first to dispense with the dark roots look and move on to a whole new color palette and technique! The fabulous texture and movement is wonderfully accentuated by the totally new highlighting colors, which mix honey, wheat and caramel for an incredibly soft and pretty color effect.
Textured and defined waves dominate this trendy hairstyle, which is a great way to stay in fashion whatever your age! Designed and created by Ramona, this fun, feminine and unusual style is great for naturally curly or spiral-permed hair!
The asymmetric haircut was layered through to provide plenty of bouncy volume and shape and the back was shaped into an elegant and unusual V at the nape.
The shorter side leaves the forehead bare and the descending hairline is beautifully decorated with tightly curled corkscrews, expertly graduated to merge seamlessly into the V-back. Medium hairstyles are quite popular when it comes to the flexibility they provide as compared with long and short hairstyles. Medium layered hairstyles are the ideal hairstyles for any face structures since you can choose to reduce the volume or add volume to the hair. Medium bob hairstyle is a super charming and romantic look that can look excellent for many face shapes.
An updo hairstyle is trendy and sophisticated and just proper for a formal event and is one of the most fun and romantic hairstyles for medium hair.
If you look for a simple yet good-looking hairstyle for medium hair, the ponytail can be a splendid choice. The long layered haircuts with bangs will be able to bring out the delicate features of your face for all women. Short hairstyles can be very effortless to create and maintain, so it can save you much time on shampooing and conditioning.
You can opt for the inverted one, the layered one, the wavy and curly one, according to your hair texture. In addition, if you are busy and have no much time to create and maintain your hair, you can use the simple washing and blowing which look superbly chic. If you bear a bob style, you can get a charming and attractive wavy style by adding rollers to create tender and sexy waves. Located in the middle of the zambezi river Africa, Zambia and Zimbabwe JieRangChu Victoria national parks. And Adrienne’s dark blonde hair is subtly highlighted with wheat shades, keeping the look natural to match her preferred style. There is an off-centre parting and the front hair was blow-dried to curve back towards the ears, forming very attractive contrast with the rest which is curved forwards. Her champagne blonde locks have been cut into a jaw-length layered bob and styled with a deep side part. The off-center parting adds trendy asymmetry and displays the color contrast of the darker roots. The two blonde highlighting shades add wonderful depth and dimension and with a fashionably tousled finish, this is a youthful look which flatters women of any age! The off-centre parting creates a soft, long fringe on one side, which is lightly flicked up at the end to accentuate the eyes, cheeks and lips.
From a smooth top, the hair is styled into defined, tousled waves which are beautifully highlighted by the artistic, strawberry-blonde balayage colour accents!
The hair is cut into long layers with lightly textured tips, to a flattering length just below the chin.
The long, wispy sections of fringe soften the forehead, without covering it and create a nice focus on Kim’s smiling eyes. The bob is all one-length with an untidy, blurred parting in an off-centre position for a casual look. We are not sure how much hairspray was used to hold these dramatic curls in place, but the final product was well worth the effort. This style has an off-center parting which gives an asymmetric sweep of thick, shiny hair over the forehead creating a smoothly angled fringe. The asymmetrical bob is a timeless look which always creates a ‘modern’ vibe and shows an independent but feminine image. And the rest of the hair is trimmed into long, sleek layers producing a super, side-swept fringe that blends in seamlessly at the profile. However, the fabulous colour contrast and cutting technique make it ultra-trendy and modern!
Many celebrities flirted with rainbow colour last season, but only actress, Helen Mirren caught the delicate look that became increasingly popular for 2015.
The bob has been expertly cut into a geometric look but softened by the pretty colour and the ‘wedged’ layers at the sides.
This sleek bob is a classic that is always in fashion and popular for its ease of styling, too.
Her hair colour has varied from red, to brown, black and blonde and she grabbed the headlines in 2010 with her head totally shaved!
The casual side-part creates a flattering sweep of rose-gold hair across the forehead and comes to a pretty, curved end highlighting her mouth. It’s a chin-length bob with pretty textured ends giving light wispy tips that contrast creatively with the solid lines of the rest of the hair. This adds asymmetry and imperfection, again contrasting with the smooth lines, and keeping the style casual. And the finishing touch is provided by the trendy strawberry-blonde colour in this very flattering cut! This trendy and sophisticated bowl-cut recreates a red-hot high fashion style made popular by Rihanna – but with an avant-garde twist!
Then the outline is expertly graduated down in a steep angle to finish just below chin level.
This style combines the pale blonde that’s softer than the harsh, platinum-blonde and dark roots look, with some very subtle golden blonde lowlights. Her pixie has been painted with several tones of highlights: blond, champagne, and platinum, as well as a darker brunette underneath. And her casual bob is styled in attractive contrasting textures that keep her style relaxed and unfussy. The sides and back have curls at the ends, but the top and front sections are smooth and curved, if you love to dye your hair in different colors, why not try the ombre hair?
The side parting adds to the geometric theme and the fringe is expertly graduated and styled into defined strands across Catherine’s forehead. The base is a rich medium brown with beautiful honey-caramel highlights accentuating the amazing movement in the piecey strands radiating from the head!

The trendy outward movement produces extra volume at the sides making the hair look thicker. Though it hasn’t been teased, Dannii’s hair is pumped up a little after the part and combed back to the nape. The hair was combed forward from the crown to make a long full fringe reaching past the eyebrows for the informal style which is essential for today’s fashion fans.
Blige showed off her new sexy short, stylish hair style when she co-hosted the Tenth Annual Gala for Niche Media’s Gotham Magazine at Chinatown’s Capitale in New York. Here is one of the most popular short hairstyle from Actress Dianna Agron, she wore a stylish messy bob, which is hot in this year! She showed a new sexy side in a tousled layered bob with dark roots and razor cut side swept bangs.
The round bump at the back contrasts with the smoother styling at the sides which are finished in an almost ragged finish for contemporary edge.
It’s suitable for naturally straight hair with a medium or thicker texture, as a degree of natural volume is required to get the fully rounded shape. This is a great style for thick hair as it relies on strong hair to create that wonderful ‘puff-ball’ silhouette. And the glossy caramel shades are shot through with lighter blonde – creating lots of texture in the sleek, rounded volume of the silhouette.
The hair is expertly graduated down from the crown at the back to create volume and a beautifully curved shape. The hair is beautifully graduated from half-way down the head at the back, creating a fabulous curved silhouette – from the crown to just below the nape. This softens the line and helps to create a more oval face frame to play down Renee’s square face shape. Celebrities like Victoria Beckham, Keira Knightley, Audrey Tautou have embraced these looks for their effortless style. The ears are lightly covered and the hair is carefully graduated up from the lobe to meet the back just behind the ear. For instance, an asymmetrical side parting and the curled-back fringe creating a fashionable mini-quiff. The shorter side is cut around the ear but leaving enough hair to form a neat point, which accentuates the eyes beautifully. This version has a shorter fringe that shows off Cindy’s forehead and suits women who want to add a little more length to their face shape. The longer side is slightly fuller and longer, adding yet another interesting facet when styled to cover the ear with a light forward movement in the curls.
A few fine colour highlights here focus on the gently curving shape and soften the hairline. Long layers are easy to style in defined, loose waves that add softness and effortless volume to flatter any face shape, just like oval, square, diamond, round face shapes etc. The long fringes of pretty, looser spirals swing delightfully down over the cheekbone to highlight the client’s lovely smile perfectly!
Medium hairstyles are an ideal choice for many especially for people who are either too scared to cut off their hair way too short or for people who do not have enough time to care long hair. You can make the hair near the crown cut into layers and the hair at the bottom cut tapering. You can create such medium length hairdos in different ways since the classic bob can be further glamorized with highlights and layers. If you do not like such a smooth hairstyle and need a more casual updo, then you can pt for a messy bun. The ponytail can be styled in a large number of various ways and one such medium hairstyle is the high ponytail. The great advantage of the cropped hair is that there are a great number of variations using various styling items. Instead of a ‘flat’ parting, Julianne has flipped her hair over to the side and added lots of volume in the roots for a free and easy look.
The subtle medium copper-brown shade is complemented by copper eyeshadow and suits Keira’s brown eyes and skin tone perfectly. However, in this case, Marion Cotillard has achieved the same look by scrunching and volumizing her chin length hair. The hair was blow-dried to add volume and some very attractive curves just below the chin, which highlight the client’s smooth, well-defined jawline and mouth perfectly.
This style uses colour to show off the different layers of an expert cut beautifully, with pale blonde-pink champagne on top and deeper pink accentuating the tips. This cut has one of the latest neutral blonde shades, shot through with very fine lighter highlights and a touch of medium blonde around the roots. The colour is really beautiful – no wonder rose-gold is currently the most popular blonde shade in Hollywood and beyond!
This haircut shown here has a unique twist in the sharp feathered side-points, cut further forward than usual to hang below the main cutting line. The effect adds more colour dimension to the hair and we love the unexpectedly golden roots along the side parting and at the sides! Dannii Minogue has accomplished the much sought after combination of hair that is both stylish enough to wear to the ARIA awards and still down-to-earth enough to wear for the errands of everyday living. As evidenced by the fact that Dannii’s has only her stunning serpentine figure-eight earrings as adornment, a simple, attractive hairstyle is all you need. The sides and back were trimmed into long layers, with the wavy sides styled back off the face, to create a lovely profile. Create this look at home by applying a texturizing cream to damp hair and blow-drying while tousling your hair with your hands. And the warm medium brown is highlighted with thick strands of blonde and pale copper, for a stunning evening (or anytime) fashion haircut and colour!
And the mix of blonde and red highlights in the brown base colour create fabulous added texture and dimension that accentuates the amazing cut and shape of the high fashion bob.
And the subtle highlighting and defined strands create wonderful texture and movement within the beautiful outline! The side layers are longer and the strong angle moves from the nape down to shoulder-skimming strands framing the face. The ends are heavily textured to create a shaggy line and the layers at the sides are waved and bleached to add amazing texture and movement to this soft, casual honey-blonde look. She sported a side parted pixie cut this time, great for Round, Oval, Square, Heart, and Triangular face shapes.
Styled up off Sharon’s smooth forehead, this is a great cut for any age because it keeps the focus on the top section of the face. The mid-brown colour has very subtle coppery highlights that add depth and match with Cindy’s brown eyes beautifully.
She rings the changes by swapping between blonde, a huge trend for 2015, and her natural deep brown hair.
Medium hairstyles are basically classified since hairstyles where the length of the hair is between the jaw and the shoulders. If you own natural curly hair, then medium hairstyles is simple for you need to just add some sprits to the natural curls, which can help give an extra edge to the medium hairstyle.
They can also help to balance out a long face shape for an overall softening effect when placed on the both sides. So if you want to create a total fresh look, the short choppy layers are certainly ideal option for you. And against this simple natural style, Keira’s peachy-beige gown with ‘glass’ sequins and ruffled edges completes this young and pretty image.
The result is faux bob in a daring geometrical shape that only seems to be a short haircut. This simple, but sophisticated style allows the client’s natural beauty to take center stage and complements her understated fashion style perfectly.
Underneath the shorter hair at the nape is tinted a more intense rose-gold shade in a fabulous example of contemporary sophistication. The subtly mixed shades of copper-brown flatter Katherine’s attractive grey eyes with amber flecks. This creates a space in front of the the ear where the points would normally be – and gives an edgy profile! The cut is a medium bob with heavily textured ends to add an urban vibe and graduated up towards the face to emphasise the lips and Brittany’s pretty chin!
Besides, medium hair is superbly versatile since it can be created in a lot of various ways without many hassles. You can create some layers close to the crown and create them inwards, and some layers close to the bottom and create them outwards. The hairstyle you choose should depend on the shape of your face and the bangs and layers will do you a great favor.
Moreover, you can also cute your front hair into soft bangs that create a fresh and sweet effect for your long layered haircut. The dainty short hairstyle you can choose one based on your age, life style and hair texture. You can choose razor layers, rather than normal layers, if you want to create a braver style. If you desire a totally curly hairstyle, you can choose thin rollers to make some ringlets. This is a great haircut for high-class elegance and, at work, will project a professional and capable image. And the delicate colour blossoms into lighter rose-gold and pale copper highlights further down showing why sombre looks so fresh and exquisite! The hair was combed forward from the crown and cut in a fashionably long, straight fringe with lightly textured ends, covering the eyebrows. If you desire a messy look, you can use some root volumizer and tousle it with the help of your fingers. For better effect, you can apply some hairspray and some mousse to keep the style in place throughout the occasion. At the temples, the hair is slightly longer, softening the line which continues around the head just covering the top of the ear. Short curly styles, when they are sported excellently, will make you look more graceful and sophisticated. You can opt for different trends in bangs such as side sweeping bangs or asymmetrical bangs. This was a hairstyle that was superbly popular in the 1970s and has come back in trend recently.

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