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One of the most important steps to regaining your confidence in the saddle is to work with a trainer whom you truly trust. If you suspect that you and your current trainer are not a good match, start looking for a new trainer whose goals and approach to riding will match yours. Building your confidence when riding is a slow process, but with time, you can ride confidently again.
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A fall, an injury, or even riding a spooky horse can quickly shatter what confidence you have, and even aging often results in reduced confidence. It is your trainer’s job to push you a bit past your comfort zone, but a trainer also needs to be able to do this safely and in a way that will result in positive rides, rather than an experience that will only further lower your confidence. A bad match with a current trainer will not help to build your confidence, and can actually have the opposite results. The power pose is a particular stance that can actually change your body chemistry and give you more confidence. Look at what you have accomplished over your riding career – when you first climbed into the saddle you couldn’t trot, canter, or do many other things that you can now do.

Build Your World contains easy ways to get to know people who share your interests and values. Remember, it's backed by our No-Risk Lifetime Guarantee, so you have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain by making this purchase. If you find that you’re lacking confidence in the saddle, these tips can help you to build it up again. Picture your perfect ride, with your horse behaving well and you being secure in the saddle throughout the ride. Useful before job interviews, speeches, and a variety of other intimidating situations, the power pose is also perfect for riders. Additionally, deep breathing relaxes your muscles, allowing you to sit more securely on your horse.
Visualization can help to prepare you mentally and emotionally for what you need to do to have a relaxing and enjoyable ride. When you’re feeling nervous while riding, focus on deep breathing and allowing your lungs to expand all the way down with every breath.
Practice visualization before mounting up, but also practice it while you’re at home or doing chores around the barn.

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