Optional items to pack are flashlight in case you have a flat in a dark unlighted area, gloves for comfort, plastic rain poncho for when it is raining out, tarp or mat to kneel on, Fix-a-flat spray foam, tire gauge, and tire blocks.
Remove the hubcap by using the wrench to loosen the lung nuts turning them counterclockwise (do not remove the lug nuts). To remove the flat take out the lug nuts from the wheel and pull the tire straight off the car.
Before slapping on your spare make sure the holes in the wheel lines up with the lugs. You can now finish tightening the lug nuts, making sure they are super tight on the wheel. Lastly, make sure to not leave anything behind, put away your flat tire and tools back into your trunk. No Matter Where You Land, We Get You HOME859-298-3653513-401-7945Serving Cincinnati & N. Before you begin, refer to your vehicles owner manual for specifications such as where to properly place your car jack. 2.Before you attempt to raise your vehicle off the ground you will want to partially loosen the lug nuts.
3.Once the lug nuts are loosened, jack the car up until the flat tire is an inch or two off the ground, just high enough to remove the wheel.
6.Tighten the lug nuts back on the wheel in the same star shaped pattern that you used to remove them.

7.Lower the jack until your vehicle is completely grounded, and securely tighten the lug nuts with the tire iron. Changing a flat tire is a simple and safe procedure if you are prepared and follow each of the seven steps carefully.
These items are not necessarily to have in order to change a flat tire but they do make it more comfortable and much easier. You want to make sure you car is as far away from traffic as possible  and if you are on a free way, make sure to get off otherwise, pull as far onto the shoulders as possible. If you are unsure of where to place the Jack just check your owner’s manual for the correct placement. If you're driving down the road and hear a loud boom, and feel your vehicle start to careen out of control then you know you have a flat tire. You can identify a punctured tire by listening for a hissing noise, which is the air slowly leaking out of your tire. Getting a flat tire while driving can be very dangerous, especially if the flat occurs while you're driving at high speeds. In order to help improve your tire wear and potentially avoid an annoying flat tire, consider rotating your tires and balancing your wheels.
It will be difficult to apply pressure to the lug nuts when the tire is lifted off the ground because the wheel will spin. This is important because by removing the lug nuts in this pattern, you will not affect the stability of the jack.

If you're on the road, you won't have to wait for AAA or pay a towing company to bring you to a service center.
Remember to set your parking brake and if you have a manual transmission then leave it in gear. Once the jack is placed in the correct location, jack up the car by turning the hand crank at the end until it comes into contact with your car’s frame and the tire is about six inches off the ground.
Our job may sound simple enough, but every car make and model is different, and as such requires a different tactic to get your door open for you. You may believe that falling victim to a flat tire is all a matter of chance, but in reality there are preventative measures that can be taken to protect your tires.
In addition to tire pressure and tire wear, here are other possible causes for a flat tire. However, if you've got a flat tire that you want to repair, come on down to Town Fair Tire.
By maintaining proper tire pressure and even tire wear, you will give your tires the edge they need to combat road hazards. Continue to tighten opposite lug nuts gradually until each nut is as tight as it can be.

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