Apple has made it no secret that it likes to keep things organized, especially when it comes to its own services. Before doing anything else, it is highly recommended that you disable several Apple services as they are constantly being monitored and might make the transition faulty. Apple will send you a verification email so log in your email client, open Apple’s email and click on the Verify Now option. This should take you to the My Apple ID page so sign in with your new Apple ID email address and you will see a message that verification is complete.

You are now free to log back into all of the previous services with your new Apple ID which will also contain everything you have previously purchased.
In case you did not already know, your account is tied to everything you have ever purchased on Apple’s services. Of course, the company is not cruel and it provides an easy way for you to change your primary email address without losing anything you have previously bought. Then, disable Find My Friends, Find My iPhone and iMessage in each and every one of your devices that uses your Apple ID.

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