The default, the base color of MS Word page layout is white, and the default color of the template is silver.
Here’s how to change the background color and template in MS Word, I have applied this method in Microsoft Word 2010. If you want to clear the background color or image, open the Page Color > select No color.
If you want the background color or image is applied in the printout, so change the settings in Word Options.

The default color of the template in MS Word 2010 is silver; you can change it (there are 3 colors). The Etsy Blog Team is a community of Etsy buyers and sellers who share a love for blogging! Choose your desired color (blue, sliver or black), and then click the OK button (the changes will be visible after you click the OK button).
Now, if you want to print the whole page with the color, you will not be able to print the microsoft word document with the color which is used in the background.

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