After the Windows 8 operating system unexpected failure, Microsoft very curious to deliver the best product to the users to regain its reliability.
As the browser’s UI is ultimately new to the Windows users, there are some settings tweaks are strange to the new Edge browser users. By default, this browser offers Bing as the search engine for any of your enquiry through the address bar search. If you do not want Bing as the search engine, you can use the below tweaks to set Google as the default search provider in Edge browser address bar search. You can make Google, Wikipedia or YouTube as the default search engines in this Windows 10 browser through the following settings tweak.
Open your Edge browser, click on the more actions menu button (the top right cornered three-dot overflow menu) and select settings. Navigate to the bottom of the settings screen and click on the view advanced settings menu. Now you can search any of your queries in the Windows 10 Edge browser with Google, Twitter or Wikipedia. To add your desired search engine as the search provider, just simply visit the site frequently and add it as the favourite. Have you ever received “Windows cannot access the specified device path or file” error in your Windows system? Based on the recent Microsoft statement, Windows 10 RTM will be available to the users from July 29. The operating system offers Microsoft Edge browser and Cortana support from the initial RTM release itself.

If this tutorial helped you, please comment below your experience on setting Google search engine as the search provider for Edge browser. A easy way to check style attribute is to use browser's JavaScript console completion feature.
I do not have an iPhone, but as far as I know you can only change default search engine to Apple-approved engines. You can still use the mobile search site, but to set it up in iPhone it probably needs jailbreak.
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As of now, the Windows 10 builds also came up with their expectation and well satisfied the insiders with its numerous new and outstanding performance.
Since the browser does not offer you to change the search engine from the address or search bar itself, changing the search engine in this Windows 10 browser also little strange to the novice users. By making this tweaks, you can search in the address bar with Google, Wikipedia or YouTube. Select Google from the listed search engines from that screen and click on the set as default button. This feature benefits you to get immediate search advice from your search engine while you are typing queries on the address bar.

Here is the tutorial how I make ultimate system speed by installing Advanced SystemCare 8.3. Upgrade your computer to the required system specification and feel the pleasure of running faster modern Operating System.
All you need to do is to give the HTML tag a id attribute id=name, and define in JavaScript when should the change happen. Thus, if the online marketer is using 20 keywords for his campaign, then the software will create 20 pages. Microsoft Edge Browser (Project Spartan) is the great addition to the Windows 10 which, actually outperforming better than Chrome and FirFox. As of now, not all sites support OpenSearch technology, and we can expect the support shortly from other search engines too. Now when you scroll mouse over the added line you should get a blue Make Default button appear.

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