After all, long-term job market forecasts project severe labor shortages ahead as Baby Boomers continue to retire or scale back their careers in record numbers. You may be tempted to grit your teeth and cling to your current position until the economic forecasts start to look sunnier. If you have been contemplating a career change, there’s no good reason to put it off until the unemployment rate falls again.
You will be taking a career risk whether you resign yourself to staying in the job you hate or start moving toward the job you’ll love. Put your career change in motion now, even if it’s only taking baby steps in your spare time. When layoff rumors start flying, it’s easy to get caught up in worry and speculation.
The best thing to do to stop the madness is channel your energy into something constructive – like preparing for your career change. A layoff or the threat of layoffs could be just the spark you need to get moving on the career change that you’ve been fantasizing about for a while. In fact, if you do your homework and prepare for your career change in your spare time, you might soon find yourself longing for a layoff. 7 Reasons to Change Careers Now,A Child day care center is a good option as a home base job.
One point I like to emphasize is that people shouldn’t quit before beginning a job search. I’ve been self employed for 11 years and have loved the freedom from commuting and office poilitics. So much of what I’m reading and seeing is pointing to starting your own business or at least striking out on your own to being the only job security out there.
Recession is a golden opportunity, just like you say, for Great People to go where they are most needed and make the greatest contribution. People shouldn’t underestimate the opportunity to actually take a break at this time as well and pursue non-work related dreams. AboutHannah Morton-Hedges qualified as a careers adviser in 2002 and prior to this, gained significant and valuable experience as an in-house recruiter for a number of major blue-chip companies. She emailed me again this morning and proceeded to fill me in on more details; cliff notes if you will, including pending opportunities as well as potential career interests. We get on the phone this afternoon and she proceeds to fill me on the events of the last 24 hours as if I’m her best friend and there is some juicy gossip to catch up on. She drops a bombshell: she has decided to quit her job and is turning in her resignation Friday, and I’m still trying to figure out why she called me. Job Change – Low Risk Job Change is where most people are in the transition matrix; moving from one company to another in the same industry and same role. Career Development – Low to Moderate Risk Career Development is characterized as progression in the role but in the same industry, or better known as a promotion. ReplylighthouseSeptember 25, 2013 at 7:24 pmhahaha, of course Honoree, that's why we're friends!

Not only will you be ready to launch your dream career that much sooner, you will also be better prepared just in case your name pops up on one of those downsizing lists unexpectedly.
Running a successful business is no cakewalk and entrepreneurship may not be the right career move for everyone. We gossip about who deserves to go, we curse the stupid managers who got us into this mess to begin with, and we waste a lot of time on scary worst-case scenarios. But the truth is that lots of people stay stuck for years in careers that are uninspiring or downright miserable. I can’t tell you how many people I know who felt overcome with relief after getting served with pink slips. After all, a good severance package can give you a nice head start on your new career if you’re adequately prepared.
And it’s better to start now than to waste more of the best days of your life stuck in a dreary job hoping for the right moment to come along. But there are several important factors to be considered before starting a child day care center.
But at the same time there is really no better time than the present to start following your own dreams and living what you love.
They say its not for everybody, but if push came to shove, I bet 95% of people would be able to make it work. OK, the discretionary projects get put on hold but organizations must keep innovating and growing to stay alive!
Take some classes you’ve always wanted to do or even travel to places you’ve always wanted to see! Now, I've made it my mission to help others do the same so that they too can feel the freedom and joy of a happy work life.
I don’t normally respond to inquiries at 10:15 at night, but this woman sounded, hmmmm, not desperate, but what I would call determined. Her background is law and investments, and her desired future included such creative directions as vacation real estate, wine expert, and mountain bike tour guide – 3 things that made me totally dig this chick.
They are burned out in their current career and have a strong interest in another industry but don’t know how to translate their skills so that hiring managers and HR managers can plug them in.
She is quitting her job and entertaining the idea of disappearing on her bike like Forrest Gump ran for a year while she figures out what she wants to do when she grows up. One’s personality and tolerance for risk should also should dictate the type of position pursued.
When an 80+-year-old Wall Street institution like Bear Stearns can disappear practically overnight, no job is truly secure. Get started on the homework you need to do while you’re still collecting your paycheck.
You can even keep your day job if you want to (or need to for financial reasons while you build your business). If it goes on too long, this can sabotage your job performance and have an impact on your mental and physical health.

They had been ready to leave for a while, but just hadn’t been able to work up the nerve to walk away on their own. Even some of us who weren’t perfectly prepared have managed to leverage severance packages as start-up funds for our new careers. You will never achieve anything great without at least a little bit of risk and some hard work.
So, if you bravely enter the job market now, you will stand out because a) you’re not desperate and b) you come off looking courageous, optimistic and smart. You can build great skills that will only enhance your marketability when you re-enter the work force. Most people hire me because they need a good solid kick in the ass along with a little hand holding.
Many times people don’t like their the boss and it turns into a major catalyst for job change. The risk here is potentially moving into a new industry without knowing enough about it to make the right decision for the right reasons.
This is obviously very risky because if she comes back from her adventure and wants to go back to work she needs to be prepared to explain her gap in employment, most likely take a cut in pay, and start out in a lower level position than when she left. It doesn’t really matter how good you are at your job or how much boss butt you kiss.
Update your resume, step up your networking, explore your options, and develop your skills. It may take a little bit longer to land a great position, but there’s no reason to abandon all hope. You’ll have to find your own clients, manage your own time, and pay for your own bagels.
Job Change is considered the lowest risk because it takes the least amount of time since the skills are considered highly transferable. There’s also a potentially long learning curve, unpredictability in the number of opportunities, and inability to adequately understand the demands of the market or segment. Transformation is usually a reaction to a situation, but sometimes it can be a slow burning ember that builds over time and given the right circumstances can bring the greatest reward along with the greatest risk. If you’re considering going cold turkey on your career path, do a risk assessment on yourself first to see what you can tolerate.
Career Development can also be described as the next position up AND in a new company, so that represents a whole other set of risks.

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