We live in an exciting time full of opportunities to be had, but the sad reality is that not everyone starts off on the same level. Our goal is to be able to employ,  train and support young people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness, and allow them to find long-term employment and prosper on their own. In our case, we plan to employ a for-profit business structure and derive revenue from the market (by making crepes) rather than from donations, and invest all profit after business costs back into our cause: eliminating youth homelessness in Australia. This means the money will go to funding other similar programs and into expanding Crepes for Change so we can help more people. Dan is driven by the desire to have a positive impact on the lives of others through entrepreneurship. Having recently lived in Canada and France, Natalie loves engaging with different cultures as well as travel. Caitlin has become interested in social enterprises within the last year, and believes that every organisation should be a social enterprise. Matt is a digital savvy marketer who utilises his experience in not-for-profit advertising, communications, event promotion and project management to develop budget-friendly, high-impact marketing strategies.
Mollie is a film student currently completing a Bachelor of Media (Communication) at RMIT University in Melbourne. In today’s post we will review the email account configuration settings in Outlook 2010 in full details. Once you have successfully configured an email account in Outlook 2010 and want to view the account’s settings or properties, then here are the simple steps you can follow. It will display the Account Settings window with Email tab open, if you have configured multiple accounts then all of them will be listed here.
Under the tabs, you will see plenty of  useful options, the New option lets you configure a new email account, the Repair option is used to repair the Outlook 2010 settings (you often need to perform this operation if your email repository size is in GB’s), the Change option lets you modify the settings of any particular email account.
For more settings of your email account, click the More Settings button and anew dialog window will open. Under the Outgoing Server tab, you can instruct Outlook 2010 to use authentication when sending emails. Outlook 2010 represents the most powerful and intuitive email client software with a rich set of features. I have the same problem, when I download my emails to outlook I want it to delete them off my server.
Did anyone ever get a response on how to delete emails off the server once they are downloaded into Microsoft Office 2010? Thanks Mike, I was having similar problems as you and when I read about your IMAP connection I checked mine and lo and behold IMAP which occurred under auto configure.
Solution was to remove account and add new account setting up using manual settings and making sure that POP3 was selected.. I setup 2 accounts in th first one the Advanced tab is as in this article but in the second the Advanced menue is different.
In my wife’s laptop Outlook downloads automatically my emails too, but I never check them because I read them on my desktop PC. No offense, but this guide is missing some of the basic information necessary in setting up your outlook, and calibrating the basic outlook settings.

In the preview pane, the program takes most of the space displaying redundant information (who the email is from, the subject line, the date, time, cc’s) leaving 1 line to preview what the message says. I just recently installed Outlook 2010 and I noticed that that the emails are not being removed from my ISP server which cloggs the maximum usage of data space on their end. How do I set Outlook to auto send my emails vs going into Outlook each time to send email (they typically just sit in outbox til I go into it)? Also, how do I get auto notified on my computer desktop when I have new email from Outlook? Hi Have just loaded Office 2010 on new laptop and configured email accounts but cannot view the messages even though they have been downloaded and can be found using the search field – so where are they and what settings do I need to change to view them in Inbox nd other folders? How do I set up my new gmail account to route received emails to a new inbox folder I created? AddictiveTips is a tech blog focused on helping users find simple solutions to their everyday problems. It is to bring to your notice that I have been dedicatedly working at your firm for the past 5 years as the sales executive. With all the knowledge, experience, and know-how-of how things work here at Massbuild Ltd., I request you to kindly raise my income and promote me to the position of Sales Manager. Your esteemed organization is following the policy of encouragement of employees on improvement of Qualification. Having recently finished his VCE, he wants to help young people like himself to get back on their feet while he undertakes further study in Fine Arts. She is in her final year of Global Arts at Monash University and intends to pursue a career in the field of social justice. Passionate about travel and social justice, she believes that sustainable development is the way forward for our world.
She seeks to involve herself in as many social and ethical projects as possible in order to make positive and active change in this world. His current interest is to see how the thing white collars consume daily can be hacked to sustain the world, not destroy it. If you are looking for any help in configuring an email account with Outlook 2010 then you can find it here.
In Outlook 2007, the account settings could be launched from the Tools > Account Settings option, while in Outlook 2010, you simply hit the Office button(or File) and click the Account Settings button.
You will see the tabbed interface here, by clicking any particular tab you will see its relevant settings for the selected account. If you have configured multiple accounts in Outlook 2010 then you can set any particular account as your default by selecting that account and hitting the Set as Default option. At the very first step, you will see User Information, Server Information (Server Type, Incoming and Outgoing Server) and Logon Information( Email account and password).
Now, under the General tab you can specify the name that appears on the previous menu’s listing, as well as your organization name and your reply email address. Even though these settings could be found in Outlook 2007 as well, Microsoft has indeed improved Outlook 2010 to be more user friendly. I cannot find a setting that either lets me keep a copy on the server or force Outlook 2010 to copy and then remove emails form my ISP.

I don’t want to remove the account because when we go on holiday we bring with us the laptop, obviously not the desktop PC. However, when I imported the .pst file from Outlook 2010 on my desktop, running windows XP Sp3 to my laptop running Windows 7 SP1, there were no email accounts on the laptop.
The older version of Outlook I had actually removed the emails from the ISP server, is there an option in 2010 to perform this function? I and my wife both use the SAME computer, when I am logged in I can see all of the email accounts. We review the best desktop, mobile and web apps and services out there, in addition to useful tips and guides for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS and Windows Phone. During this time, I’ve worked earnestly and passionately for achieving the highest profits for our firm. I have always come up with innovative solutions for any problem encountered in the success of our business. I assure you, I completely understand the responsibilities with this post and I promise that I will prove to be the righteous choice for our firm. In addition to Crepes for Change, he is the founding editor of Asia Options, and runs a blog about learning Chinese (Chinese-Breeze).
He looks forward to helping lead Crepes for Change and take advantage of the opportunity to get involved in helping those around him. Natalie is excited to see Crepes for Change grow in the community and to help to change the lives of those less fortunate.
She has always felt a strong sense of responsibility to lend a hand to those in her community who need it, and is excited about the prospect of channeling her passions at Crepes for Change. Currently in her final year of a double degree in Arts and Visual Arts, Caitlin is very excited to help Crepes for Change start making real difference for the young homeless community of Australia. She is involved in assisting to develop the overall design and aesthetic of Crepes for Change. As such, he seeks to aid Crepes for Changes in relation to all things coffee, whereby the second most traded commodity, coffee can be hacked to foster, aid and fabricate a sustainable Australia by empowering the less-advantaged, rather than being profit driven. When she logs in (whether I am logged in or not) she opens Outlook and there are no email accounts. My diligence has been awarded previously as I received the employee of the year award in 2013. There is a long delay between when the email arrives in my regular email account and into Outlook email account.
Do I need to set up the same accounts and if so how will both users know if Outlook is up to date.
Why is this, and how can I make sure the Exchange account is the default ‘From’?

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