When I'm browsing I always use the address bar to search, but when I do this in Internet Explorer 10, I get taken to the default search engine Bing. So I started looking in the Internet Options to see if I could change it, but I couldn't find the right option. Here is the link for Goolge search in the IE Gallery - Add it and you should be able to use Google from the address bar. I found that the previous answer's suggestion to change "Region and Language" did not work for me.
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Instead I was able to see the much wider range of results by overtyping the language part of the URL which was displayed with the search results. When you uninstall the adware, the settings on your browser are not reverted back to value that it should be. Now you can use the original poster's method to add search providers and will be offered lots of choices. When you click Use default under Home page, this time it will changed to the value that you set in the registry. If a search provider that you want doesn’t displayed, you can add a new one by click Find more search providers.

If it doesn’t list there, you probably need to edit Windows registry or use third-party anti-malware program to scan and remove it. Required fields are marked *CommentName * Email * Website Notify me of follow-up comments by email.

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