Changing the IP(Internet Protocol) address of your computer is a basic thing we do at times.
Important Note: Once you set your IP address manually, the DHCP host will not allocate the IP address for your network adapter. Go to the Network and Sharing Center (in control panel) and select "Change Adapter Settings" on the left. That wouldn't tell you if it was static or not - even assigned by DHCP (or LCP or whatever) it can still be static. If you set your IP address in any way via CMD or the network settings you have a static IP.
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Well the IP address we see in our local computer network adapters are mostly for a local networking purpose. It may be required when you want a local connection be done with no DHCP(Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) servers.
This can be used to change the IP Address of any adapter like Wireless LAN, Local Area Connection, Bluetooth Adapters or even virtual Network Adapters. Default gateway is required when you have to connect to the internet using a router or another computer. DNS servers may be required in case of a direct connection to the internet through you adapter. Make sure you set it to Obtain an IP address automatically in Step 4 in order to use DHCP host addresses.

If "Obtain IP Address Automatically" is checked then you are getting your IP via DHCP if it is static you will see it filled out in the boxes below. It is because of the DHCP servers are present in most of our systems, we need not provide an IP for every connection, the DHCP host takes cares of the IP allocation. But when you are in your own custom network without a DHCP host, we definitely require to set the IPs of our own to fit in the network.

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