The display language is the language that Windows uses in wizards, dialog boxes, menus, Help and Support topics, and other items in the user interface. When you change the display language, the text in menus and dialog boxes for some programs might not be in the language that you want.
You will need to install the language pack of an added language first to be able to use the language as your display language in Windows 8.
NOTE: The input indicator system icon will only be displayed if you had already previously added a language. NOTE: You will only see the Make this the primary language link if you have more than one language pack installed. NOTE: If you want a display language that's different than the one determined by the order of your language list in step 7 above, then you can choose that language instead of Use language list.
Change language in windows 8 single language OS packI bought the sony laptop with single language pack. I installed windows 8.1 pro preview successfully in English, and since I use French very often, I installed and changed the display language into French.
We now live in a global village, if we want to become better than others, learning the second or the third language should be required, it can make us more competitive in our career. Take me for example, I am Chinese, but change my Windows language to English, changing the Windows language interface is the best way I suggest to make an environment for learning new language. As simple as title says, the Windows 7 language pack can be downloaded from official Windows Update site.
PCDIY puts those download links on another post and make them to be neat and tidy for easy viewing. In this step, the installation is complete, in the following steps, go into the Control Panel and find the regional settings and change them.
Select the “View by” option to “Large icons”, there is an item called “Region and Language” and this is the place you can change the current windows display language to another language. Select the “View by” option to “Category”, there is an item called “Change Display Language” and this place is the same as the last image. Language packs are available only in Windows 7 Ultimate and Windows 7 Enterprise, if you are not using either one of both, the Display language section will not be visible.
Tony: While installing manually works, once the PC is re-booted the problem is there again. How to Sign Up for a Gmail AccountAn email address is everyone's need if you're an Internet user. How to Sign Up for a Facebook AccountThe most popular social networking site on the Internet.
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Teenagers may not be causing language change the way we typically think, according to Kansas State University linguistics research. If you're too "basic" to "YOLO" or think that slang is never "on fleek," fear not: How teenagers speak IRL is not ruining the English language, according to Kansas State University linguistics research. In fact, teenagers may not be causing language change the way that we typically think, said Mary Kohn, assistant professor of English.
Kohn found there was not a consistent language path that a person took from childhood through adolescence and into adulthood.
Mary Kohn, Kansas State University assistant professor of English, offers a look at language use in teens and how they develop linguistically over time. Kohn used the Frank Porter Graham project, which is a database that followed 67 children from infancy to their early 20s. Using this database, Kohn studied sound wavesa€”a precise measurement of how people pronounce words. Mary Kohn, Kansas State University assistant professor of English, describes how it is socially important for teenagers to play with language. Other subgroups experience language change, Kohn said, and she suggests that sources of language change may happen in younger children. During high school, teenagers often explore their own identities and may again choose to change their pronunciations and use language as a part of their identities. Words in the English language are structured to help children learn according to research led by Lancaster University. A new study of Australian English is trying to find out if Australians all sound the same, or if people speak differently in the country compared to cities or across the states. One of Australia's oldest Indigenous languages is being immortalised in a speech register with work underway in the Western Desert to document formal ways of speaking before the knowledge is lost forever.
London's relentless building boom has dug up another chunk of the city's historya€”one with a surprise for scholars of Shakespearean theater.
Work to upgrade Rome's public transport has again run up against an ancient problem: archaeological ruins.
Tiny coffin excavated at Giza in 1907 is remarkable evidence of importance placed on official burial rituals in ancient Egypt.
Some display languages are installed by default, and others require you to install additional language files.
If you have not already, you will need to add the language that you want as your Windows display language.
If not already, an administrator will need to install the language pack for the added language that you wanted as your Windows display language. I also checked two options concerning the welcome screen and account users to display them all in French and worked perfectly.

The best way to learn a new language is to make an environment full of that, how to do it? So, no matter what is your purpose, you may like to change the Windows 7 language, there are two ways to switch current language to another language.
A total of 35 language packs include Arabic, Bulgarian ,Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Estonia, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian, Italian, Korean, Latvian, Lithuanian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese (Brazil), Portuguese (Portugal), Romanian, Russian, Serbian (Latin), Slovak, Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Turkish and Ukrainian. For downloading, please read: Windows 7 Language Packs (RTM MUI, Direct Download Links from Windows Update).
Lastly, changing this setting requires a reboot of the machine, this setting will not take effect until the machine is rebooted. All articles are originally written by myself, please do not copy them without linking back. Rather, language changes occur throughout a lifetime and not just during the teenage years. The database includes audio and interview recordings from nearly every year of the children's lives and also has recordings of family members, friends and teachersa€”all valuable information for understanding how language changes as individuals grow up, Kohn said. She focused on 20 individuals during four different time periods: fourth grade, eighth grade, 10th grade and post-high school at age 20. Children turn away from adult influence when they get to school, which may be the crucial point when language starts to shift.
When these teens grow up and graduate from college or get a job, they may change their language again to sound more professional and meet the demands of their jobs and pressures of the workplace, Kohn said. When you change the display language, it is changed for your user account and is not changed on the Welcome screen. If you have not already, you will need to add the language and install it's language pack that you want to set as your Windows display language. The first is to download Windows 7 language pack, the second is to install language pack via Windows Update. After clicking the download link of the specific language, a windows pop up asking to open, save or cancel.
Kohn measured pronunciations to see if the participants dramatically changed during the teenage years. Her longitudinal approach offered a before and after look at linguistic pronunciation during the teenage years.

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