She should have no problem with stories from Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch. My surname is an ancient Hebrew word whose current spelling in Latin letters dates from medieval Germany. Not all programmers would agree with you that programming convenience should override correct handling of people’s names. It was cited among the reasons for child protective services removing those kids from that home.
It did make assembling the family history from immigration records a bit challenging for me, I must say. I see people slammed my comment below that I agreed with the DMV that the woman should shorten her name. In those European Socialist countries like Germany there are various rules about first names given to babies. I grew up in Hawaii and when I first saw this story I had a bit of trouble saying the name out loud, very beautiful when spoken. The judge who actually handed down the name-change ruling (Ballew) should be booted right off of the bench, along with Scalia, Thomas, Baugh (Montana), Steensland (Girouex) and the other idiots of their ilk.
As someone else mentioned, this is like Ellis Island where a lot of European immigrants were required to change their names because some jerk in the US Government decided their name was too hard to spell or pronounce. My family’s name has been mis-spelled and mis-pronounced countless times over the years. I bet that type of thing happened more than once, when immigrant children entered the public schools.

My paternal grandfather didn’t change his name (a very long and hard to pronounce, in English, Greek name) until after he, and a little while later, his younger brother, had emigrated here.
But the original name had a meaning and long history in Greece, and the assumed name did not, so I’m glad that my dad changed it back. It does keep parents from giving their kids names that will label them as ghetto or whatever all their lives. When he went through Ellis Island the clerk couldn’t figure out how to spell the long Polish family name so he wrote Muskie. The State of Hawaii should be ashamed of itself for not erring on the side of preserving its heritage.
At the risk of sounding all libertarian suddenly, where does any government, especially in the US, get off telling someone what their name is? He has a joint law degree (JD) and masters in Foreign Service from Georgetown (1989); and worked in the US Senate, World Bank, Children's Defense Fund, the United Nations Development Programme, and as a stringer for the Economist. In fact, some distant branches of my family (everyone in the world with this same name is related) have adopted the incorrect spelling just because it is easier than correcting others all the time. Nobody is really going to have a 1000-character name (it would be unpronounceable), so make the field that long.
If there was confusion, it happened in Bremen or Hamburg or wherever the person signed up for the ship. US immigration officials only went off of what was written in the passenger lists, which were the only documents of record at the time, as no one carried any official form of identification. My four trips to three of the islands (Big Island next time) plus Oz-bound transit lounge several times.

If the computer programmers increase their name fields to 40 characters, what happens when there is a person with a 41 letter name? If they were from an inland country they were talking to a clerk who did not necessarily speak their language, and until 1917 they may have been illiterate besides.
If this woman were in many of these states, she’d be stopped from voting (which already happens to lots Latinos who have complicated names). Perhaps because I am a computer programmer I have an appreciation for how much work it will be to update the system and keep it backwardly-compatible with the existing name database. Muskie was easier to remember to spell and 7 letters shorter to boot, making it quicker to vote! Caveat: the AOL Mail "From" name you just changed only affects messages your send from the webmail version of AOL Mail. Italian, Greek, Irish, Polish, and later German and Russian names held heavy stigmas, and choosing a new name was often part of starting over in a new place. If you also use an email program with your AOL account, make sure that to update your name in that application as well, so that they all match!Update name in your AOL accountFor some reason (flexibility is always welcome!), AOL allows you to have an official name in your AOL account, and a different name for your associated email account. Just like the phony lawsuits that get filed in some injury cases where the plaintiff is trying to make a quick buck. If AOL doesn't like something you've entered, you'll get the "Please use letters only" error message shown below.

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