I assumed that once my divorce was final, it would be easy to go right back to my maiden name.
I always imagined I'd go back to my maiden name, my family name that I feel connected to through generations of family. My daughter is a teen and vacillates between not caring about my last name, asking me to keep her name, or suggesting I go back to my maiden name.
I'm in the midst of this decision and choosing which last name to use is not as easy as I thought it would be.

I keep thinking about what last name I'd like to sign or type everyday as I sit down to write. I'm a great 'Connie fan' myself too, but I only collect fibreglass, resin, plastic, and occasionally wood models, and have done so since 1975. But to make my child feel connected, do I have to keep this last name that isn't really even mine?
I have original PVN Eastern decals for it, but would love to find TCA or TWA decals someday.

Do I walk around this planet with a last name that isn't an accurate label of me just so I don't upset my child?

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