The winds of the first storm that ever was assaulted the everfree forest with an ungodly wrath, unrooting ancient trees that have withstood the test of time ever since the first dawn.
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Sheets of icy rain, colder windigo soul bombarded the landscape below, as lightning dances across the heavens, illuminating the tree tops and the valleys below. The younger of the two, a snowy mare with a brilliant blue mane, glanced pleadingly towards her brother for answers.
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Tears of fear trickled from his stunning amethyst eyes, staining the deep charcoal black checks of his square, broad complexion.Many a times had they tried to run away to the safety of the shadows. Only to be found and punished by black magic that’d send spasms of pain through their young developing bodies. Now they follow with fears reign tight around their throats, forcing their stiff sore limbs to move as if possessed by the spirits of the dead.“Talvi!” the colt whispered to his sister, his eyes locked onto what he preseeded to be the back of the elderly stallion head, praying that he couldn’t hear him through the raging storm above. The cries of timber wolves and crackling of trees being uprooted echoed out from the dark deeps of the forest.
Her heart jumped into her throat as hoof drawn images by her father of the creatures of this forest flash before her eyes.
Detailed pictures of rotting timber wolves, plagued bears, and countless other foul creatures that stalk shadows of the most remote parts of the forest.
Causing Talvis hair on her neck to stand on end, as her mind began playing tricks on her.An uprooted trees roots looked like the heads of snarling timberwolves, saliva dripping from its dagger like teeth to Talvi, paralyzing her with fear as she stared back into it’s glowing red eyes.

Until the blood curdling cry from her brother rang through the forest, louder than the storm above. Causing Talvi whip around towards the direction her brothers cry of agony came from, and start sprinting like she had never done before, to go to her brother aid.Branches of fallen pines scratched at her face, as she made her way through the forest.
The void in her stomach steadily grew larger, and larger until her brothers screaming came to an abrupt end, causing it to expand at an accelerated rate.“Where did she go!” The furious voice of the Elderly Stallion rang throughout throught the trees. Not today, not right after losing mommy and daddy!, please Crescent wake u-”A black hoof delivers a swift kick to the side of Talvi’s head.

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