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We’ll also assume you agree to the way we use cookies and are ok with it as described in our Privacy Policy, unless you choose to disable them altogether through your browser. I wanted to update my personal data on my Skype account, so I clicked the Manage button in the Skype UI. Apparently, the password used on the personal info page isn't the same that I use to log in in the Skype UI. Browse other questions tagged passwords skype windows-live-messenger or ask your own question. How can I use the “Windows Live Call Button” on my headphone to answer a call with Skype?
To maximize the chance of correctly guessing the result of a coin flip, should I always choose the most probable outcome?

Is there any truth to interpreting definition of a second as corresponding to oscillations? In the United States of America, criminal copyright infringement, including infringement without monetary gain, is investigated by the FBI and is punishable by up to 5 years in federal prison and a fine of $250,000.  Additionally, other countries may have other civil and criminal penalties that may apply.
A password promt appeared ("Please confirm your password, we're just being extra safe.") I typed my Skype password (which I know to be correct, since I always use it to log in), but I got the reply "Oops, that wasn't the right password. Just note that the Freshdesk service is pretty big on some cookies (we love the choco-chip ones), and some portions of Freshdesk may not work properly if you disable cookies.

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