NOTE that changing the username or password will expire all previous sessions (like bookmarked pages and mobile app icons). In the top menu, click "Info" and click the "Change username or password" link next to your username. If you are afraid that someone can access your Hotmail inbox fragile can prevent this suffering establishing a single-use code to sign in each time you want to enter the password from a computer that is not yours. Only hope that the message with the code for a single use land in our mailbox the phone number entered above. To change the password only you must login with your respetiva Hotmail email account by entering your username and password in the respective appropriate area on the screen of the official homepage.
Hotmail allows you to improve security within your email account is in you want to make changes or not do. The first is to log Hotmail with your username corresponding to the required when entering Hotmail field.
The next thing you will see is a menu from which you can choose the color you are interested in using in your Hotmail account, you just need to select the color and changes are made at the same time.
Hotmail is the oldest system of Internet email with many years may not find it as the same name because today he is known more for Outlook however inherits the best mail service.

Reaching the Inbox you should click the button shaped wheel that is at the top next to the Messages button. Hotmail is a free email service, millions of people now access the application by the many utilities that can offer you. Here I’ll help you as being able to speak through Hotmail inbox, just pay close attention you explain the procedure below.
If you followed the procedure, you can talk through the inbox of Messenger right now and not lose touch with the people you have added in Hotmail. That way you prevent Hotmail Password fall into the wrong hands and then do not access your private data you keep inside.
Write your Hotmail account up and down type your telephone number where the code came single use then you will use to login.
If you want to stay safe best be changing all passwords periodically clear that Hotmail can do by walking distance.
Then you get to your inbox and you make a click on your username which they usually find at the right of the screen to a new menu.
If you want might have the desired color tone making a couple of clicks within your account but if you do not know how to give that aspect here will teach you what you need to achieve your goal just follow us over and see soon changes to your account Hotmail.

After logging into your account you inbox at your disposal to change color as desired tone clicking the scroll wheel that will place at the right end of the page. You can no longer say that you can not customize your Hotmail account even if we’ve taught, date change and give a new color to your Hotmail inbox as easy as making a few clicks on the screen.
If you want to customize your profile name in Hotmail you should read the steps here will also learn how to take care that your privacy if you want to hide your true contacts you have on your list name. Being inside Hotmail login with your email address with the password for the account to change settings on the Hotmail account that most interest we have in this case is the username you want to customize.
To start a conversation with one of your contacts, click on its name and a small window appears in the bottom right. By completing the above action’re ready to change your Personal names for different ones easily, is in you change your profile name in Hotmail and take better care of your privacy, the choice you have, and only you.

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