First things first, before you take the plunge into changing the name of your business, make sure the name is available. Try Googling your preferred name change and see what pops up, what is similar, and what the competition is. There are general name rules, depending on entity, that universally apply to most businesses (within the United States). Once you have determined that your name is available, get in touch with the state (generally the secretary of state, though this does vary depending on which state you’re in).
If you operate a corporation, you can write your new business name on Form 1120 when you file your corporate income tax return.
If you are a single-member LLC or sole proprietorship, send the IRS a signed letter notifying them of your name change. Depending on the state, city, and county in which your business resides, you will need to update permits and other business licenses.
If you have any questions or comments concerning changing the name of your business, ask away! No duplication of this site, or content therein, is permitted without prior express written authorization. It can be tough to change an unfortunate birth name — let alone get anyone to stop calling you by it — but your Twitter username is not the one bestowed upon you by your parents.
Though often used interchangeably, your Twitter username and real name are not the same thing.
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The big news about Louis Tomlinson is that he registered his record label, but the announcement should be nothing new to die-hard Louis fans. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, there have been two other major instances in the Louis Tomlinson record label timeline and this idea of his has been in the works for a while. The Mirror reported on March 27 (right after Zayn Malik left One Direction) that Louis Tomlinson had set up his own record label on January 7.
Louis Tomlinson’s mother, Johannah Poulston, will be in charge of most of his new record label. However, as the story progressed, it became clear that there were other supporting details that showed Louis Tomlinson was incorporating the people who made him famous — and not leaving behind One Direction. So far, Billboard and The Sun published statements saying that Louis Tomlinson decided to put his mom, Johannah Poulston, in charge.

Although it seemed like fans were interested in the idea of Louis Tomlinson having his own record label, there were no further details about it after it allegedly launched on April 15. Apparently, instead of calling the label 78 Productions, Louis Tomlinson has decided the name will be Triple Strings Ltd. Did Louis Tomlinson have to change the name of his company because someone else pirated the dot com?
Also, if you are a fan that does not like the name Triple Strings LTD, it is reported by The Sun that the name of the project could change in the future.
Louis Tomlinson always has his fans to help him with naming his future record label or offspring. So far, there are no record label name suggestions on Twitter for Louis Tomlinson but it is likely that fans would produce millions if he only said the word. Of course, when Liam Payne asked fans to name a baby boy while he was on stage in Vancouver, Canada around July 18, all eyes went toward father-to-be, Louis Tomlinson. According to a Hollywood Life report from July 17, Louis Tomlinson suggested that if the child was a boy, he’d like the baby to be named Leo or Lucas.
You will need to change the name of your business in your articles of incorporation, and will need to file a form with the state to do so.
If you have already filed your return, you’ll need to write to the IRS at the filing address to let them know. Contact your local government, and they will point you in the direction of certain forms that may need to be filed. Before doing so, make sure the name is available for your use legally, as a domain, and in the social media world. Well sometimes rebranding yourself or adding a level of professionalism isn’t such a bad thing. Try to keep it simple, short and reflective of you for the sake of your followers — most of us don’t like riddled usernames. Type in your desired username (15 characters or less) in the text field to the right of Username. Regardless, figuring out the name that Louis Tomlinson uses for his record label could be a work in progress.
Although no information relating to the name change appears online, there is a registration of Louis Tomlinson’s new record label for 9 Derry Street in Kensington, London.
According to the Ireland Independent, no one has revealed the sex of Louis Tomlinson’s baby, but fans already have a long list of suggestions on Twitter.
Naturally, true One Direction fans are suggesting that Louis Tomlinson call the little one Harry or Liam but almost never suggest Zayn or Niall.

Another important thing to consider when changing the name of your business is whether or not the domain name is taken. Make sure your proposed URL name isn’t too long or difficult and avoid something that needs abbreviations or that will go by an acronym.
It is smart to check the statutes for the state in which you are forming your business to make sure your name adheres to their specific guidelines. This might involve a certificate of name reservation, an amendment to articles of incorporation form, or articles of amendment. Your real name on the other hand, is the personal one that appears above your username on your profile page or to the left of your username in your Twitter feed. Changing your username will also leave your existing followers, direct messages, and replies completely intact. A message will appear prompting you choose another username if your first choice is unavailable.
You can also always refer to the Twitter Help Center for more details regarding your username and the various restrictions surrounding it. When the home tab is clicked on, the website redirects to Rock Home Entertainment in Idaho. There’s no denying that a web presence is a vital aspect to running a successful company, so it is important to ensure that you will be able to obtain the domain name you desire. If a client or potential customer is trying to find your website, they will most likely type the name of your business into the search bar, as opposed to the name or acronym you had to adapt to in order to get a certain domain because others were not available.
It’s part of your online identity and it can often say more in 15-or-less characters than you can in a generous 140. Although not always the case, it can help clarify an ambiguous username that may not directly identify you, your brand or business (i.e.
Just make sure to let your followers know so they can interact with your new name instead of scouting for your old one. When finished, click the blue Save changes button at the bottom of the page to save your new username.
Same goes for a custom URL or name for your company’s Facebook page, Twitter, Google+, and other social media platforms.
Aside from a quick search, you can also check this database to see if the domain you want is still available.

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