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Consider carefully if you want a Facebook staff member having a good long look at your page.Also, recall that Business pages are only for fully owned brands and it is possible that a request for your business identification paperwork (Taxes, Trademark, LLC, Corp, etc) may be requested. Recall that we are not authorized to have a page in any name that we do not fully, legally own.I am seeing about a 50% decline rate for this request form at this time.

Suffice to say this didn’t make people terribly thrilled.However, the precaution has been necessary as Facebook has needed to actively restrict someone from making a page in a generic name, farming a ton of fans, and then renaming the page (possibly after selling it)!Can you imagine the nightmare if you people were suddenly able to easily generate and sell pages with 100,000 fans?
This is actually reasonably high as it means about 50% of those that are requesting the change are getting approval. It would be insanity (and fans of the page would likely be pretty pissy at Facebook for it).
That page is not longer relevant and why should the brand page have to restart from scratch?Reply Add a New Comment Click here to cancel reply.

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