But, it works and it's free!ruizhernandeztrustfi: I like what you used to make your funnel. Since I'm a bit of a clutz I ended up using most of the roll of paper towels and ended up with some well oiled tools, but certainly no big deal. Splash guard will still be attached in the wheel well but it will now easily get out of your way and make accessing the filter much easier. The little plastic clip you mention broke off my Rav the first time I changed the oil, and I've managed without it ever since.
Yeah, I juse use the socket to loosen and tighten the bolts(especially factory tight ones), do the rest by hand.
I really don't think it will be necessary to remove the splash shield to do future changes. You don't *need* to remove the splash shield, but it makes it easier to deal with the filter, and it only takes a minute to remove and replace.

Another note- you should replace the drain plug washer each time you remove the plug to change the oil. Think this is one of the posts that should be in the DIY section or permanently stickied so that future oil changers have something to gander. 2003 toyota rav4 replacement engine parts – carid., Toyota rav4 gas 2003, oe replacement engine by replace®. First oil change 2015 crv - crv owners club, I was at the dealership yesterday getting body molding put on. Copyright © 2012 Autos Post, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners. Same deal with the box wrench when working on the drain plug, and it's also easier to clean the oil off a box wrench than a socket wrench.
Just remember to remove the old washer because they have a habit of sticking to the oil pan when you pull out the plug.

One of the knuckleheads that worked on my catalytic converter stripped one of the bolts holding on the splash shield, so I had to tap the hole and use a larger bolt. Also, when you reattach the splash shield, the black splash shield should go between the metal frame and the gray bumper cover.
It's nice to know there won't be any problems with the Rav when I do my own changes later after I run out of coupons.

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