At Motorheads DIY Garage the replacement of a serpentine belt is a simple task with the suppliedĀ proper tools and instructions. Brake noises are a sign that some maintenance is due to be performed before they fail completely.
Here you can see a typical drum brake system usually on the rear wheels of most current cars.
This illustration depicts a man changing the oil in his truck with it spilling on the ground.
I usually place the jack stand along the crossmember which runs side to side underneath the engine. Let the oil continue to drain as long as there is a steady stream of oil coming out of the hole. You will have to remove the jack stand while the oil is draining otherwise all of the oil may not drain out of the oil pan. Depending on the type of funnel you use, you may want to hold the funnel with one hand and pour with the other. This deal includes up to 6 quarts premium multi-grade motor oil, a filter change, 4-tire rotation, and a 22-point inspection. Kansas City on the Cheap is a member of Living on the Cheap, a network of websites published by frugalistas, journalists and consumer advocates. Event TicketsBefore buying tickets to a concert, sporting event, festival or other event, check our Event Ticket page. Free and Cheap FunIf you're looking for things that are always free or cheap, check out our Always Free page and our post on 10 Free or Cheap Things to Do in Kansas City. You are currently viewing our forum as a guest, which gives you limited access to view most discussions and access our other features.
The Service Engine Soon light is actually more of a check engine light (MIL) than a service reminder.
In order to verify that you are a human and not a spam bot, please enter the answer into the following box below based on the instructions contained in the graphic. In many cars the serpentine belt drives the water pump, alternator and power steering pump. This will fail soon causing a very loud bang and then the wheel will not turn and major money will be spent on other components of the wheel assembly that could be damaged.

With my Z3, the car is too low to the ground for me to slide underneath so I need to jack it up before doing anything. This is a reinforced part of the body that can withstand the forces or a jack without bending.
Putting the full weight of the car on a jack stand on the wrong spot could damage suspension or body parts. Consider using a glove to protect yourself if this is the first time you are doing this procedure.
It is quite possible that when you pull the plug away from the hole that you may drop it or the metal washer into the old oil in drain pan. When the oil slows to a drip (or stops altogether), put the oil plug back in the drain hole and tighten by hand as far as it will go. Needless to say, over tightening the oil drain plug to the point of stripping the threads will be a fairly major problem that you will want to do everything to avoid. Using the inside of the zip-lock bag on your hand, grasp the oily old filter cartridge and pull it off the plastic filter housing.
Carry the new housing assembly back to the car and carefully thread it onto the original location. The may prevent the funnel from tipping over and spilling a bunch of oil all over your engine.
Once all of the new oil has been poured into the oil spout, remove the funnel and replace the filler cap. While the car is running, check underneath near the oil drain plug and on the ground for any leaks. Find practical advice on saving money on groceries, travel and shopping, plus tips from our experts on how to live the good life for less at Living on the Cheap. You can also get steep discount on Kansas City event tickets from Groupon and from ScoreBig. Here's a list of Top 10 Kansas City Barbecue Restaurants that was developed by Kansas City locals. All the stories on our site are protected by copyright and any unauthorized copying is strictly prohibited.
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Cold engine oil just doesn't flow well enough and you want to get all of the oil out of the engine. If you park on a slope, it's possible that some of the old oil will remain in the pan because drain hole may be on a high spot. Other BMW models may not have this problem and you may be able to easily slide under the car to open the oil plug without jacking it up. Placing a jack in the wrong spot will likely end up bending (or breaking) something in your car.
If this happens, don't worry about it and wait until the draining is finished (and the oil a bit cooler) to fish it out of the drain pan. Inside the bag with the filter cartridge is a new metal washer for the drain plug and a rubber o-ring for the filter housing. On my Z3, this housing is plastic so I am very careful about not forcing the ratchet on either loosening or tightening. Place a cloth under the filter as you remove it to prevent any oil from dripping on the engine. Consider that the oil will only flow out of the drain hole at a limited speed so if someone is doing a complete oil change on your car in 15-20 minutes, then is all of the old oil being removed? I just got a new plugin that will allow expired posts to stay on the site but not be visible. This usually prevents the oil from dripping down (onto your hand) until you are ready to finally pull the plug away and the oil starts draining.
The next morning I wrap the drain pan in a green garbage bag and put it aside until the next time I need it. However, it’s going to take several weeks to go through the thousands of posts that are currently on the site and mark them as expired. About once a year I take the larger bucket to the oil recycling place (Mohawk) and empty it out.

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