Sorry guys im new in the site, if this question been asked before please redirect me to that forum. Anyway Im trying to change my gear oil but I dont know how, can some one give me instruction? I also know I'm due for 110K service but again if I can do it, it will be a lot better instead of having dealer doing it for me. And there's one more both my IMA and Engine light went on giving me a code of P1600 and P1443 any suggestion?
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The right side of these 2 pictures shows the interference of the engine to filter diameter. Under the car, position the catch pan under the drain plug, the oil will shoot out a bit so make sure theres plenty of room.
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Expensive oil changes are here changing a 2013 honda civic's oil is roughly a $40 service with the oil changes may be more expensive with the required. Copyright © 2012 Autos Post, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners. Good for two oil changes and very efficient, without sacrificing as much flow as traditional paper filters.
Unless the clearance surrounding the oil filter of the 2013-2014 Accord Earth Dreams engine is more than previous engine(s). I doubt Honda is going to trim off metal on the engine block in order to use a larger filter. Get your car up in the air (use your method of choice here, car lift, ramps, or jack and jack stands (DO NOT GET UNDER THE CAR WITHOUT PUTTING ON THE PARKING BRAKE AND USING JACK STANDS!) my friends dad has a shop so we used a lift, normally i would use ramps in my driveway.
Pop your hood and open the oil cap on the top of the engine, this allows the oil to drain more easily.
Remove the old crush washer from the drain plug and put the new one on, re-install the plug with the 17mm wrench, this one you can tighten up because you are crushing the aluminum ring slightly to create a seal.

Broadway Auto Sales is your South Boston Used Cars, Used Pickup Trucks and offers unrivaled customer service with our . From my experience owning Hondas and Acuras for 24 years, I'm partial to the A01 versions made by Baldwin, Hastings and Nippon.
I've no preference for either the A01 or A02 though some seem to prefer the former for it's construction 'appearance'.
That said, no efficiency spec published for A01 but based on tested A02 [email protected], I'd speculate it's in the same range.

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