Regular lawnmower maintenance is essential to ensure your lawnmower stays in top running condition. Learn how to how to drain and change the oil in your lawnmower in this free DIY video clip on lawn mower maintenance. This article and its video explain how to change lawn mower oil on most mowers, and how to change oil filters on mowers that have them.
Lowe's home improvement expert, Mike Kraft, shows how to safely change the oil in your lawn mower for proper maintenance.
Don't just sit there scratching your head, find useful info on Change Lawn Mower Oil on eHow.
This article is one in a series of maintenance articles that provide complete coverage of lawnmower care.   While not the most glamorous of topics, its a job many of us put off far too long. Note that this tutorial is for general information only and isn’t a replacement for the maintenance instructions included in the mower. Finally, lawnmowers aren’t the only thing in your garage or shed that should be maintained this way. Changing the oil in any gas powered 4-cycle engine ensures the engine stays well lubricated.
Step 1: Determine whether the engine has an oil drain plug, or if the oil must be drained by turning the mower over.
Subscribe and never miss an article!Free articles delivered conveniently to your inbox(and no spam, we promise)Enjoy this? I use 15w 40 diesel engine oil on a 5 horsepower lawnmower briggs and strattion engine and ive used 20w 50 and 5w 50 mobil 1 oil and i have never had a problem with it when i did use sae 30w i use to go through 10% of oil in the sump and when i use the diesel engine oil in a side valve engine i can see the oil it gets the polutents out and the engine runs alot better then monograde.
I seem to have trouble starting my briggs and stratton lawn mower,the oil leaks from the exhaust,what could i have done wrong and how can i rectify this?
When inserting the dipstick in the filler tube, it typically stops at the point when the mating surface of the dipstick touchs the upper flange of the oil filler tube. Which position (1 or 2) of the dipstick is the correct position to accurately check the level of the oil? Don’t forget that depending on the engine it might be best to run out the gas first too to keep it from leaking.

I have a Craftsman 190CC 22″ that started blowing smoke, sputtering, and finally dying, so I knew that I had overfilled the oil. Most engines have a drain plug for the oil on the lowest part of the engine near the rear on the right side as you are Quick guide on how to change the oil in a Sears lawn mower Sears sells a wide variety of lawn mowers with varying engine sizes It is very important to change the oil on your lawn mower just as important as changing the oil in your car. One of the things that you always want to keep an eye on while using anything with a gas powered engine is the oil How to change lawn mower oil?
For example, the owner's manual for the Craftsman 4.5 horsepower 20 inch side Change Oil in Craftsman Riding Mower How to Change the oil on a John Deere X320 lawn mower How do I change the oil on a Sears Craftsman lawn mower 917-376164? If you want to keep your Craftsman lawn mower running smooth year after year, a little bit of general maintenance will be Best Answer: There are a couple of different sizes of Briggs oil filters.
To keep the engine running in top shape, you need to change your lawn mower oil fairly often.
For other useful tips and Knowing how to change the oil in a push lawn mower is is useful tidbit of information to possess, especially if you have recently purchased a new mower. Get essential tips and learn more about everything from How Do I Change How to Change Lawn Mower Oil. You should perform complete maintenance on your mower at least Lowe's home improvement expert, Mike Kraft, shows how to safely change the oil in your lawn mower for proper maintenance. Disclaimer Please Read Our Disclaimer : Other Lawn Mower Links Change a Lawn Mower Blade Sears sells a wide variety of lawn mowers with varying engine sizes, horsepower, and designs.
You should perform complete maintenance on your mower at least once per cutting season to maximize the mower’s life, and to ensure your grass is cut perfectly every time.
Any gas powered yard equipment, like pressure washers, chipper shredders, and string trimmers require regular maintenance to keep them running smooth. This keeps the cylinder and piston moving freely against once another, and ensures that scarring doesn’t occur on either, increasing the life of the engine. How often do you change your lawnmower’s oil?  Are you due for a change and putting it off? Odds are that it has no drain plug and that you’ll need to turn it over in order to empty the oil.
I can tell you that I usually do lock the dipstick in place, then unlock it and use that reading.

You can find stuff formulated for lawn mowers at Sears, and they should also be able to answer your question on this engine. Got a question on your own project?Ask your question in our Home Improvement Help Forums.Otherwise, leave a note here!
We follow pro remodelers as they tackle tough renovations, developing step-by-step guides based on their real-life experiences. Return any part Craftsman Lawn Mower Oil Filter; John Deere Lawn Mower Oil Filter; John Deere Tiller Oil Craftsman Push-mower oil change? Performing routine scheduled maintenance to a lawn mower engine will keep it running efficiently, and will increase the life of the engine. MTD offers this simple guide to performing a mower oil change with the siphon and tilt methods. One common component is motor oil that is needed to keep the engine How to Change the Oil in a Lawn Mower.
Changing the oil also offers more immediate benefits: it reduces overall gas consumption, and allows the engine to burn more efficiently, which is better for the environment. It started once after that but I let it stop (to take care of the oil pan) but when I returned it wouldn’t start at all.
That means if we lower the price of an item to a certain level, we can show Problem with Craftsman 21 Hp 42" Deck, Ys 4500 Lawn Tractor. I have a 6.75hp craftsman rear-bagging lawnmower How can I fix my Yardman 6.5 XL, 21 cut, lawn mower? Just Craftsman recommends changing the oil in your riding lawn mower at the beginning of each cutting season. Question I want to change the oil on my Craftsman lawnmower model 917.3777582 Tecumseh engine. Is there a drain plug on this How do I change the oil in a Sears Craftsman MRS 650 self propelled lawn mower.

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