Stormpath is a User Management API that reduces development time with instant-on, scalable user infrastructure.
For help to quickly get started with Stormpath, refer to the Stormpath Admin Quickstart Guide. Stormpath is the first easy, secure user management and authentication service for developers.
Fast and intuitive to use, Stormpath enables plug-and-play security and accelerates application development on any platform.
By offloading user management and authentication to Stormpath, developers can bring new applications to market faster, reduce development and operations costs, and protect their users with best-in-class security. When you initially sign up for Stormpath, your account is established with the default Developer subscription level. If you would like to view or take advantage of features provided by higher-level subscriptions, in the top corner of the Stormpath Admin Console, click the drop drown, Subscription. For additional information on the various service offerings and subscription levels, see the pricing page.
Stormpath is configured with various default settings, including a default owner, application, and directory. Is initially responsible for inviting new administrators and managing the Stormpath tenant. Cannot be removed as a account store for the Stormpath application, but it can be moved in the account store priority order. Provides any user accounts within this directory log in access to the Stormpath Admin Console.
Provides user accounts contained within this directory the ability to add other user accounts to the directory using the Add Admin button located at the top of the Stormpath Admin Console. You can invite other administrator users to help you manage Stormpath applications, directories, and other aspects of your Stormpath tenant. API keys give you access to manage your Stormpath Tenant, you risk exposing confidential information if you fail to take proper care of you API keys.
Download your own API keys from Stormpath Admin Console, this will minimize the risk of compromising the keys by transferring them through an insecure channel. Set proper privileges on the API keys file (can be read only by the owner of the keys) in the OS.
For API keys, you can assign or create new keys, activate inactive keys, disable existing keys, or delete existing keys for users.
Disabling the API key prevents it from making API calls, while deleting the API key permanently removes it from Stormpath. As an administrator, within the Stormpath Administrators directory you can create, or add more, API keys to user accounts.
Locate the account in the Stormpath Administrator directory filtering the accounts by directory (left pane) or using the search bar. When clicking the account, on the Details pane, scroll down to the bottom of the page to the API Keys section and click Create API Key. Any applications using this API key with no longer be able to communicate or authenticate with Stormpath.
Deleting an API key permanently removes it from Stormpath, any applications using this API key with no longer be able to communicate or authenticate with Stormpath.
The Account Registration and Verification workflow manages how accounts are created in your directory. Enable email verification, configure emails related to verifying the account’s email address.
An application in Stormpath represents a real world software application that communicates with Stormpath for its user management and authentication needs.
When defining an application in Stormpath, it is typically associated with one or more directories or groups.
When communicating with the Stormpath REST API, you might need to reference an application using the REST URL or href.
To associate an application with Stormpath for authentication, you must register the application within Stormpath. Create a new directory, which can be named to match the application or have a distinct name. Account stores, otherwise called Account Store Mappings, define the user base for a given application. Example: Assume an application named Foo has been mapped to two Account Stores, the Customers and Employees directories, in that order. On the Account Stores tab for applications, you can select the account stores (directory or group) to use as the default locations when creating new accounts and groups.
To specify the default creation location(directory) for new accounts created in the application, in the appropriate row, select Default Account Location.
To specify the default creation location(directory) for new groups created in the application, in the appropriate row, select Default Group Location.
Adding a account source to an application provisions a directory or group to that application. When you map multiple account stores to an application, you must also define the account store order. The account store order is important during the login attempt for a user account because of cases where the same user account exists in multiple directories. Removing a account source from an application deprovisions that directory or group from the application. Enabling a previously disabled application allows any enabled directories, groups, and accounts associated with the application account stores in Stormpath to log in.
Disabling an application prevents the application from accepting log ins from the directories (including the contained groups and accounts) defined as account stores, but retains all application configurations.
Click the Applications tab.The application browser appears showing all applications that exist in your Stormpath tenant. Deleting an application completely erases the application and its configurations from Stormpath. We recommend that you disable an application rather than delete it, if you anticipate that you might use the application again.
On the Accounts tab for an application, you can see all accounts from all account stores mapped to the selected application. Cloud also known as Stormpath-managed directories are hosted by Stormpath and use the Stormpath data model to store user and group information. Mirror is a synchronization agent for your existing Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) or Active Directory (AD) directory provided by Stormpath.
Social allows integration to Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, and Github applications so accounts can login with a valid access token. When communicating with the Stormpath REST API, you might need to reference a directory using the REST URL or href. To create a directory for application authentication, you must know which type of directory service to use.
Cloud Directory, which is hosted by Stormpath and uses the Stormpath data model to store user and group information.
Changing group memberships, adding accounts, or deleting accounts in directories affects ALL applications to which the directories are mapped account stores. Although the Stormpath Admin Console provides an option to disable an account within a directory, the disable command is actually performed against the account.
If you delete an account from a directory, you are actually completely deleting the account from Stormpath. Workflows are only available on cloud directories and are configurable using the Stormpath Admin Console.The Stormpath Administrator directory has default workflow automations which cannot be altered.
On the Workflows tab, you can automate account registration and verification and password resets. Account verification on registration, allows account to be created in a directory with an UNVERIFIED status until the account owner can access their email account and click on a verification link. The Verification Email, when enabled for a Directory, will require the user visit their email inbox to click a link to verify their account. The Verification Success Email, when enabled, is an optional email that will send a success email to the account when the account is verified by clicking on the link in the email. The Welcome Email, when enabled, is an optional email that will be sent when the account is created (Verification Email Disabled) or when the account is verified (Verification Email Enabled). If the Verification Email is enabled, an account verification is initialized automatically during an account creation. When you reset an account password using Stormpath, the user receives an email with a link and a secure reset token.
Enabling previously disabled directories allows the groups and accounts to log into any applications for which the directory is defined as a account store. Disabling directories prevents the accounts from logging into any applications connected to Stormpath, but retains the directory, group, and account data. All groups and accounts within the directory are now unable to log into any applications for which the directory is a account store.
Deleting a directory completely erases the directory and all group and account data from Stormpath. We recommend that you disable a directory rather than delete it, in case an associated application contains historical data associated with accounts in the directory. When communicating with the Stormpath REST API, you might need to reference an account using the REST URL or href. If workflow automation is configured, creating an account automatically initiates an Account Registration & Verification workflow that sends the account owner an email.
Under the Name column, click the account name for the account that you want to change the password. If the account is part of a directory containing groups, you can associate the account with a group. If the account is the member of a group within a directory, you can remove the account from the group. Enabling a previously disabled account allows the account to log in to any applications where the directory or group is defined as an application account store. To disable an account, in the Accounts table, under Actions column for the account, click Enable. Disabling an account prevents the account from logging into any applications in Stormpath, but retains all account information.
If you disable an account within a directory or group, you are completely disabling the account from logging in to any applications to which it is associated.
To disable an account, in the Accounts table, under Status column for the account, select Disabled from the drop down. Deleting an account completely erases the account from the directory and erases all account information from Stormpath. Groups are collections of accounts within a directory that are often used for authorization and access control to the application. When communicating with the Stormpath REST API, you might need to reference a group using the REST URL or href. If an account is also a member to another group that does have access to an application, then the account can login. If the group is contained within an enabled directory where the directory is defined as a account store, then enabling the group allows all accounts contained within the group (membership list) to log in to any applications for which the directory is defined as a account store. If the group is contained within an disabled directory where the directory is defined as a account store, the group members are not be able to log in to any applications for which the directory is defined as a account store. If the group is defined as a account store, then enabling the group allows accounts contained within the group (membership list) to log in to any applications for which the group is defined as a account store.
If a group is explicitly set as an application account store, then disabling that group prevents any of its user accounts from logging into that application but retains the group data and memberships. If the group is contained within an directory defined as a account store, disabling the group prevents group members from logging in to any applications for which the directory is defined as a account store. We recommend that you disable an group rather than delete it, if you believe you might need to retain the user data or application connection. Although accessible through the Accounts tab of a group, accounts are edited at the account level. For more information about editing accounts in the Stormpath Admin Console, consult Edit an Account.
Although the Stormpath Admin Console provides an option to enable an account within a group, the enable command is actually performed against the account.
Although the Stormpath Admin Console provides an option to disable an account within a group, the disable command is actually performed against the account.
Authentication is the act of proving someone (or something) is actually who they say they are. Authorization, also known as Access Control, is the process of managing and enforcing access to protected resources, functionality, or behavior. A directory agent is a Stormpath software application installed on your corporate network to securely synchronize an on-premise directory, such as LDAP or Active Directory, into a Stormpath cloud directory. Directory mirroring securely replicates selected data from one (source) directory to another (target or mirrored) directory for authentication and access control.
A account store is a directory or group associated with an application for account authentication. Identity management is the management, authentication, authorization, and permissions of identities to increase security and productivity, while decreasing cost, downtime, and repetitive tasks. Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) is the act of controlling access to protected resources or behavior based on the groups assigned to a particular account.
REST API is a software architectural style enabling data transfer and functionality using common web-based communication protocols. A tenant is a private partition within Stormpath containing all data and settingsa€”specifically your applications, directories, groups and accounts.
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20121 Kings 8:28 -- But please listen to my prayer and my request, because I am your servant. Stormpatha€™s intuitive API and expert support make it easy for developers to authenticate, manage and secure users and roles in any application.
The flexible cloud service can manage millions of users with a scalable pricing model that is ideal for projects of any size. If you upgrade your subscription level, you will also have to provide billing information by clicking the drop down, Billing. This feature sends an invitation email for other administrators to collaborate with you in Stormpath.
The invitees must complete their account information, once receiving the email and clicking on the invitation link that will send them to a web page. To have the application communicate with Stormpath, you must change the API key to an active API key.
Change the value to Disabled if you want to prevent accounts from logging in to the application. At least one account store must be associated with an application for accounts to log in to that application.
Multiple account stores allows each application to view multiple directories as a single repository during a login attempt.
When a user account attempts to log in to an application, Stormpath searches the listed account stores in the order specified, and uses the credentials (password) of the first occurrence of the user account to validate the login attempt.
For example, if you want to move the first account store to the second account store, click anywhere in the first row of the account store table and drop the row on the second row. By doing so, all accounts from the account store are no longer able to log into the application. If you disable an account within a cloud directory or group, you are completely disabling the account from logging in to any applications to which it is associated. Account Registration and Verification workflows manage how accounts are created in your directory.
The link sends the user to a password reset page where they submit a new password to Stormpath. The username and email fields for accounts are unique within a directory and are used to log into applications. An account can exist in only a single directory but can be a part of multiple groups owned by that directory.
For accounts in a mirrored directory, the accounts must be created on the primary server and then they are mirrored to the Stormpath agent. This is can be used by applications, such as the Stormpath Admin Console, that use an email address for logging in.
It is only set to Disabled if you want to deny access to the account to Stormpath-connected applications. For example, you require the REST URL to create accounts to associate with the group in the directory using an SDK.
This is only set to Disabled to prevent all group accounts from logging into any application even when the group is set as a account store to an application. You would typically disable a group if you must shut off a group of user accounts quickly and easily. If you enable an account within a directory or group, you are completely enabling the account to be able to log in to any applications with which it is associated. If you disable an account within a directory or group, you are completely disabling the account from logging in to any applications with which it is associated. Stormpath does not use the term user because it implies a person, while accounts can represent a person, 3rd-party software, or non-human clients.
API keys are used by software applications to communicate with Stormpath through the Stormpath REST API. It is typically a real world application that you are building, such as a web application, but it can also be infrastructural software, such as a Unix or Web server. When an account is authenticated, there is a high degree of certainty that the account identity is legitimate.
In Stormpath, for anyone familiar with Role-Based Access Control, the term group is used instead of role.
Accounts within account stores associated with an application can login to that application.
Stormpath provides a REST API for tenants so they can easily integrate Stormpath with their software applications. Paul gave a presentation on a€?Practicing Right Relationships.a€? Your editor missed this meeting. When the information is submitted, the new administrator user account is added to the Stormpath Administrators directory and gains access to the applications, directories, and accounts you have created. Configurations for workflow automations are applied at the directory level using the Stormpath Admin Console. The Password Reset workflow enables you to configure how password reset works and the context of messages. You can add other user accounts (for example, for your co-workers) to your tenant to help you manage your data. The accounts within the associated directories and groups are considered the application users and can login to the application.
For example, you might store your customers in one directory and your employees in another. You can configure, at the directory level, how password reset works, the URL of the reset page, and the content of the email messages.
Workflow automations also exist for the default Stormpath Administrator directory, but they cannot be modified. Com o fim da ditadura militar (1964-1985), varios partidos politicos foram criados e outros, que estavam na clandestinidade voltaram a funcionar.
Na epoca do Regime Militar, a Lei Falcao estabeleceu a existencia de apenas duas legendas: ARENA ( Alianca Renovadora Nacional ) e o MDB (Movimento Democratico Brasileiro ). Enquanto a ARENA reunia os politicos favoraveis ao regime militar, o MDB reunia a oposicao, embora controlada. Felizmente, esse sistema bipartidario nao existe mais e desde o inicio da decada de 1980, nosso pais voltou ao sistema democratico com a existencia de varios partidos politicos.
Veja abaixo a relacao dos principais partidos politicos em funcionamento na atualidade e suas principais ideias e caracteristicas. PDT - Partido Democratico Trabalhista Criado em 1981, o PDT resgatou as principais bandeiras defendidas pelo ex-presidente Getulio Vargas.
De tendencia nacionalista e social-democrata, esse partido tem como redutos politicos os estados do Rio de Janeiro e Rio Grande do Sul.
O PDT defende como ideia principal o crescimento do pais atraves do investimento na industria nacional, portanto e contrario as privatizacoes. PC do B - Partido Comunista do Brasil Fundado em 25 de marco de 1922, o Partido Comunista do Brasil foi colocado na ilegalidade na epoca do regime militar (1964 a 1985). Mesmo assim, politicos e partidarios do PC do B entraram nas fileiras da luta armada contra os militares.
O PC do B voltou a funcionar na legalidade somente em 1985, durante o governo de Jose Sarney. Este partido defende a implantacao do socialismo no Brasil e tem como bandeiras principais a luta pela reforma agraria, distribuicao de renda e igualdade social. PR - Partido da Republica Criado em 24 de outubro de 2006 com a fusao do PL (Partido Liberal) e PRONA (Partido da Reedificacao da Ordem Nacional).
O Partido Liberal entrou em funcionamento no ano de 1985, reunindo varios politicos da antiga ARENA e tambem dissidentes do PFL e do PDS.
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DEM - Democratas - Antigo PFL (Partido da Frente Liberal) O PFL foi registrado em 1984 e contou com a filiacao de varios politicos dissidentes do PDS.
Apoio e forneceu sustentacao politica durante os governos de Jose Sarney, Fernando Collor e Fernando Henrique Cardoso.
Suas bases partidarias estao na regiao Nordeste do Brasil, embora administre atualmente a cidade de Sao Paulo com o prefeito Gilberto Kassab. PMDB - Partido do Movimento Democratico Brasileiro Fundado em 1980, reuniu uma grande quantidade de politicos que integravam o MDB na epoca do governo militar. Identificado pelos eleitores como o principal representante da redemocratizacao do pais, no inicio da decada de 1980, foi o vencedor em grande parte das eleicoes ocorridas no periodo pos regime militar.
Chegou ao poder nacional com Jose Sarney, que tornou-se presidente da republica apos a morte de Tancredo Neves. Com o sucesso do Plano Cruzado, em 1986, o PMDB conseguiu eleger a grande maioria dos governadores naquelas eleicoes.
Apos o fracasso do Plano Cruzado e a morte de seu maior representante, Ulysses Guimaraes, o PMDB entrou em declinio. PPS - Partido Popular Socialista Com a queda do muro de Berlim e o fim do socialismo, muitos partidos deixaram a denominacao comunista ou socialista de lado. Alem da mudanca de nomenclatura, mexeu em suas bases ideologicas, aproximando-se mais da social-democracia.
Suas principais figuras politicas da atualidade sao o ex-governador do Ceara Ciro Gomes e o senador Roberto Freire. PP - Partido Progressista (ex-PPB) Criado em 1995 da fusao do PPR (Partido Progressista Reformador) com o PP e PRP. Seus principais representantes sao o ex-governador e ex-prefeito Paulo Maluf de Sao Paulo e o senador Esperidiao Amin de Santa Catarina.
PSDB - Partido da Social-Democracia Brasileira O PSDB foi fundado no ano de 1988 por politicos que sairam do PMDB por discordarem dos rumos que o partido estava tomando na elaboracao da Constituicao daquele ano. Politicos como Mario Covas, Fernando Henrique Cardoso, Jose Serra e Ciro Gomes defendiam o parlamentarismo e o mandato de apenas quatro anos para Sarney. O PSDB cresceu muito durante e apos os dois mandatos na presidencia de Fernando Henrique Cardoso.
PSB - Partido Socialista Brasileiro Foi criado no ano de 1947 e defende ideias do socialismo com transformacoes na sociedade que representam a melhoria da qualidade de vida dos cidadaos brasileiros. PT - Partido dos Trabalhadores Surgiu junto com as greves e o movimento sindical no inicio da decada de 1980, na regiao do ABC Paulista.
Apareceu no cenario politico para ser uma grande forca de oposicao e representante dos trabalhadores e das classes populares. As principais metas do governo Lula tem sido : crescimento economico, estabilidade economica com o controle inflacionario e geracao de empregos. PSTU - Partido Socialista dos Trabalhadores Unificado Fundado em 1994 por dissidentes do PT. Os integrantes do PSTU defendem o fim do capitalismo e a implantacao do socialismo no Brasil.
Sao favoraveis ao respeito aos direitos civis, a paz, qualidade de vida e formas alternativas de gestao publica.
PTB - Partido Trabalhista Brasileiro Fundado no ano de 1979, contou com a participacao de Ivete Vargas, filha do ex-presidente Getulio Vargas. Atualmente e uma legenda com pouca forca politica e defende ideias identificadas com o liberalismo.
Defende o comunismo, baseado nas ideias de Marx e Engels, e tem como simbolo a foice e o martelo cruzados.
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