In this case you have to find the lost password first and then do as what I told in part one. Click "Add" and the program will automatically help you locate and import the destination file. You have three types of attacks to choose for the program to reset iPhone backup password, namely Brute-force Attack, Brute-force with Mask Attack and Dictionary Attack. All goes well, you will get your password in only a few minutes and then you could use it to reset iPhone backup password as I told in part one. If you get a new iMessage alert but the new message is not showing up in the Messages app at all, you can make it appear by forcing Messages app to reload.
This forcibly refreshes the app and the new message(s) will appear as intended in their appropriate thread.
For nondelivery of iMessages and failed multimedia message downloads, you’ll probably need to reset network settings to fix the issue completely. Activation Errors are not unique to any particular version of iOS, but are easily resolved by confirming the Apple ID. Try to take a picture from the Messages app with the new Camera button, it gets stuck with the keyboard overlaying the Camera.
You need to turn change your i message settings turning off your wife’s phone # and email on your phone. I have the same problem with checking for contacts in messages, anyone have an answer for this yet? Me and my husband shared an account for iTunes but started receiving each other’s messages so we made separate one but the same the is still happening. Every time you update though it will ask if you want to sync all your devices together, you need to only select devices you want to share text messages with. I updated to iOS 8.2 yesterday and my read receipts keep coming on even though they are turned off in my settings. I have turned off iMessage but when I try to send a standard text to my son, in Message it still appears as an iMessage in blue. Well I had quite a shock a couple of days ago when someone i had texted earlier with a very personal, private message replied.

I have an iPod 5 and just updated to iOS 8 and when I try to send a message it says message not delivered.
When texting jams, I tried forcing a text message to a person via SMS instead of iMessage and cleared the jam.
I am having the exact same problem, I even got a new phone and that didn’t seem to fix it either. My iPhone 6 messaging app won’t work, when I click on the app it is just frozen on a contacts screen.
Has anyone figured out why Samsung and droid phones don’t receive messages from iPhone 6 plus?
And to protect personal and confidential information, Apple allows us to set password for the backup files.
Click "Change Password" and fill in all the blanks in the popup window to reset iPhone backup password. To find the lost iPhone backup password we have nothing to do but use a third party program. If you happen to encounter any of these issues with Messages, we’ve got two solutions that should resolve any of the problems rather quickly. If you have the problem happen again, simply quit and relaunch Messages again, or you can try to reply the moment you see the alert with Quick Reply. Ranging from simple settings tweaks, sluggish performance, bad battery life, to poor wi-fi connections, to the aforementioned message issue, fortunately each of those nuisances are all relatively easy to resolve.
Subscribe to the OSXDaily newsletter to get more of our great Apple tips, tricks, and important news delivered to your inbox! Also, my texts keep disappearing and if I open any apps about 70% of the time the app either crashes and closes or my entire phone shuts off. But it’s not showing up anymore but I am positive they are getting the messages since they showed me.
The best solution apart from constantly rebooting the app (shouldn’t be required everyday), seems to be to download Telegram (or other message app).
It all happened after I sent a message repeadily to a friend that was probably over the max amount of characters.

After taking 1 photo from the text messaging app the camera gets stuck in a black screen and won’t allow you to take another photo while in that app (camera app works fine). I have changed my iCloud password, deactivated all other devices from my cloud, turned off iMessage. The most easy to use and efficient one I found is iPhone Backup Password Reset, a professional program specially designed for users to find their lost or forgotten iPhone backup password. For example, if you want to use the Dictionary Attack the steps to operate are shown in the following pictures.
Before the update to 8.0 when I searched through messages I could see search results dating back ages. At first rebooting it was a legitimate solution but now the problem persists even after I have restarted my device. But this gives us another problem: What if want to reset iPhone backup password or you forgot password for backing up iPhone and have to reset it? Then hours later, iPhone crashes (iOS 8.2 is so stable and all) and suddenly Messages app has new messages waiting. I tried resetting all settings, MMS is on, (I don’t use iMessage) what’s wrong??? I have also reset my network settings, done a hard reset on my phone and closed messages app. I chose the dictionary attack and it successfully recovered my password in just a few minutes.
They won’t send (they get like 95% of the way on the progress bar and then just freeze). Also if I exit the messages app it keeps telling me I have messages that I need to read even though I’ve rear them. Sometimes when I quit messages and relaunch the application it shows me my message screen is blank with no messages.

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