But unlike those open networks your iPad or iPhone hotspot comes with automatic password protection so that nobody else can hitch a free ride on your private wireless network. Here's what you'll see on your iPad's screen when the new Apple software is made available over the 3G network.
You'll note that Apple has allocated the connection a default password which is shown on this screen too. Then, on your computer's Wi-Fi menu, you should see your iPhone pop up in the list after a few seconds. Bear in mind that the feature does tend to use up a fair bit of battery power, so use it sparingly if the phone is already on low battery power. If you're travelling, you can marry this personal hotspot feature up beautifully with a cheap data SIM card.
Dan is a tech enthusiast who frequently qualifies for enhanced airport security screening due to the number of cords and gadgets stuffed into his cabin bag. Call up Vodafone India Customer Care (111) and request them to enable iPhone basic service. If you want to change the default Personal Hotspot WiFi password then tap the Wi-Fi password and set your desired password.
Once Personal Hotspot is enabled, the option will be available as part of the Settings main screen. Once the connection is shared with any external device or system, the iPhone will display the details about the connection as shown below.
A Software developer and blogger who is always looking to provide technical help to the wider community. Get your free copies of the following tech guides by joining the Digital Answers mailing list. Have you ever been in a situation where you are on the go - staying at a hotel or just camping outdoors - and have either your tablet or laptop with you, but no Wi-Fi in sight? Now, when you go back in the Settings menu, you can see a newly-appeared 'Personal Hotspot' tab.

You can now connect to the just created Wi-Fi hotspot on any Wi-Fi-enabled device: a Windows machine, Android phone or tablet, another iOS gadget, anything.
Too bad if your plan with Verizon doesn't include Mobile Hotspot, this option cannot be turned on.
No matter how much we try and avoid it, people that we don’t want to communicate with can often obtain our phone number. The method described in this article will show you how to block someone from contacting you through a text message that they have sent to your device.
This tutorial will assume that the person that you want to block from sending you text messages has already sent a message, and that the message conversation is still in the Messages app. You can either use it (as each iPhone 4 gets a different random password) or change it to something you can more easily remember by tapping on it.
If you've got the iPhone's power adaptor handy and are near an AC powerpoint, plug in your iPhone to top up the battery while you work.
For the US and UK, Tru SIM is outstandingly cheap, and in Asia, Bridge Alliance DataRoam Unlimited offers unlimited data in many Asian countries for a flat daily fee. Only then the Personl Hotspot will be enabled and it be availble when you scroll down the screen. Any idea if Voda allows sharing thru’ personal hotspot over their 2G for prepaid customers? For those of you who are still running iOS 8, the process has basically remained the same so you can use the same steps laid out below. In case you are curious, we are using a Nexus 5 to connect to the newly established hotspot.
This process is started from the Messages app, and can be applied if they are stored as a contact on your device, or if their phone number is simply being shown to identify the text message conversation that you have had with them. Additionally, the steps below will also block that person from calling you, or making a FaceTime call with you. This article will show you the necessary steps to remove someone from your blocked caller list.

Listed below are the steps required to enable personal hotspot on iPhone 4S with Vodafone India postpaid connection. If the Personal Hotspot is not enabled by the Service Provider (Vodafone India) then iPhone will display the label as Setup Personal Hotspot.
Fortunately there is something that you can do about this on your iPhone 5 that has been updated to iOS 7. So if you are receiving unwanted text messages from someone, then you can use this method to prevent them from contacting you through the phone number that they have used. The iPhone’s call blocking feature will apply across all three of these contact methods, regardless of where you choose to block the number. Using a Personal Hotspot is relatively easy and this article explains how to share your cellular data connection using Personal Hotspot.1. If you have your iPhone with you, though, there is an easy way to get your second device - be it a laptop or a tablet - connected.Good news is that it is all very simple to do. You should just follow the few simple steps below and even novices will be able to get it up and running in no time. The only thing you need is a data plan on your phone, but this is an important requirement. Keep in mind that the Wi-Fi mobile hotspot that you create uses your phone data plan and can easily gobble up through your data allowance in no time. This is a recipe for cell phone bill disaster if not controlled, so make sure to use this with proper caution: use the hotspot when you have an unlimited data plan or just make sure to keep your usage in check and do not start any heavy downloads (downloading a full-featured movie can easily eat up your data).

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