Opinion: Do services really have the kind of revenue potential Apple would like us to believe? You’d think choosing a photo to use on your iPhone lockscreen would be a pretty simple task.
The other half of the time, you find a portrait (vertical) photo which looks great on its own but then clashes with the clock and slide to unlock text when you set it as your lockscreen.
What the app does is take your chosen photo and then set it into a circular, rectangular or star-shaped aperture. The app can’t set a lockscreen photo itself, so it instead saves the resulting wallpaper to your camera roll. I found that it was trivial to find photos that worked, and was especially pleased to be able to use landscape photos without losing most of the image. Ahead of tomorrow’s launch of iOS 7, Apple has taken the wraps off of a brand-new iCloud website.

The new site is includes all-new applications, including redesigned versions of Mail, Calendar, Reminders, Notes, and Find my iPhone.
What kills me is if I sync my docs with Pages in iCloud and then later decide not to sync, will it still delete those docs from all my ios devices?
You CANNOT defend the leather calendar – That was one of the single most nasty things Apple have ever done. What idiot decided people don’t need to skip from September to February in a calendar? Half the time the photo you really want to use is landscape format (horizontal) and you need a vertical image.
It then uses the colors present in the photo to create a blurred surround that sets off the clock and slide to unlock message clearly and without over-writing the photo itself.
Open it, touch Change Image and select the photo you want to use from your Camera Roll (or any other album on your iPhone).

The blur surround the app creates is sympathetic to the photos, and I found myself consistently pleased with the results. Completely different meaning here in ‘Muricah, but totally apropo when you cheeky Brits use it! The new website also includes iWork for iCloud, Apple’s new free suite of online productivity apps (Pages, Numbers, and Keynote). The iPhone will automatically crop it, and allow you to slide the image around to get a crop you like, but the result rarely does justice to the original shot. I loved my iCalendar looked like a leather book – now all I get is nasty android-like sh*t.

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