June 14, 2013 by HideIP There are many reasons why people may want to change their IP addresses. In some cases, it can be easy; however, in others, you will need to access a special type of software or service if you can’t achieve the goals presented above any other way, or if you simply need an additional level of anonymity.
On your basic Windows computer connected through a modem, changing your IP is quite simple. When it comes to routers, however, it can be slightly trickier, as the process of releasing the IP address differs according to the router manufacturer, and you will also have to turn off your router, as well as any hubs, switches or modems you are using and keep them off overnight in order for the change to be effective.
If you have a static IP or, for some reason, are unable to perform the steps to change your IP address, the best way to do it would be through a proxy server. There are 4 main types of proxies you can use: transparent, anonymous, distorting and high anonymity proxies.
Transparent proxies will get you around some IP bans, but they will not be able to conceal your IP.
If you want to anonymously download files or surf the internet, distorting and anonymous proxies can be used, as both of them will hide your IP, however, they can also be detected as proxies, so on some websites you might not be able to get very far – although you will be safe from any monitoring software or spyware. In order to change to an anonymous IP address and avoid any type of detection, you will have to use a high anonymity proxy. If you want to find the best of them, forums, blogs and review sites may provide you with some insight on what you should choose, but, ultimately, you will only know if a certain product or service is good for what you have in mind when you try it out.

Register now to get the latest in online privacy, security and how to access blocked content. The IP (Internet Protocol) address helps to identify the terminal that one is using when surfing the internet while at the same time enabling one to trace their online activities. In order to gain the IP address, you can make a request from the internet service provider. The procedure for changing the IP address in Windows Vista is similar to that used in Windows XP. You can now input the new IP address or alternatively, you can automatically receive it from your router or modem. VPS provides you the information you need so that you can complete your administrator tasks successfully and with ease! You may have been banned from a website and are trying to find an easy way back in or a hacker may have taken interest in your data and you want to block access by changing your IP. While this method provides added security and anonymity, you will need to be cautious, since not all proxy servers can do what you need them to do. Services providing these types of proxy servers are slightly more expensive than most similar services, however, they will offer you complete immunity in terms of online tracking. When using the command prompt to change the IP address, there are two options that one can use.

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For any task that you need assistance with, consult the many VPS tutorials and we will guide you step-by-step! Changing IP address is not easy especially if doing it promptly as it requires a long process. WHM provides you the ability to change the main shared IP configuration to those currently assigned to your server. But some ISP assign static IP addresses which when you need to change you need to contact the ISP to offer the technical support to get a new one.
If you want to know more about adding additional IPs, review the related tutorial within our WHM 11 setup series on our website. The VPS Hosting tutorials are available on the website and provide the most up-to-date information and support suggestions to assist you as you customize your web environment.

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