Truman’s proposal failed in Congress after the American Medical Association led a campaign that called the plan “socialized medicine,” reported the museum. By 1960, the system could be labeled a success because nearly 140 million Americans (75 percent of the population) had health insurance, according to the “Source Book of Health Insurance Data.” In 1940, 20 million were insured. The system had a big gap, but the 1965 introduction of Medicare for people 65 and older and Medicaid for poor people cured part of the problem.
The employer-based health insurance system has become less reliable in recent years as health-care costs increased, the percentage of self-employed Americans increased dramatically, and more employers stopped offering health insurance. An Employee Benefit Research Institute chart shows that the percentage of non-elderly Americans without health insurance rose from 13 percent in 1987 to 17.2 percent in 2005.
Because most companies have fewer than 200 employees, the percentage of companies offering health insurance is also 61 percent.

Presidents Bill Clinton and Barack Obama proposed expanding the number of insured people in 1993 and 2009 respectively, but they did not propose an end to the system, partly because tens of millions of Americans have become accustomed to it and fear that change will harm their medical care. The NBER’s Thomas Buchmueller and Alan Monheit, the authors of “Employer-Sponsored Health Insurance and the Promise of Health Insurance Reform,” predicted before Obama presented his plan that the employer-based system will stay, even if there are major health-care reforms.
Some artists and labels prefer certain tracks to be purchased as part of an entire release. In fact, the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), an organization of economically advanced nations, ranks the U.S. In addition, Exhibit 2.4 shows that low-wage ($24,000 annually or less) workers are less likely to have health insurance.
Why does the average American live more than two fewer years than the average resident in an OECD nation?

Some nations such as top-ranked France guarantee health care via the private and public sector.
19, 1945, President Truman proposed a national health insurance fund that would be open to every American and would be administered by the federal government, according to the Harry S. In 2012, 98 percent of companies with at least 200 employees offered insurance, but only 61 percent of companies with fewer than 200 employees and 50 percent of companies with fewer than 10 employees offered insurance. Participants would pay into the fund, which would pay all the medical expenses of every patient.

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