The latest update to Yahoo Mail for iPhone and iPad brings some notable additions, including custom stationery for emails and share sheet support. Smartphone case maker Speck has announced the Pocket-VR virtual reality viewer for its CandyShell Grip case. Apple has made it no secret that it likes to keep things organized, especially when it comes to its own services.
Opinion: Do services really have the kind of revenue potential Apple would like us to believe? By actually using an active email address for your Apple ID, you will receive important emails from Apple. Apple will also email you if the password for your Apple ID was changed, someone tried using Find My Device, or your Apple ID was used on a brand new device. It is important to track this information in order to stop an issue if someone has hacked your account. Some people need to change the email address associated with the Apple ID, because they either set it up with an embarrassing email that they created when they were a child, no longer have access to the email address because it was hacked, or it was set up with a .edu email address or business email address that is no longer accessible. If your Apple ID is already verified, next to where your Apple ID is listed, there is a a blue edit button (on the right side).When you click that, you will then be able to change the email address associated with the Apple ID. Once you have the new email address typed in, you will press the Save Changes button in blue (on the lower right side). Then, on all of your devices, you are able to sign out of the iTunes and App Store, and sign out of iCloud.
If your Apple ID is not verified, and you want to change the email address, there is an Edit button in blue on the right hand side. I’ve had trouble with my old inactive email address continuing to show in popups prompting me to sign into my account.

The Apple Watch is both a gadget and a fashion accessory, and that means interchangeable bands! No matter what version Apple Watch you purchased, you can buy additional bands that fit the many different aspects of your lifestyle. Push in the top button using your fingertip and then slide out the top portion of the band, you can slide left or right. If you have the stainless steel link band, and you're finding it hard to get your finger inside to push the bottom, there's a way to make your life a little easier. Thanks to the monogram complication, you can show off up to four characters right on the clock face of your Apple Watch. The monogram complication is currently only available on the Color clock face, and it’s meant to put your initials right on the front of your Apple Watch. Copy and paste the ? Apple symbol into the field (or, if you’ve set up a text shortcut, just type it in. You'll get an email asking you to confirm that you own the email you're attempting to associate. It works with the iPhone 6 and 6s and the Google Cardboard app to give owners a portable VR experience. Before doing anything else, it is highly recommended that you disable several Apple services as they are constantly being monitored and might make the transition faulty.
Apple will send you a verification email so log in your email client, open Apple’s email and click on the Verify Now option.
This should take you to the My Apple ID page so sign in with your new Apple ID email address and you will see a message that verification is complete. You are now free to log back into all of the previous services with your new Apple ID which will also contain everything you have previously purchased.

However, you can add an additional email address to that account to receive emails from Apple.
If you typed in the correct email address you want to use for your Apple ID, press the Send Verification Email button in blue. This is the same procedure you'd use to resize the band to fit your wrist, but it also separates the band into two pieces.
If you change email addresses or don't have access to the email currently tied to your Apple ID, you can easily change it. In case you did not already know, your account is tied to everything you have ever purchased on Apple’s services. If you're heading for an evening out, the Milanese or Classic Buckle might be a better option.
Once the band is separated, it's easy to get your fingers inside and to push the release button and swap the band. The truth is, you can set the monogram complication to show any one to four (1-4) characters of your choosing. Of course, the company is not cruel and it provides an easy way for you to change your primary email address without losing anything you have previously bought. Then, disable Find My Friends, Find My iPhone and iMessage in each and every one of your devices that uses your Apple ID.

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