Many times we face this problem when we or our friends forget Administrator account password in Windows and can't log into Windows.
DISCLAIMER: Following information should be used only if its your system and you have forgotten account password. This method is the first thing which should always do whenever you forget your Windows login password.
Windows XP and later Windows versions provide a built-in method to recover forgotten password by using "Password Reset Disk". You can also use a built-in DOS command "Net User" to change any desired user account password within seconds. Replace "user_name" with the desired user account name and replace "new_password" with your desired password.
Me changed the user name and password of administrator under winxp3 dell desktop computer at my home then after rebooting with my new user name and password but on my desktop computer I can not see all document folder and files which was saved under the old account administrator name.
So me in trouble to recover and restore my documents because I did no delete then before changing my new user name and password as administrator. Also why when me changed the account name and password on my computer but data lost not seen in my new account after log in ? VG,it is still telling me the same thing.And because of that message at the front ,the options of switching user cannot be enabled because they are faint. Thanks, a question: which method works for me who is interested in changing my Windows 7 Pssword on my PC?
I can't seem to change my password in the Command Prompt, I'm in a standard account, my username worked. Sir im sory but when i check my administator account with cmd it had 2 administator account Please help!! If you’ve ever bought a new computer with the operating system already installed, you might be annoyed by the default name of the computer when you start trying to connect different computers together. Changing this in XP was extremely simple, but in Windows 7 or Vista it’s buried behind a few more menus.
So far in our series we’ve covered how to reset your Windows password with the Ultimate Boot CD, but if you are a little more technical you might want to simply use the excellent System Rescue CD, which is based on Linux. Note that if you are using standard Windows encryption for your files, resetting the password will permanently disable access to those files. If you are an Ubuntu user and forgot your password, we’ve covered how to do that as well, either the easy way with the grub menu or alternately with the live cd.
Before you can do anything else, you’ll need to download a copy of the System Rescue CD and burn the ISO image to disc. Click the File button near Source and then pick the ISO file, then click the Burn button near the bottom. Now that you have your boot CD, you’ll want to boot from it, which will take you to this very informative prompt, with some basic instructions on how to use the CD. Once you are in that directory, you should see that there is a SAM file, which is where we’ll want to change the passwords.
To change the password we’ll use the chntpw command, and it’s most useful to use the –l argument first to list out all the usernames in the file. I’m going to assume that you want to set a new password, so just type “2? at the prompt, add in your password, and remember to use the “y” key when prompted to save. To change the icons out the easy way, we’ll use a tiny tool called Library Icon Changer from a user over at deviantART.
Once you’ve opened up the tool, you’ll be presented with list of icons and libraries… just click on the Library on the right-hand side, and then choose the icon on the left, and click “Select Icon from dll”. Note that if you want to restore the icon to default, you have to click on the Library first on the right-hand side, and then click the Restore default icon button. Another note is that if you want to change out the DLL, you’ll need to select it, and then hit the Enter key. Once you’ve swapped out your icon, it usually shows up right away, or you can Refresh with F5 (though logging off or restarting explorer.exe might be required).
The data in the middle is the path, either to the icon (.ico) file, or if you are referencing a DLL file, you’ll need to add the comma and number position of the icon in the file.
If you’re moving from XP to Windows 7, you might have a hard time adapting to the new User Interface. During the install you can select to have just the Classic Start Menu, Classic Explorer, or both. No restart is required and after a successful installation, click on Start to see your new classic menu. In the Folder Options window under the View tab, check the box next to Always show menus, then click Apply and Ok.

Then select use big buttons, and here you can also change other settings to fit your preferences. Another neat change is when you go to shutdown or restart the machine, you get the classic shutdown screen. Even though it’s in beta stage, in our testing over a the weekend, it seemed to run flawlessly. You’ve been doing some serious work on your computer and have a bunch of apps, browsers, spreadsheets, and documents open. Close All Windows from NTWind Software is an easy to use utility that doesn’t require installation, and will terminate all programs with a single click. You can put this folder into a handy directory like C:\Users then pin the executable to the Taskbar for easy access in Windows 7. If you haven’t saved your work in a program or document, the app will ask if you want to save your work, just like if you were to close out of it normally. If you need a way to quickly close out of all your open apps when done for the day, Close All Windows is a very cool solution.
If you are the type of person that never uses any applications in the system tray, you might be interested in this registry hack to turn it off entirely.
Note that you could also use this in reverse… if your system tray is disabled and you don’t know why, you should check this registry key. You can even remove the clock if you’d like, by right-clicking on the taskbar and choosing Properties.
Note that disabling the system tray doesn’t actually prevent system tray apps from running, it just hides them. Windows 7 or Vista automatically configures Disk Defrag to schedule defragment to run once a week, usually at 1am on Wednesday. To open up the defragment utility, just type defrag into the Start menu search box, and hit enter. If you are on Vista and using at least Service Pack 1, you can also select which volumes will be automatically defragmented during this scheduled defrag. The new Taskbar in Windows 7 is a great new feature, but sometimes you might have too many apps and not enough room.
Jumplist Launcher doesn’t require installation and you can run it directly from your hard drive or a flash drive and launch the executable. After launching it you’re presented with a configuration dialog screen to begin setting up your jump lists. After you have created the lists, make sure to pin the program to the taskbar and close out of the app.
Occasionally there are errors while adding items to the Jumplist, but the problem seems to correct itself right away, so just click OK to the dialog box. FairUse Wizard states that it does not work on copy protected discs, but we’ve seen it work on all but some of the most recent copy protection. Under Audio track, note that English subtitles are enabled by default, so to remove the subtitles, you will need to change the dropdown list so it shows only a dash (-). FairUse Wizard will parse the IFO files and display all video chains longer than 60 seconds. If you find more than one chain that are close in duration to the length of the movie, consult the literature on the DVD case, or search online, to find the actual running time of the movie. Note: If you get a runtime error during this portion of the process, it likely means that FairUse Wizard cannot handle the copy protection, and thus cannot convert the DVD.
So here we are posting a few methods which can be used to change, reset or recover forgotten Windows password in Windows. When we install Windows, it automatically creates a hidden user account "Administrator" and sets its password to blank. When it asks to repair your existing Windows installation, accept it and press "R" key to run the repair. Now it'll start doing other tasks and will show a small progressbar with a few details in left side. To recover lost data, you can use Data recovery tools available on net but the chances will be less to get your data back. Connect the Hard Disk Drive to another working computer and copy all data to that computer.
It seems like the methods quoted about how to reset it above are for XP or to reset the User password as the instructions seem to suggest you have to go into the Admin account to change it. It may not display this or other websites correctly.You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. I like to use more descriptive names than HP382811UX… for example, I called my new desktop SUPERFAST and my old computer SOSLOW.

In that case you should crack the password, which is something we’ll cover in an upcoming article. For this task, I prefer the simple ImgBurn utility, but you are free to use whatever burning application you prefer instead. The new Windows 7 library icons can be changed with a hack to a text file, but there’s an easier way.
You can also use the Select new Icon from file instead, if you don’t want to use a default Windows icon. Today we take a look at the free utility called ClassicShell, which gives you the original Start Menu and classic Windows Explorer features back. There are some some features and settings (like getting rid of breadcrumbs) that would be nice to see, and I’d imagine there will be more changes in the final version.
You’re done for the day, but closing each app and document individually is going to be a hassle.
Simply download and extract the zip file, and when you open it you’ll see the files that run it.
I don’t know about you, but I’m usually awake at 1am on wednesday, and I’d rather schedule it for a different time.
Today we take a look at Jumplist Launcher that allows you to consolidate the app launchers on the Taskbar. If you do get errors or find any bugs it’s recommended to post them on the developers blog. It looks like this project is in constant development, and there are still a few bugs, but it works and and can be quite useful. Next, we’ll need to determine whether or not we can use “Full Auto Mode” to convert the movie. In most cases, you will only find that the largest chain is the one closely matching the duration of the movie. If necessary, you can edit the cropping region by adjusting the cropping region settings to the left. Now click on your user account and then click on "Prevent a forgotten password" link given in left-side pane. But my challenge is that the ctr+alt+del step refused to work for me and i dont want to install a new OS. If you don’t see them right away, with Explorer open hit the key combo “Alt+T” and select Folder Options. It works with Vista and Windows 7 (32 and 64-bit versions), and uses very few system resources.
Here we take a look at an awesome utility that will close all of your running applications at once with one click.
You can browse to program and file directories, but the easiest way I’ve found is to drag shortcuts into Jumplist Launcher.
This cool little app is a great way to consolidate taskbar launchers and save space on the Taskbar. The free, or “Light” version, can create files up 700MB while the commercial version can output a 1400MB file.
They also offer a commercial version that you can get for $29.99 and it offers even more encoding possibilities for converting video to you portable digital devices.
Note: Much of that 6 GB will be used for temporary files that we will delete after the conversion process. The difference is that “Full Auto Mode” will automatically perform a few steps that you will otherwise have to do manually. Note: There is a check box to “Shutdown computer when done” if you choose to run the conversion overnight or before leaving for work. If you’re new to Windows 7 and aren’t impressed with the Start Menu or the new look and feel of Explorer, ClassicShell will quickly get you back on track. If you choose the “Full Auto Mode” option, FairUse Wizard will look for the video on the DVD with the longest duration and assume it is the chain that it should convert to AVI. Checking the “Two pass” box will encode your video twice for higher quality, but will take more time. It’s possible, however, your disc may contain a few chains of similar size, such as a theatrical cut and director’s cut, and the longest chain may not be the one you wish to convert.

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